The UPSC Civil Services Mains is set to take place from January 7th, 2022. Thousands of UPSC aspirants must be studying day and night in order to pass this test and gain a spot on the list of applicants who are qualified to sit the UPSC interview.

As you may be aware, the IAS test has a success rate of only approximately 0.2 percent, which is a sad figure. But don’t be concerned. All it takes to pass the UPSC test and get the renowned IAS or IPS designation is at least a year of dedicated preparation. It’s easier than it sounds, but it’s been done.

In this article, you will get the answer to the query “how many candidates applied for UPSC 2021” as well as some preparation tips for Mains.

How Many Candidates Applied for UPSC 2021?

Get all the details in the table below:

Year Candidates who applied Candidates who took UPSC Prelims 2021 Candidates who qualified for Mains  Candidates who took mains exam  Candidates who appeared for interview Candidates who got selected 
2019 8 Lakh (approximately) 11845 2034 829
2018 1065552 500484 10419 10246 1992
2017 969065 462848 13300 13060 2564(Number shortlisted) 1056
2016 1128262 459659 15382 15149 2961 (Number shortlisted)
2015 945908 465882 15008 15,008 2797 1078
2014 947428 446623 16706 16286 3308 1236
2013 776604 324279 14800 14178 3001 1122
2012 550080 271442 12795 12190 2674 998
2011 499120 243236 11837 11237 2415 999
2010 547698 269036 12271 11865 2589 965
2009 409110 193091 11894 11516 2431 989
2008 325433 167035 11669 11330 2136 881
2007 333680 161469 9158 8886 1883 734
2006 383983 195803 7692 7496 1408 553

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Mains Syllabus that overlap with Prelims

S.No. Papers Topics Total Marks
1 Paper A Indian Language 300
2 Paper B English 300
3 Paper I Essay 250
4 Paper II GS I 250
5 Paper III GS II 250
6 Paper IV GS III 250
7 Paper V GS IV 250
8 Paper VI Optional Subject Paper-I 250
9 Paper VII Optional Subject Paper-II 250
Total Marks for Written Examination 1750

UPSC Preparation Strategy for Mains

The UPSC Prelims 2021 is over, what to do next? Read these strategies to crack the UPSC exam.

Understanding the Syllabus

The UPSC has a comprehensive syllabus that covers practically all of the academic areas necessary for an administrator to operate.

The curriculum is split into 4 GS papers: I, II, III, and IV. There is also an essay and an optional paper in the test. Examining prior year questions allows you to get a sense of the structure of question papers and the desire for aspirants to write them.

Go Hard in Writing Practice

Writing practise is a must if you want to pass the Mains test. Without writing practise, you’ll never know what you’re missing, and it’ll be impossible to develop your writing, which includes increasing your writing pace.

It’s common practise to attach the entire curriculum on papers that may be taped to the front of your study table. This will assist you in remembering the themes so that you may refer back to them while reading the newspaper, article, or any other study material.

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Timeline to Prepare for Mains

Before sitting for the prelims, it’s typically recommended that you go over your mains curriculum at least once and revise it. One of the simple methods to prepare for the Mains exam is to take a test series.

It’s because establishing and sticking to a schedule allows you to cover the material while also determining the most crucial themes for the report. It also aids in the analysis and improvement of one’s problem areas. It’s a good idea to group comparable things together so that you may cover them all at once and prevent boredom.

Understanding the Trends of Questions

To compose qualitative responses, you must first comprehend the pattern of questions in each exam, including the Essay. The most essential thing here is to keep track of past year’s question papers.

Reverse engineering is a technique that can assist you with this. For example, you can look up what questions the UPSC asked last year from the Fundamental Rights chapter and then comprehend the words from popular sources.

This will help you comprehend that some portions of a chapter are more significant than others, and that some issues can be delegated less significance. Your extra subject can be approached in the same way.

Maintaining a Balance

It is critical to maintain your physical fitness. You must stay in the learning experience for more than 18 months to pass the exam. Integrity is the only quality that will get you on the merit list at this time. However, putting too much emphasis on studies and disregarding one’s physical and emotional well-being does more harm than benefit.

Revise Daily

Revise your notes and keep them up to date with current events. It’s always a good idea to include current events in your responses to back up your claims. For in-depth essays on current subjects, see our Mains Explainer page. In the overall answer-writing process, both subject matter and presentation are critical.

Revision aids in gaining a thorough understanding of the material. As a result, make absolutely sure you revise your materials on a regular basis to improve your responses.

Give Mock Tests

The number of questions in the UPSC Mains overwhelms most students. As a result, it is critical to becoming familiar with the paper pattern in order to efficiently manage time. Write a suitable number of mock tests and examine your results to enhance your answer-writing abilities.


By reading the article, you might have caught the fact that the UPSC exam is not a standard level exam. The competition is huge and the number of candidates appearing for the exam increases every year. This year, it crossed the 10 lakhs mark. And we can expect more next year. So, how to crack this tough exam? UPSC Pathshala is the answer. Go through the website now and get a course for yourself.

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