Millions of candidates apply for the most prestigious UPSC exam. The perception is that everyone learns from the people who have lived in the same scenario. In fact, what’s more, convincing than hearing the journey of the topper?

I think it’s the best because you, not oy learn about the mistakes but also about the successful approach and techniques. It’s also said that grab the opportunity now.

So, let’s go through an article on Yashni Nagarajan UPSC Marksheet and step forward towards excellence in this field. It will bring approaches to our mind, failure, defenestration, confidence, and unending lessons. Let’s begin the roller coaster ride of significant points in the UPSC examination.

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Yashni Nagarajan Optional Subject

Yashni Nagarajan chose Geography as her optional subject in her initial attempts under the influence of people but she changed her subject later as she discovered that she was not performing well due to the subject.

She says that every candidate must choose their optional subject as per their interest rather than opting it because of the majority, scope, or influence. The optional subjects play a very significant role in giving further opportunities to the candidates along with better scores.

According to this strong and prudence officer, you must focus on the essay and ethics paper as it can give you better scores. Yashni Nagarajan’s result shows wisdom, hard work, and devotion to her job. You must put in your best efforts during UPSC preparation to score maximum in the exam.

Yashni Nagarajan Story

If you have come here and read this article, you will feel inspired at the end because of this officer’s journey and achievements. Her father Thangavel Nagarajan is a retired state PWD engineer.

Nagarajan’s mother is a retired superintendent of the Itanagar branch at Gauhati High Court Registry. It is rightly said that the right upbringing can build you a worthy person. Her success story is evidence of her parents’ personality and mindset. She has followed her parents and her dream.

She positively defines her journey. She said that it becomes tough and challenging to prepare for such an incredible exam along with a full-time job but it also benefits you to a greater extent as you don’t stress much on witnessing failure because of the stability of the job.

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Yashni Nagarajan UPSC Marksheet

Are you looking for Yashni Nagarajan UPSC marks? Well, here is everything.

This civil servant cleared the UPSC exam in her fourth attempt. The reason behind this was better time management. She is an inspiration to every candidate of the CSE along with the people who want to achieve something in life.

She was a full-time employee when she prepared for this prestigious exam. You will be amazed to know that she achieved AIR 57 in 2019.

She believes that leaving a job to prepare for the exam is not necessary, rather prepares for it with diligence and proper time management. Time management is required during the preparation as well as the examination. You have to give adequate time to each subject and section to perform and score better.

Ms. Nagrajan did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Naharlagun. Talking further, she is an engineer. She completed her B.Tech in EEE from the National Institute of Engineering, Yupia in 2014.

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Yashni Nagarajan UPSC Result

The result is everyone’s awaited fruit for their efforts, luck, wisdom, and hard work. Every candidate waits eagerly to see his/her performance in the exam, especially in this one as you get to serve the nation.

Ms. Nagarajan’s result was the best in her fourth attempt. She used to give 4-5 hours to study and preparation on the weekdays along with studying the whole day on the weekends.

She says that if you are composed and you are preparing with proper time management, you can study adequately in 4-5 hours along with the weekend studies. Time management strengthens you from within because you know that you have given good time to prepare a particular subject or concept.

Every candidate must learn from this officer, especially the ones who are preparing for the exam along with their job.

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Therefore, we hope that you have motivated yourself to achieve higher limits in life through this article. This civil servant has proved that if you have the willingness, you can achieve your dreams even with a parallel job or challenging environment. If you have a dream to serve the nation by being on such posts, you should visit the UPSC Pathshala website.

The experts will show you the most bright path to move on to achieve your target through personalized video lectures and amazingly beneficial articles. You will feel immensely grateful after reaching the website. So, don’t delay in achieving the goals of your life. Make the best choice for the preparation platform and start your journey now!

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