UPSC has declared the result on 24 September 2021. Since then the toppers of UPSC CSE 2020 have become the central point of news. Everyone wants to know about their preparation strategies and success mantra. Why? Because Civil Service Examination is one of the most popular examinations. Every year thousands of candidates embark on their UPSC CSE journey.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about UPSC CSE AIR-16, Arth Jain. This boy from Delhi has secured 16th rank in his second attempt only. Let us find out about his success journey and preparation mantra in this article.

Arth Jain Biography

Arth Jain is an IIT graduate who secured 16th rank all over India in UPSC CSE-2020. His hometown is Jabalpur where he was born and raised. He currently resides in the capital city, Delhi. His father Mukesh Jain is an IPS officer of the Madhya Pradesh cadre. He is currently posted as the state’s transport commissioner. He also has a younger brother who is preparing for the UPSC.

Name Arth Jain
Age 22
Fathers Name Mukesh Jain
Mothers Name Not known
Sibling Younger Brother
School Sanskriti School
Graduation Institute of Information Technology, Delhi
Hometown Jabalpur

Educational Background

Arth Jain completed his schooling at Sanskriti School, New Delhi. After this, he did Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Delhi. In the second year of his graduation, he decided to prepare for UPSC.

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UPSC Journey

In his second year of graduation, Arth Jain decided to prepare for UPSC CSE. He started his UPSC preparation in 2017 along with college. For this, he took several weekend coaching classes. In 2019, he gave his first attempt at CSE. In this attempt, he was not even able to clear prelims. Rather than getting disappointed, he reflects on where he went wrong.

Reasons to Fail for the First Time

According to Arth Jain, various factors contributed to his failure. Among them, the most prominent were insufficient revision, narrow view of base subjects, less number of solved test series, nervousness.

Final Success

Arth Jain gave his second attempt in 2020. This time he was well prepared and solved his shortcomings. This time luck favoured him and he got the sweet fruits of his hard work. He not only cleared UPSC but also was able to secure 16th position.

Name Arth Jain
Year 2020
Rank 16
Attempt 2
Optional Subject Mathematics
UPSC Marks 1021

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Arth Jain UPSC Marksheet

Subjects Marks
Essay 122
General Studies-I 099
General Studies-II 117
General Studies-III 092
General Studies-IV 124
Optional Subject-I (Mathematics) 145
Optional Subject-II (Mathematics) 154
Written Test 853
Personality Test 168
Final Total 1021

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Preparation Strategy

# Revision: Arth Jain emphasizes the importance of revision. He says that revision is a crucial aspect of your final preparation. He says that everyone should at least revise each book three times rather than reading nine books at one time.

#Timetable: Another important aspect of preparation is the timetable. Every candidate should read the syllabus at least three times and then divide their time accordingly. They should give more importance to weaker subjects. Moreover, special importance should be given to optional subjects. One should give at least 50% of his time to his optional subject preparation.

# Correct Optional: Another important thing is which subject you should opt for your optional subject. According to Arth Jain, candidates should opt for that subject that is more scoring and which they find interesting.

# Proper Booklist: Another tip he gives to fellow aspirants is the preparation of the correct booklist. One should give time to research all suggested books for UPSc and then prepare a proper booklist accordingly.

# Answer Writing: Answer writing is an important aspect of mains. Students should practice writing different answers daily.

# Short Term Goals: Arth Jian himself divided the syllabus into different smaller goals. He set his daily and weekly targets. This gave him a clear roadmap.

# Read Answer Sheets of Successful Candidates: You should also read answer sheets of previous year’s successful candidates. This will give you a clear idea of how to structure your answers

# Essay Writing: Essay is a scoring subject of UPSC. But aspirants are not able to give proper attention to it. But according to Arth Jain, everyone should give attention to this scoring subject. They should practice writing one to two essays daily.

# Interview: For the interview, candidates should be ready for questions related to their DAF.

# Exam Day: On exam day you should relax and have faith in yourself. You should not be busy revising your notes. Rather you should smile and say out clearly yes I can do it.

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Toppers of UPSC CSE 2020

Rank Name Written Test Personality Test Total Marks
1 Shubham Kumar 878 176 1054
2 Jagrati Awasthi 859 193 1052
3 Ankita Jain 839 212 1051
4 Yash Juluka 851 195 1046
5 Mamta Yadav 855 187 1042
6 Meera K 835 206 1041
7 Praveen Kumar 848 193 1041
8 Jivani Kartik Nagjibhai 858 182 1040
9 Apala Mishra 816 215 1031
10 Satyam Gandhi 827 201 1028
11 Devyani 842 182 1024
12 Mithun Premraj 845 179 1024
13 Gaurav Budania 850 173 1023
14 Karishma Nair 834 187 1021
15 Ria Dabi 859 162 1021
16 Arth Jain 853 168 1021
17 Sarthak Jaiswal 822 195 1017
18 Radhika Gupta 838 179 1017
19 Shashwat Tripurari 852 165 1017
20 P Srija 831 184 1015

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