Many people want to take the UPSC examination, but only a handful succeed. Out of the lakhs of people that apply for the civil service exams, just 0.2 percent are chosen. We’re going to talk about IAS today.

Swati Meena, who qualified for UPSC at the age of 22, was the batch’s youngest IAS officer. Swati grew up in Rajasthan and attended school at Ajmer. Read on to learn more about Swati Meena biography.

Swati Meena Biography

Swati Meena Naik is an MP Cadre IAS officer from the 2008 batch. She is largely recognised as one of Madhya Pradesh’s most energetic and effective public employees in recent years. She is particularly interested in improving educational and healthcare conditions, as seen by the results of her efforts in several MP districts.

She’s also renowned for being a tough cop. When the UPSC results were published in 2008, she had become a national phenomenon. She was the world’s youngest applicant to pass this exam. In 2016, Ansar Sheikh broke her own record. In the women’s division, she is still the youngest.

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IAS Swati Meena Marriage

This IAS is married to Tejaswi Naik, an MP Cadre IAS official. When they were both stationed in Sidhi, she met Tejaswi. They got attracted to each other and married in 2014. She has been known as Swati Meena Naik since then.

IAS Swati Meena Rank

Swati achieved the All India Rank 260 in the UPSC exam 2007. She was the youngest IAS officer in 2021 of her batch.

When the daughter achieved the AIR 260 in the UPSC examination 2007, the father’s hard effort paid off. She was assigned to the Madhya Pradesh cadre after passing the UPSC.

Swati Meena Being a Dominant IAS Officer

She has a reputation for being a dominating officer when on the job. When Swati was assigned to Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, the mining mafia had a stronghold. When Swati arrived, she immediately launched a battle against the mining mafia.

She claims that when she arrived in Mandla as a collector, she was bombarded with accusations about the mining mafia from all departments. On the basis on which she acted.

In the same way, her time in Khandwa was difficult. The scumbags tried to make a scene when the remains of the dead SIMI terrorists arrived in their neighbourhood, but Swati Meena and the government had simply handled this difficult assignment.

Swati Meena Current Posting

Her current position is in the Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation.

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Swati Meena Naik UPSC Strategy

# Make a schedule and a road map for carrying out your CSE strategy. Set monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Make every effort to meet your daily goal.

# Examine the UPSC CSE syllabus. Make an effort to memorise the curriculum so that anything you read may be related to the CSE Syllabus.

# Develop a habit to read one quality newspaper every day (The Hindu or The Indian Express).

# Read books from the NCERT that are pertinent to the civil services test.

# Select your optional subject carefully. It should be focused on your personal interests rather than what others are doing.

List of Youngest IAS Toppers

Sr. Name Age Year State
1 Ansar Ahmad Shaikh 21 2016 Maharashtra
2 Roman Saini 22 2013 Rajasthan
3 Swati Meena Naik 22 2007 Rajasthan
4 Amrutesh Aurangabadkar 22 2011 Maharashtra
5 Ankur Garg 22 2003 Punjab
6 Gaurav Goyal 22 2006 Rajasthan
7 Tina Dabi 22 2015 Delhi
8 S Susree 22 2017 Kerala

UPSC examinations are among the most difficult to pass. Yet, there are some bright young people all throughout the country who have proven that nothing is truly impossible.

A dream isn’t something you see while sleeping; it’s something you can’t sleep from, and for Swati Meena Naik, Civil Service was the life’s dream she had cherished for a long time. You can learn a lot from here to stay focused on your IAS goal.

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