Due to the increasing cases of the covid-19 second wave in India, many significant exams, such as board exams and entrance exams, have been cancelled in many states. COVID cases in India reached a new high of over 2 lakh cases per day on the day this article was published. In such a scenario, many students have been wondering whether the UPSC NDA exams will be postponed. Continue reading to find out if the NDA exam has been rescheduled.

Is UPSC NDA Postponed?

UPSC has no official comment on the postponement of NDA examinations as of now. As a result, no NDA exams have been postponed and will take place on the scheduled date. However, for the sake of students’ protection, UPSC has established strict healthcare guidelines for those who will be taking the exams. According to the UPSC website, the UPSC exam will be held on April 18, 2021. The NDA test admit card on the official website shall be downloaded for candidates who appear for the UPSC examination. Applicants to take the exam shall carry a correct photo ID and admission card to the examination centre. Below you can check the precautions and mandatory conditions that the NDA aspirant has to follow.

Rules for NDA Examination

UPSC has realised few guidelines that are requisite for the candidate to give the examination amidst a secure environment. Make sure that you fulfil all the requirements to leave no gap in giving the examination. Going according to the following rule will help the candidate appear for the examination smoothly without any barrier.

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1. Social Distancing

As social distancing is the mantra to stay away from getting infected from COVID-19. Candidates who are appearing for the examination have to follow social distancing at the time of arrival and in the hall as well. In the Examination Halls/Rooms as well as on the Venue premises, candidates have to take care of personal hygiene along with social distancing.

 2. Use of Hand Sanitizer

As every person is responsible for his or her and other’s safety. No one candidate has to rely on the examination centres for providing the sanitisers and face mask. Everybody is responsible to carry their own hand sanitiser. It is vital for them to use it whenever they touch an object.

 3 Wearing Face Mask

For all candidates, it is obligatory to wear a mask/face cover. The entrance into the Venue shall not be permitted for candidates without a mask/face cover. However, if requested by the examination functionaries, candidates must remove their masks for verification.

 4 Carry Relevant Documents

Bring the Photo Identity Card (print out, for the security of entry in Examination Hall) with the e-Admit Card, whose number is indicated in the e-Admit Card, in each meeting. In scenarios where the candidate has a blurred photo on the e admit card, such cases they are requested to carry two identical photos. It is mandatory to note that no paper admit card will be given by the examination department. In cases where there are identification problems with e-admit cards, it has to be taken care of with the mail to  [email protected] soon by 9th April 2021. In all the correspondence with UPSC, indicate your name, roll number, registration number and name & year of the exam. The E-Admission Card shall be maintained until the final result declaration as its creation is mandatory before the Service Selection Board.

 5. Carry Black Ball Point Pen

It is also recommended that the candidates be brought to Black Ball Point Pen as they would need only Black Ball Point Pen to be filled in the attendance list and the OMR Answer Sheet.

 6. Reach Exam Centre Before Time

The exam site is open 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam, i.e. 9:50 am in the Forenoon, and 01:50 pm in the Afternoon. The exam session is closed at 01:50. After closing the entry, no applicant shall be permitted to enter the examination venue.

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If you are an NDA aspirant, then you have to be updated with all the information that is necessary to know. In this article, you got to know if the NDA exam is postponed or not due to the rising COVID-19 situation all around. Many examinations like 10th boards and 12th standard boards have been affected by the surge in COVID-19 cases in India. During COVID-19 special attention is also given to precautions that are included in the NDA examination rules given above. So now when you have got the NDA current date and supposed date how are you going to prepare for the exam? Use the comment section below and let us know your answer.

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Is NDA Exam Date 2021 Postponed? Here’re the Latest Updates You were Looking For!
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