Many candidates prepare to emerge in the recruitment exams every year for getting hired under government jobs. Among several recruitment exams, the most significant ones are the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and various State Public Service Commissions (PSC).

Aspirants must think if there is any difference between the UPSC exam and state PSC exams or are all the candidates are appointed through UPSC only? To clear all your doubts, read the article till the end.

Difference Between UPSC and State PSC Exam

Anyhow both the UPSC and State PSC are enlisted under Articles 315 to 323 of the Indian Constitution. But there is a contrast between them in terms of nature and composition. Read further to analyse the difference.


UPSC  State PSC 
UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission State PSC stands for State Public Service Commission
The UPSC is the only one all over the country. There is State PSC in every state.
The UPSC involves a chairman and other members. The State PSC also involves a chairman and other members.
The President of the country appoints the members of UPSC. The Governor of the specific State appoints the members of State PSC.
The chairman and members of the UPSC take over the office for 6 years or until they acquire the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier The chairman and members of the State PSC take over the office for 6 years or until they acquire the age of 62 years, whichever is earlier
The UPSC is enlisted under Article 315 to 323 of the Indian constitution. The State PSC is also enlisted under Article 315 to 323 of the Indian constitution.
It directs examinations for designations to the Union Services which comprises all Indian services. Stats PSC of a state directs examinations for designations to the services of that specific state. For instance, BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) directs exams for designations to services under the Bihar sector only.

Difference between UPSC and State PSC Syllabus

The IAS Exam held by the UPSC is widely regarded as an extensively challenging exam in India. The tremendous number of competitors opposing 900-1000 vacancies, makes it difficult to grab.

The UPSC exam is divided into three segments the UPSC preliminary exam, the UPSC mains exam and the UPSC personality test or interview. These three stages create pressure for the aspirants.

The PSC does not differ much from the UPSC. They are very prominent, and their structure is very identical to UPSC’s. Competitors from each district, on the different hand, are qualified for reservation benefits.

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What is the Difference between UPSC and State PSC Exam Preparation Strategy?

As both the exams have a very similar structure. The technique of preparing is also the same.

Unlikely the PSC, the UPSC civil services exam is divided into three segments the UPSC preliminary exam, the IAS mains exam and the personality test or interview.

Here are some useful tips that can be utilised for good satisfying preparation.

Prelims Preparation

This is the final stretch of practice before Prelims! Training that only focuses on prelims will start around 2 months before the Prelims. You can start up the training around mid of March. This training will help you motivate right from the beginning. If the start is good the result must be good.

To gear up for the huge spectacle, try granting full-length mocks in the virtual atmosphere. As the COVID-19 impact will constantly be there, taking precautions even when taking mock tests to adapt yourself to the fresh pattern of giving tests.

Execute a mock test-based learning method in this final stage of training, as well as a detailed revision of material that is entirely prelims-centric.

Assemble a catalogue of recent events and all of the crucial topics, as well as the mock tests. Remember the CSAT. While it is only a capability test, a tally of 66 or higher in that paper is needed to appear for Prelims.

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Gear up for Interview

The personality test has no specific syllabus. The aspirants will be interviewed by a Board of competent and unbiased members and will be asked questions on matters of general interest.

The candidate will be judged not only based on their intellectual abilities but also social traits, interest in current affairs, mental awareness, the critical ability of adaptation, the balance of judgment, power for social interconnection and leadership, logical and moral uprightness.

Be Uniform with Your Arrangement

The most major advantage that the early starters have, is the benefit of extra time. However, there’s also a fault. When the time is enough, it’s not the ‘time management, rather your ‘consistency maintenance over this extended period’ that needs more attention.

Thus, all the days, weeks and months should be planned before with respective goals. The Foremost thing, a student must mark the entire syllabus of all the three stages of the exam, in his mind.

This minor but important work would go a long way in keeping your preparation directed and to the point.

Giving Sufficient Time

Given the required time, it is significant to start with the mains first approach. After prelims, an aspirant gets barely three to four months to prepare for the mains.

The plan is further secured by the necessity of answer writing and essay writing practice. Thus, it will be a smart move to prepare for the mains part first.

Make the Choice Intelligently

The crucial element of the mains syllabus is the optional subject. The decision of an optional subject should be as per your level of interest and ease in the subject.

This choice must not be mistaken by any sort of wrong reflections of ‘which is the most scoring subject’. It’s only your technique of learning and presenting that makes it scoring.

Make a Genuine Study Scheme

After making the wise decision for the optional subject, the student must begin the preparation right from the starting. Never get panic about the exam.

Assign the months and plan your days and weeks in advance, guaranteeing that by November – December, you will be done with the syllabus for the four General Studies papers and Optional subject. It is manageable to do so calmly if you set your time with accuracy.

Stick to Daily Current Affairs to Keep Yourself Revised

The significant section of the preparation is to follow current affairs. Always keep yourself aware of what’s going around you. Watch news channels. Follow magazines or any other government source to keep updated.

Give Mock Tests

Once you are done with the entire syllabus. Give mock tests regularly to ensure your preparation. You will get the idea of time management and writing pattern. It will give you the satisfaction that you are all ready to face the exam. Never take mock tests for easy.

Time Required to Prepare for UPSC or PSC Exam

There is plenty to study for the UPSC exam. , The syllabus is vast and prolonged. Giving ample time to various subjects to understand with determination is not an easy task.

For an ordinary student, it takes at least 10 to 12 months to prepare exclusively for this challenging test. However, there have been aspirants who have the ability to finish the preparation in six months.

Can you Give State PSC and UPSC in the Same Year?

You can give State PSC and UPSC in the same year if the dates of exams are distant from each other. It won’t be stressful for the aspirant as the structure of the exams is parallel, it is an advantage to prepare for both exams simultaneously. People usually choose to give both exams in the same year.

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How to Choose Between UPSC and State PSC?

Several state governments have been cautious to assure that the Public Service Commission conducts checks daily in the form of the PSC. Certainly, it is usual to examine in the news that a PSC has been implicated in a fresh discussion as an outcome of delays.

The delay in announcing the exam date results in the creation of problem for aspirants to get prepared. Anyhow the preparation of both the exams is incredibly an advantage but without knowing the real exam dates a candidate cannot prepare with confidence and dignity.


Expecting that the above article will help you know the similarities and dissimilarities between UPSC and State PSC. If your desiring of becoming an officer, keep your target uniform don’t let your dreams get destroyed. Utilise the above content and note the important keys.

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