Are you writing the UPSC IAS exam? Then this article will help you to understand how to prepare for your General Studies 3 paper in IAS mains exams.

This article will suggest Disaster Management books for UPSC that will help you cover disaster management topics for UPSC in a very simple manner and will also help you in scoring higher by making concepts easier to grasp and understand.

The importance of having the right Disaster Management book for UPSC is undervalued, so use this article as a tool to improve your overscore from prelims and mains.

Disaster Management Topics for UPSC

This section will talk about the topics of Disaster Management for UPSC that is considered to be important from the mains exam point of view.

First, understand the meaning of a disaster. It is very important to be able to understand what is a disaster.

After understanding the meaning, learn the types or classification of disasters. They are generally classified as per their origin. As a whole, there are two classifications, manmade and natural. Under natural disasters, the classification is further divided geophysical, hydrological, meteorological and biological.

Learning the causes of disasters is the next main step for preparation.

Causes of a Disaster

For a layman, the causes can be many, but as a UPSC candidate, it is important to look into four specific aspects. They are:

  • Environmental degradation
  • Developmental Process
  • Political Issues
  • Industrialization

Candidates must be able to segregate various disasters into these categories with ease. So make sure you understand the meaning and how they are related.

Follow this along with the impacts caused by disasters, not only on human life but on Earth as a whole. The Earth does not belong just to humans, so make sure that you do not restrict your study to impact on only human life!

Worst Disasters in India and Current Affairs

Make sure that you are covering the history of this. What that means is that, take down disaster management notes and write down about all the worst disasters that occurred in India.

Look at the impact caused not only on human lives but economy and surroundings. Look for official records available through government websites. Read the NDMA guidelines as it will help you in UPSC preparation.

Keep looking out for any new disaster that occurs by keeping tabs on current affairs. Most questions are asked about the disasters that occurred. So keep yourself ready for such types of questioning.

Some of the worst disasters occurred in India are:

  • Kashmir floods
  • Uttarakhand floods
  • The Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • Gujarat Earthquake
  • Bengal Famine
  • Bhopal Gas tragedy
  • Pardip Cyclone

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Further Topics

After covering the basics of disaster management, you will need to understand the issues or challenges faced in disaster management.

How difficult it is to control the extent of natural disasters, the infrastructural problems, the financing problems India faces.

Understanding the stages of disaster management will be a key aspect. In general, there are three stages; Before, during, and after a disaster.

Breaking down the topics should help you in better preparation for Disaster management for your UPSC IAS exam.


One important aspect that candidates should know is that NCERT textbooks are the best books for UPSC examinations.

They will contain all the topics of the syllabus, and the information is accurate and verified. Looking for more than NCERT books is a personal choice, but for disaster management, NCERT is the best option along with government reports on disasters.

Reading the government resources will give you accurate information on many disasters, and especially for recent disasters. So stick to government sources whilst preparing for disaster management.

Know the policies framed for disaster management by the government and keep a note of the disaster management authorities available in India and how they work. Read case studies to see the impact of government in curbing the disasters.


Preparing for the UPSC exam is definitely a challenge. This task is made tougher with the GS-3 paper of the mains round.

Do not worry though, this article will give you information on how to prepare for disaster management and will recommend books that will help you the most in preparing for the exam.

Read the current affairs with keen interest, not only for your other papers but also questions can be asked about current disasters. Use the internet as a source to gather factual data that is verified by the government and create notes on the same. All the best!

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