Are you planning to write the Indian Forest exam 2021? Then this article will help you to understand the basic Indian Forest Service exam syllabus.

Candidates must know the Indian forest service exam syllabus in prior so that they can start preparing well in advance.

The UPSC exam requires a lot of hard work and it is advised to start working for the IFS exam at least 1 year before the exam.

Exam Pattern

Like most UPSC exams, IFS also has three rounds. First round is the preliminary round consisting of two papers. Each paper is of 200 marks. The prelims round is common for the civil service exam and Indian Forest Service exam.

After candidates qualify, they have to write the mains round. Here there are 6 papers. 4 being optional subjects, one being General English and the other being General Knowledge. The 4 optional papers are of 200 marks whereas the other 2 papers are of 300 marks each.

Optional subject to be chosen is only 2, but each subject has two papers.

After qualification, candidates have to undergo a personal interview round.

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Syllabus for Prelims

The first paper is based on general studies and current affairs. Candidates must have a clear cut idea of current national and international events, economic and social development, Indian polity, India and World Geography, General Sciences, Biodiversity and Climate change.

The second paper is based on Aptitude, you will need to learn the skills of writing well in English and comprehension level must be high. You will be tested on your English and other very basic aspects of life. So work well around the time for your English writing and reading skills.

List of Subjects

As stated above, students have to select two optional subjects for their exam. The students can select their optional subjects from the following list of subjects:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Botany
  3. Chemistry
  4. Agricultural Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. Forestry
  9. Geology
  10. Forestry
  11. Physics
  12. Statistics
  13. Zoology
  14. Mathematics

Students should go through the syllabus of each and every subject and then decide. It is important to understand the eligibility criteria for the IFS exam. The Indian Forest Service officer’s salary is high, but the job requires equal dedication and hard work. So keep all that in mind, along with the syllabus and date of the exam.

Tips for Choosing Optional

Selecting the optional subject is very important. In total, the two optional subjects have a weight-age of 800 marks.

Selecting the right combination of optionals is very important. Make sure that you have an interest in that subject and that you can work towards it.

Remember that out of engineering subjects only one can be chosen and you cannot take subjects that are inclusive of each other. For example, taking chemistry along with chemical engineering will not be allowed.

Keep a pros and cons list in case of confusion. This should allow you to create a clear decision and free from personal bias.

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The Indian Forest Exam is a very popular choice of examination. Studying for it is not an easy task but if started early, can become easier.

Knowing the syllabus for the exams is the first and foremost priority. This will allow you to base your preparation around the syllabus and exam date.

Know all the eligibility criteria, rules and regulations and requirements for your exam beforehand. All the best!

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