The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India is an agency under the Government of India responsible for air and water quality management systems and every other pollution issues related. Climate change is an important concern for UPSC 2021 in Gk and Environment & Ecosystems. That is why you will be getting to know who runs the CPCB aka the chairman and who appoints the chairman of the central pollution control board?

CPCB is one of the most powerful government bodies. It is linked to Policy and Governance in the General Studies Paper-3 and Climate & Ecology in the GS paper 4.

Who Is the Chairman of the Central Pollution Control Board?

Shiv Das Meena was assigned as the chairman of CPCB by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet of the Indian government. He is an officer of the Tamil Nadu cadre Indian Administrative Service in 1989. He alone has 30 years of public service experience. He has a degree in civil engineering. He even obtained his master’s degrees in international studies from Japan. Earlier, he also maintained additional charges for CMD of NBCC Limited in 2019.

Main Functions of CPCB

  • Advice the central government on concerns related to water pollution.
  • Seek to establish cooperation between state pollution boards in order to settle any conflicts that can occur between them.
  • Provide the State Boards with any kind of technical support and carry out regular investigations to achieve proper prevention and control of pollution within the Member States.
  • Schedule adequate training courses for workers participating in pollution management systems to ensure effective compliance by State pollution control boards.
  • Strive to coordinate campaigns across mass media in order to promote awareness of the problem of pollution among the public.

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Power of CPCB

  • Provide  guidance to the State Board in written form on matters that are part of the Board’s duties under the Prevention & Control of Pollution Act, 1974
  • Carry out the functions of the State Boards, as ordered by the central government, in situations where the State Board has not carried out its functions as ordered by the central government.
  • Investigate the report on any wastewater samples and trade wastewater compiled by the laboratory formed by the CPCB.
  • Track all functions undertaken by the State Pollution Boards set out in part V of the Act.

Accomplishments of CPCB

It is worth noting that in 2015, the National Environmental Air Quality Standards composed of 12 contaminants and three hazardous contaminants were successfully controlled by CPCB at 612 locations in 254 towns or cities.

Also,  CPCB has e been able to identify industries into orange, red, yellow, green sections based on their potential for emissions and resource use. Identification has helped the Board to give approval to the carrying out of operations and selecting the sites as well. This inevitably led to a reduction in emissions.

It has also taken measures to increase green coverage. Two major schemes under this project, named as  Nagar Vana Udyan Yojana and Yojana School of Nursing, have been launched with the intention of developing at least one forest in each area.


The Central Pollution Control Board acted as a helping machine for India’s active fight against environmental pollution issues. Due to its past record of successful execution of many initiatives, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change has been able to run several environmental protection projects. CPCB is simply an institution and inspiration for many IAS aspirants that derives its value from workers who work for it. In order to ensure successful implementation on the part of the organization, it is necessary for the Government of India to extend appreciation to employees in order to boost their motivation and thus lead to productive activities within the organization.

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