For UPSC aspirants the structure of the UPSC exam is important to know. UPSC exam has 3 stages: Prelims exam, main exams and interview. It is important that you learn about each section thoroughly. What topics can come, how to answer them, what points to follow, what points to avoid, and how to prepare smartly. In the prelims exam, you have MCQs type of questions that you have to answer. Whereas the Mains exams are descriptive in nature and it compromises 9 papers. These 9 papers are:- Part A (Compulsory Indian Language), paper B- (English), Essary, General studies I, II, III, IV, and operational papers I and II.  Here, we will cover a small part of the main exam, to let you know about how to prepare the Dogri language paper for the IAS mains exam?

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What is Dogri Language?

It is a North-western Indo-Aryan Language that is spoken by approximately 5 million people across India. It is mainly spoken in Jammu and Kashmir. Dogri is considered as one of the 22 listed official languages of India. Dogri language is considered to be rich literature with traditions of translations, original works like dramas and philosophy, and poetry.

In UPSC IAS the Dogri language is one of the many optional literature subjects that is considered to be high in scoring marks. If you are preparing for the UPSC exam then it is vital for you to get to know everything about it.

How to Prepare for Dogri Language for IAS Mains Exam?

For IAS preparation you will need to get good hands-on Dogri language, if you don’t know it, then it is advisable that you start your research from today. A bit of the information about tips to prepare it and how to answer it, you will get in this article.

For you to understand, every UPSC mains Dogri paper consists of 250 imprints. The time that you get to complete this Dogri language paper is 3 hours each. Here are a few tips for you to start your preparation for this rich literature known as the Dogri language.

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Know the Syllabus

To attempt any section of the Main exams you need to study the syllabus first. These are never-ending topics and you cannot study it all. So to work smartly you should first take out the syllabus, read it thoroughly, make a checklist of what you know and what you don’t know about the topic. Knowing the syllabus will help you move in the right direction, and saves you from wasting your precious time on a topic that is not needed. Similar rules apply to you when you are preparing for the Dogri Language. You have to check the syllabus and what are the topics that come for this Dogri language

Choose the Best Book for Dogri Language

Books are and will remain a rich source of knowledge irrespective of any topic or any subject. If you want to get deep into the preparation of the Dogri language you should refer to a few books that can help you pass it through, few names are:-

  • Dogri language: Origin and advancement through various stages
  • Improvement of Dogri short-story, principle patterns, and conspicuous short-story authors
  • Etymological limits of Dogri and its lingos
  • Trademark highlights of Dogri language
  • Improvement of present-day Dogri Poetry and fundamental patterns in Dogri Poetry

Prepare a Study Plan

Like in childhood when you used to go to school and would come, you did things as mentioned in your timetable, in the same way, you have to make a study plan with the topic to be covered and follow that dedicatedly and authentically.

A study plan for the Dogri language will give you a smooth way to reach a place where you know all about it. You should include the topic name, the time you will devote, and extra activities. Don’t forget to mention the extra activities that act as stress busters for you. If you pile up all your stress and don’t release it some way, you will fail to concentrate which will depreciate the quality of your preparation.

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Prepare all the Previous Year Questions

For UPSC aspirants referring to last year’s questions paper is vital as you get a gist of in what ways you can get the questions and what to focus on. Previous year question papers give you a fair idea about how to prepare. You should prepare the answer for such a question paper and should check their answers from a reliable source.


For UPSC aspirants preparing the Dogri language is imperative and candidates should try various sources to get the information about it fitted inside your mind. Reading about this rich language will make your work easier as it will ignite the interest inside you and you will have fun knowing about it more and more.

Hopefully, this article on Dogri language paper preparation for IAS mains exam will help you in every way to prepare well for this paper. To level-up your preparation, you can consider getting yourself enrolled at UPSC Pathshala as here you not only get a perfect study plan but also get a personal mentor guiding you throughout your preparation journey.

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