The government of India in 2019 had amended the constitution and laid down a 10% EWS  Reservation for government jobs and education sector. The EWS reservation in UPSC is also 10% because of this.

This article will talk about the criteria for EWS Reservation in UPSC, EWS age relaxation in UPSC, how to apply, how to claim, and about the EWS quota in UPSC.

EWS Quota in UPSC

The EWS quota in UPSC is for general category students. No candidate falling under any other reservation can apply for it. There is a 10% EWS quota in UPSC. There is an eligibility requirement for this too.

Criteria for EWS Reservation in UPSC

The government of India has laid down certain criteria for EWS reservation. They are:

  • The student should be a general candidate and not from SC, ST, OBC
  • The student’s family’s gross income has to be less than 8 lakhs per annum. This includes income from all sources like agriculture, business, salary, investments, etc.
  • The family cannot own a  size of 5 acres or more land for agriculture
  • The family cannot own a residential flat of more than 1000 sq.ft
  • The family cannot hold a residential plot of 100 sq.yds or more in a notified municipality
  • The family cannot hold a residential plot of 200 sq.yds or more in a non-notified municipality

The meaning of family here refers to:

  • The person applying for the reservation
  • Her/his parents
  • Her/his siblings below the age of 18
  • Her/his spouse
  • Her/his children below the age of 18

Make sure that you read the criteria well in advance.

How to Apply for EWS Reservation in UPSC

If you clear the eligibility criteria, then you are open to apply for the reservation.

Students must get an EWS certificate from their local government or Tehsil. You will need to obtain the ‘Income and Asset Certificate’.

After receiving the certificate, you will need to go to your local government along with other documents like Aadhar Card, Bank statements, Address Proof, Date of Birth proof along with the income and assets certificate.

Your documents will be verified and then will be signed by a government officer.

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How to Claim EWS Reservation in UPSC

Candidates must ensure that they have the economic weaker section reservation certificate along with other documents at the time of applying for any exam.

Students will have to submit documents as proof and then will be able to avail this reservation. They need to submit a DAF form whilst applying.  Go through the UPSC guidelines regarding the same.

Students will get 10% reservation in seats, the passing limit and number of attempts will remain the same.

There is no age relaxation through EWS reservation in UPSC.

This means that the age criteria also remains the same as for the general category student.

Economic Weaker Section

The terms EWC and EBC are completely different. Students must not get confused over this. The definition given by the government for both of them varies and students must read carefully before understanding which category they fall under.

The Economic Weaker Section bill was termed in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament. This bill wishes for people from EWS to be able to overcome difficulties and rise above from that status.

By ensuring 10% reservation, the government hopes that India transforms itself from an economically backward country to a modern and developed country.  By giving reservation, anyone that deserves to be in the post of UPSC will be able to get a secure job and a better future with great perks.

Remember, this reservation will help you to get a seat only if you have enough score. It is not the same as other reservations where scoring marks are less. So make sure you study hard and put in the effort.

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If you are interested in writing the UPSC exam and need help with reservation, then this article will help you understand the EWC reservation in UPSC.

Students need to check the eligibility criteria and look if they fit in. Students also need to obtain their EWS certificate before the application dates or else it will be deemed inapplicable for the exam.

It is recommended to go through the UPSC guideline regarding reservation and how to approach it but also remembers you need to study equally hard. All the best!

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