With the unjust caste system in India, there was a need for reservations of those that were pushed down by the higher castes.

In regards to this, the constitution of India provides for reservation for SC, ST, and OBC.

OBC reservation is of two kinds, creamy layer and non-creamy layer in the UPSC.

Candidates have to fit in the OBC reservation criteria in UPSC in order to avail this reservation.

This article will talk about the creamy and non-creamy layer and OBC quota. This article hopes to help students understand the OBC reservation in UPSC

Creamy Layer

Those that fall under the Creamy Layer are said to be well off or are not in a need for reservations. They are not eligible to get any reservation.

Any OBC family having an income of 8 lakhs or higher per annum for a consecutive term of three years is said to be from the creamy layer. This includes income received from agriculture, business, investments, etc.

The 27% reservation is not applicable for them and they cannot avail the OBC quota

Non-Creamy Layer

Those that fall under the Non Creamy layer require OBC Quota. The government believes that they are in a poor economic state due to discrimination based on their caste.

The 27% reservation quota is implemented to help them overcome these difficulties and anyone that first the OBC reservation criteria in UPSC can avail this and get a seat if they get the cut off marks.

Along with the reservation, the passing marks are cut down and there is an extension of age and also no limit on the number of attempts for the UPSC exam.

Making it easier for them to pass the exam and also get a seat in UPSC.

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Eligibility Criteria

To obtain a non-creamy certificate, the candidate first must get an Income and Asset certificate justifying that their income as a family is less than 8 lakhs per annum from all sources combined.  Read the eligibility criteria in details.

You also have to produce an OBC certificate. After verification of all details, you will be given the reservation class. If you score accordingly and have the ability to be a part of the UPSC, then you will be chosen to be a part of UPSC and then will be able to avail the other backward class reservation in UPSC.

If you are also physically handicapped, check the eligibility and see what is best suited for your needs.


There are two very FAQ from students

Q1. Can I get an OBC reservation again in UPSC?

Answer to that is: Yes if you did not clear the exam in the first attempt you can clear it again with your reservation too.  Your data will already be available with them, and as the reservation allows you unlimited attempts, you need not worry about losing the reservation.

Q2. Is there any reservation for OBC in UPSC preliminary?

Yes, there is a reservation for OBC in UPSC preliminary papers. What this allows you are a lower cut-off grade and higher attempts. So this will make it easier compared to a general student.


The OBC reservation in UPSC is done as a safeguard for the discriminated classes. The goal is to help them overcome the difficulties they face due to discrimination and help them in earning respect, dignity and a better life.

There are two kinds of OBC people. Creamy and Non Creamy. Understand in what category you fit and then apply for a reservation if you fit the OBC reservation Criteria for in UPSC.

No matter what, keep practicing frequently and with all your efforts. All the best!

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OBC Reservation in UPSC: Know and Understand if You Fit the Criteria
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