UPSC is one of the most prestigious exams in India. The examiners of UPSC exams are a bit particular and might check every minute of details in your answer paper. This aids them in selecting the most appropriate candidates for further IAS training. Hence the language and writing skills you will use to write answers in your UPSC exams should be on point!

So, the most important question?

Does Upsc Check Grammatical Mistakes in Upsc Exams?

We all know that grammar is the basis of every language. Apart from the content, UPSC examiners will also focus on how comfortable you are in the language during the interview rounds and papers as well. Therefore, you should evade making grammatical errors in UPSC exams. Using conventional grammar will help you leave an immense impact on examiners.

Don’t worry! With practice, you will get better at language. Here’s how you can avoid simple grammatical mistakes in your UPSC exams.

  • The Difference Between ‘its’ And ‘it’s’

Due to the similarity in their spellings, many a time, we tend to use ‘its’ instead of ‘it’s’. The simple distinction within these words is that,

‘Its’ is used for determining belonging. For example, Its ice cream is the best. Whereas,

‘It’s’ is used as a short of ‘It is’. For Example, It’s a rainy day.

  • Usage of Apostrophes

Apostrophes are either used to curate short form or are used to determine the belongings.

  • For example, ‘wouldn’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’. In both of the mentioned words, the apostrophe is used to curate short forms of would not and should not, respectively.
  • This is Gohan’s bag. In this sentence, an apostrophe is used to determine that the bag belongs to Gohan. Similarly, you can use apostrophes to determine belongings.

Note: You should not use apostrophes for plural words. For instance, Pencil’s are for free. This is a wrong sentence. You must write, ‘Pencils are for free’ instead.

  • Appropriate Usage of the Words’ Their, Your, They’re, and You’re’

The pronunciation of ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ is somewhat similar. There are major chances that if you don’t pay attention while writing answers, you will write one instead of the other. This tiny mistake might cost you a good loss of marks. Remember that ‘their’ is used to show belonging, and ‘they’re’ is condensed form curated for ‘they are’.

Similarly, there is a distinction between your and you’re. ‘Your’ tends to determine belongings, and ‘you’re’ is a condensed form for ‘you are’.

  • Differentiation Within the Usage of the Word ‘number’ and ‘amount’

We all know that both words are used to define the quantity of a specific genre. There is just a slight difference between both words. Usually, the word ‘number’ is used for the quantity which can be counted, and ‘amount’ is used for the quantity which can not be counted.


  1. A number of children were participating in the marathon.
  2. The amount of water wasted can never be restored.


There are various other factors upon which grammar depends on. These are some of the silly mistakes made by the aspirants of civil services examinations. You must always be conscious while writing your answers in order to avoid such grammatical mistakes. Grammatical knowledge of your writing will strengthen your answers in exams. Nevertheless, writing and practicing answers is the only method to take your scores to new heights.

There are various other factors that can improve your answering skills in UPSC exams. Along with grammatical mistakes, you also need to consider and include these factors while preparing for civil service exams. Let’s look into the below table, which will help enhance all other factors which are essential in IAS preparation.


Skills  Benefits
Time management It will aid you to finish your paper on time. This skill is of utmost importance in order to write the answers on point in the given time.

Your writing speed should match the time allotment accordingly.

Structuring of Answers This will build your answer in a proper format. Usually, structuring of answers consists of an introduction, body and conclusion.

Adhering to time and structure of answers will definitely aid your UPSC scores.

Looking for what type of answer question demands Your answers need to be precise. IAS papers differ from each other and demand a specific type of answer.

Taking the time and word limit into consideration you must make your answer as definite as possible.

Improvement in writing Many aspirants use supreme words and phrases to make their answers look good. Nevertheless, examiners seek the content and grammar while correcting a paper.

You should make each word count instead of writing lengthy answers.

 In Conclusion

While doing your UPSC preparation, you must give utmost importance to the basic writing skills and grammar of the language. Grammar plays an important role in creating a huge impact on your answers. Other mentioned skills are also important when it comes to formatting answers.

Join us today to leverage the force of 200+ expert personal mentors with an illustrious background, who are always at your back and call to solve any query that might arise during your preparations. For more updates on UPSC exams, stay tuned to our regular informative blogs and articles!

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How Seriously does Upsc Take Grammatical Mistakes in Upsc? What are the Important Writing Skills for Upsc?
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Grammatical errors may downgrade your score in civil services examinations. Here are some tips which will help you to improve your grammar during your IAS preparation.
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