Himanshu Jain IAS is an inspiration to many who may have thought of giving up on their dreams of becoming an IAS officer. The UPSC exams are a tough cookie to crack and are highly competitive even in a country like India, where everything is.

So, failure is common in this regard. What is uncommon however is taking up the challenge after your failure and succeeding in style. That is exactly what Himanshu Jain UPSC topper 2019 did.

Who is Himanshu Jain?

Himanshu Jain, age 23, was born in Hodal village of Haryana and completed his junior education there before moving to Delhi to complete his education.

Graduating from Hansraj University in Economic Honours, Himanshu has always been a sharp student achieving top marks in his class 12 board exams.

What sets him apart from the usual tale of UPSC toppers is that he failed on his first attempt at the prestigious examination.

He failed his first attempt at the prelims that are held before the main exam and even then, he never lost hope, never let his confidence take a beating and worked harder and more efficiently to realise his dream.

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His Strategy

If you ask Himanshu Jain strategy for UPSC preparation, there are revisions, revisions and more revisions. Hard work has no real supplement, especially when it comes to preparing for the UPSC exams.

Himanshu stood by the phrase, ’limited resources, infinite revisions.’ Study only the things that you need to study and become perfect at it. If you cram more in your head, perfecting that knowledge can be a highly difficult task.

If you are attempting the UPSC, you need to be up to date on the current affairs and its impact on not only your life but those around you. So, reading the newspaper is a must.

You need to be consistent and disciplined, never missing the newspaper even for a single day.

Strategy for General Studies Papers

Himanshu’s focus was on obtaining knowledge from government publications. He kept himself updated on everything that happened on government information channels, government websites and annual reports.

When it comes to General Studies papers, you need to focus mainly on the syllabus and think everything in terms of it, whether it is related articles or information. You can check government websites that help you write answers and practise.

The Optional Subject

On his second attempt Himanshu’s focus was mainly the mains exam and according to him preparing well for the optional subject is imperative when it comes to the main exam.

Since the exam is optional subject oriented, you need to make sure you have a very good understanding about the content of the subject. This is a must if you are serious about your UPSC aspirations.

Writing the Exam

Even if you have the best knowledge and are best prepared in terms of the knowledge you possess, the exam in itself is a challenge.

You need to know how to write the answers correctly and put it across to the examiners. You need to be fast when writing and use all the necessary keywords used in the syllabus when writing your answers.

To make sure you are up to speed with the writing; make sure you start preparing for it in advance. You should start no less than 50 days before your prelims to start writing practices and start solving question papers.


There are a lot of authentic government websites that help you in this regard, make use of all of them! As you have already seen, as long as you work hard and stay focused dreams can be achieved along with a personal mentor to prepare you.

UPSC Pathshala’s personal mentors are experts in this regard. They assist you in clearing doubts and track your progress. Their free demo class has helped new joinees in having clarity of their program.

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