Jatin Kishore, not only secured a position in Indian Economic Service by ranking first but also topped the UPSC Civil Service Exam 2019 with AIR 2.

Always a bright child, Jatin Kishore IAS did his bachelor’s degree In Economics from St. Stephens College of Delhi University.

He completed his master’s degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. After completing the post-graduation, he devoted one year to prepare for the Civil Service Examination.


It’s not a surprise that the IAS topper Jatin Kishore’s optional subject was Economics since he did both his graduation and post-graduation in Economics.

He took coaching only for general studies. Being proficient in Economics, he didn’t find the need to get coaching for it.


The UPSC topper Jatin Kishore couldn’t crack the prelims IAS examination in the first attempt. He was not ready to give up. Taking the failure as a challenge, he again went head-on with the prelim’s exam.

And in the second attempt, Jatin Kishore’s marks were phenomenal. He passed the exam with flying colours and became the second rank holder in the UPSC Exam.

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Jatin Kishore Strategy

The Civil Service exam is the most desired; Many aspire to excel in the exam, but only a few make it possible. Jatin Kishore believes not to give up even if the candidate is not able to crack the exam in the first place itself.

Perseverance and not giving up attitude are the key to achieve success. Qualifying in the first attempt is not an easy thing. The bottom line is, don’t lose hope and keep attempting the exam.

When writing the exam, it is better to not criticize the government but to provide constructive feedback to improve their methods.

We all want to know what were the strategies that the IAS topper implemented so that we also can follow in his footsteps and taste the success. Below is Jatin Kishore’s strategy.

Question Attempts

The UPSC topper Jatin couldn’t crack the prelims exam in the first attempt as he didn’t answer enough questions to nullify the negative marks and score the qualifying marks.

In the first attempt, he only answered 70 questions which were not enough to clear the exam. In the second shot, he tried to answer almost 90 questions which finally were enough to hit not only the desired score but also to get the second top score.

Mains Strategy

Jatin Kishore IAS’s mains strategy was to focus on content. If a candidate focuses on the content, he/she will achieve success.

He used to fruitfully make use of the time that he got during the evenings and at the weekends. During his preparations for the second attempt at the IAS exam, he was in the training period of Indian Economic Service.

Current Affairs

The chances of securing a good score in the IAS exam increases by being skilled in the current affairs. The questions of the current affairs from the previous years keep repeating in the exam, so Jatin Kishore highly recommends to be familiar with them.

Reading the Newspaper

Reading newspapers daily was a routine that Jatin Kishore UPSC topper followed without fail. It provides knowledge about the ongoing events in society and helps us get well versed in it.

It is important to take notes of the vital articles published in the newspaper.

Preparing Notes

The UPSC topper said that making notes will always act as a positive boost to crack the exam. The notes come in very handy when revising for the exams. He didn’t get much time to make notes and used to refer to books whenever necessary.

But, at the time of revisions before the exams, he felt the need for notes and had to borrow it from his friends. He also stated to make use of the online study materials.

Essay Strategy

The shortest paper of the IAS exam is the Essay paper. One must construct the essay paper properly in well-defined paragraphs.

Not even a single aspect of the topic should remain untouched. The candidate should take around 15-20 minutes to plan how to write the essay and structure it properly.

Repeated Revision

Repeated revisions are the key to success. The candidates must indulge their time in revising the content and stay in touch with the books throughout the preparations.

It is better to focus on one or two books, rather than being confused with many books and theories. It is important to improve the writing skills and incorporate more quality content in it.

Ethics Strategy

The ethics paper is a difficult one and they are constructed around the case studies. To excel in the ethics paper, the candidates should learn short definitions of different terms, adhere to the IAS ethics syllabus, and include quotes from famous personalities.


So, the recipe for success is to keep up the hard work and never give up, with a personal mentor to prepare for UPSC is the best way to ensure constant improvement.

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