Interviews are the final step in the selection process for almost all major banking tests, and candidates must pass them to get their dream jobs. Interviews can be scary, causing people to get worried. As a result, in an effort to assist you in overcoming your nerves, we have compiled a list of crucial items to consider before delivering your interview.

In this article, you will be reading about how to get ready for an interview, how one can prepare for the interview and interview questions for 2021.

How to Dress for Bank PO Interview?

What should I wear to a bank interview? It may seem like a strange thing to ask, but did you realise that how you dress affects your chances of getting a job? Since many candidates are unsure about what to wear to an interview. This should act as a reference for anyone preparing for upcoming IBPS or other bank employment interviews.

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Interview Outfit for Men

#Full sleeve shirt (avoid designer wear or party).

#Formal pant (Navy Blue, Black, Grey, Brown colours preferred)

#Belt (no trendy belts, please)

#Brown or Black Formal Shoes (stay away from canvas, sports shoes, slippers)

#Tie (not compulsory)

Looks and Add-Ons

#The shirt should be tucked in nicely.

#Guys, comb your hair.

#Do you have long hair? Then use a band or use gel or oil to keep them in place.

#A shaved appearance is required.

#Those who must keep a beard, please keep it trimmed.

#Put on a fresh pair of socks.

Interview Dress for Girls/ Women

#The greatest option is a salwar kameez. Cotton salwars will give you an elegant style (avoid sleeveless clothing, mirror/ chumki work, and low necklines for example.)

#For salwars, dupattas/ shawls are required and must be neatly fastened.

#Sarees can be worn as well, but only if you are at ease in them. If you haven’t worn a saree before, you should avoid it.

#Jeans and leggings are a no.

#It’s fine to wear flat sandals or cut shoes. Just make sure it matches your costume.

#Heels can also be worn, but maintain them at a modest height.

Looks and Add-Ons

#Make a bun in your hair. To keep them in place, use clips or a headband.

#Free hair is acceptable only if it does not cause you to make a mess.

#Wear as little jewellery as possible (earrings, neck chain, few bangles are more than enough).

#Makeup is not required.

#Just make sure you appear to be in good shape.

#If you still want to wear makeup, limit it to a minimum.

#Dark colours should be avoided.

Thumb Rule for Dressing

The thumb rule is to avoid anything bright and instead opt for simple/ muted colour combinations. Dressing up stylishly and professionally may get one brownie points, whereas a shabby appearance may jeopardise one’s prospects of becoming an officer or cause one’s journey to be delayed. As a result, it must be treated with the utmost severity.

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Bank PO Interview Preparation

Conducting yourself well affects more than just offering correct replies to the panel members’ questions. Little factors, such as how you dress, add up to make an impression that can endure a long time and be favourable or unfavourable. Here are some important tips on how to dress and other factors that one should remember for the Bank PO Interview.

Research on Bank

Conduct thorough research on the bank and the position you’re interviewing for. Approximately 2-3 of the interviewer’s questions will be connected to their firm and the job profile you’re applying for.

“What do you expect or predict your tasks and duties will be?” for example. Several articles are available on the internet that discusses the numerous job descriptions and responsibilities that bank workers have.

So, before appearing for the interview, take some time to go to their website and read about their bank and the services they provide to avoid any stigma.

Appropriate Dressing

At all costs, casual clothing must be avoided. The initial impression you make on your employers is determined by your wardrobe. Employees at most private banks are required to wear tidy formals. Wearing decent formals to your interview is a good idea, regardless of whether you’re interviewing with a private or public sector bank.

Study Your Resume Well

Your CV functions similarly to a marketing tool. Questions about your résumé will almost certainly be asked. So know everything that’s on your resume and be ready to answer inquiries.

Arrive on Time

It is self-evident that you should never be late for an interview. Because bank employers place a high value on punctuality, you should arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will also offer you plenty of time to rest and de-stress.

Be Courteous

Before entering your interviewer’s cabin, make sure your telephone is turned off or on silent mode. After entering, greet the interviewer(s) with a solid handshake and wait until you are requested to take a seat. A simple “Hello” and “How are you doing?” will be sufficient; avoid small talk with the interviewer(s).

Keep an Eye on Your Body Language

Do not bite your nails, shake your legs, fidget, or play with your resume/pen/hair, among other things. Throughout your interview, sit comfortably and keep a proper and constant posture. When necessary, nod and smile while maintaining strong eye contact with the interviewer(s). This will give you a confident and calm appearance.

No Snide Remark about Your Old Employer

Never discuss anything negative about your former job. This will lead the interviewer to believe that you have a negative opinion of them and that you will treat them badly.

Please Express Your Gratitude to the Interviewer

Last but not least, do not leave the interview room without thanking the interviewer(s) for their time.

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Bank PO Interview Questions

#Give a brief description of yourself.

#What prompted you to pursue a career in banking?

#Why do you believe it sets us apart from the other banks?

#Please share whatever you know about our company model with us.

#What do you think your obligations will be, and how well do you think you’ll be able to fulfil them?

#What motivated you to leave your prior employer/ bank?

#Could you please go through your resume with me?

##What makes you so special that we should recruit you?

#What are your advantages and disadvantages?

#In ten years, where do you see yourself?

#Would you be willing to relocate if the position required it?

Questions about current events and general knowledge are also included. Make sure you’re up to date on what’s going on in the world. Be ready to answer inquiries on banking and bank functions as well.

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Hopefully, you found the preceding information useful in learning how to prepare for a Bank PO interview. It is critical to understand what questions will be asked of you throughout the session and how to respond to them nicely and confidently.

Your appearance and outfit also matter because that will give an impression to the interviewer. If you want to grasp the bank PO evaluation, carefully read the above essential principles and utilise them to better educate yourself.

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