There is a common question that prevails in society, that is whether Engineers can go for being an IAS officer? The answer to the question is definitely, UPSC examination is open to every individual irrespective of the career, so if you are a mechanical engineer and you are aspiring to become a mechanical engineer then you have to check out this complete guide to starting your UPSC preparation. To start with the preparation you get to clear your head of questions that might be troubling you, once you get clarity and guidance for the direction to work towards.

Here you will get to know about, UPSC preparation tips for engineering students, “Can an engineer prepare for UPSC at home?”,  “How do engineers start preparing for UPSC?” or “How to prepare for UPSC along with engineering?” Make sure that you get yourself into research for the initial days of your preparation where you will give yourself time to understand the examination and how you should prepare it.

How do Engineers start Preparing for UPSC?

To start with you have to research the UPSC examination, UPSC syllabus. You need to start preparing for the Prelims stage which is the first stage of the UPSC examination. Along with the engineer studies you have to manage the UPSC preparation also. Make sure that you have made up your mind to work harder and give your best as this is a challenging voyage that you have taken up. Make sure that you have all the information about the Prelims examination.

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Prepare your Schedule

If you have your engineering classes going on then you have to make a schedule of when you will prepare for your UPSC examination and when you can study for your engineering education. Manage your time well and your timetable will depend on the schedule you have each day. It may change and it may remain constant that depends on you. If there are some days when you need to change your timetable then you don’t have to worry.

Make sure that you are consistent in following the timetable and making a routine for the UPSC preparation. Not only a mental timetable but what will help is a chart timetable that you can paste on a wall where you frequently look at and according to that timetable you follow your preparation.

Know the Foundation

Start with the foundation of every subject, make sure that you start with the books that are known for providing the basic knowledge of the subject. Once you have covered all the basic knowledge then you can move to the next level of preparation that is more specific to the concepts that the individual is studying. To start with the basic NNCERT books from class 6 to 12th are best known. Make a note of these books and complete them in the initial days.

Make notes

Makings notes is really helpful for an IAS aspirant as the UPSC examination has a vast syllabus. It will be impossible for you to revise all of it after you have completed learning them. Thus at the time of the revision, you can refer to the notes where you can easily revise the concepts you have learned. Make sure that you don’t make notes of each and every line, you just have to note down the important points that you encounter when you are learning the concepts. These important points will suffice in your revision before the final exam.

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Can an Engineer Prepare for UPSC at Home?

Yes, the Engineer can prepare for the UPSC examination at home. Approx 8 lakh candidates enrol themselves in the UPSC examination with a dream to become an IAS officer. To prepare for the UPSC examination candidates need a guiding light to work in the right direction, for guidance, there are ample institutions online and offline who are there for support. Making more convenient for the candidates online IAS coaching is blessings with not many fees they provide a lot to the candidate.

Engineer pursuing candidates who are overburdened with the study of their domain and UPSC, online classes like UPSC Pathshala become the perfect guiding light. They provide you with the flexibility to sit back at home and prepare for the UPSC examination. You get a personal mentor to reach out to whenever you get stuck, you get an evaluation for the mock test to make you understand your strength and weakness.

UPSC Preparation Tips for Engineering Students

For Engineering students we have the following tips to share with you. If you follow these tips you may

1 Manage your time well- Engineering students have the onus to perform in their semesters and along with it they have to prepare for the UPSC examination as well. Here, their time management skill will be of utmost importance

2 Don’t be distressed- there are two types of stress: Eustress and Distress. Eustress is the motivating force but Distress is harmful. In such a case students are ought to be stressed with so much responsibility at a time. To save yourself you have to continue your hobbies and look for stress buster activities

3 Books- in this digitally engulfed world, don’t forget to refer to books for the UPSC preparation. Books have an ocean of knowledge that many articles or e-resource may miss out on. And for building a foundation you have to read NCERT books from 6 to 12th standard


Preparing for the CSE examination is a challenging task for an engineering student. But as it is said that where there is a will there is a way, there is nothing impossible. If you are dedicated then you can opt for the UPSC examination and fulfil your dream to become an IAS officer. In this article you got to know, “As mechanical engineer how to prepare for UPSC?” and “Can an engineer prepare for UPSC at home?”. You can start your preparation by keeping in mind the above-given tips and guidelines. For more such informative posts, keep your eyes here.

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How to Prepare for UPSC as a Mechanical Engineer? Tips to Start Your Preparation
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