Candidates are having questions like how to start bank PO preparation from the zero level? The answer is simple, we do not think there is any need to begin preparations from zero level or the bottom. The reason is that you already are familiar with basic maths, basic English, basic reasoning and you may be having little data about current affairs.

So, all you require to perform is upgrade your abilities, understanding, way of attempting questions, momentum, and several other aspects that might facilitate you to clear not just the Bank PO Examination but any other examination with a similar syllabus and examination structure.

Read on to learn more about how to start bank PO preparation for beginners.

How to Start Bank PO Preparation for Beginners?

Beginners should keep in mind that there won’t be any questions that can give rise to feelings of awkwardness or shock. Each question will be from the syllabus and they might be of a less or acceptable degree of difficulty.

Some tricks, some formulae, methods to tackle the problem that appears usual or even the question that looks complicated and the momentum to get it performed in less likely duration. Regular practice and revision will reduce the possibility of incorrect attempts.

Beginner’s Strategy

In this beginner’s Strategy to clear the Bank examination, you’ll come back to grasp the simplest strategy additionally as tips for cracking the Prelims and Mains section test.

There’s a learning method for this entrance examination which consists of numerous steps. The arduous actions are required to push through the test because the exams are becoming more difficult each year as a result of the increasing range of aspirants entering the competition.

Strategy for Beginners Strategy to Clear the Exams

Follow the ways given below to avoid a tough time covering all the subjects of various topics for the Bank examination 2021:

Recognize the Entire Syllabus

Before you start preparation, ensure to understand what subjects you would like to prepare. Then by understanding the weightage of every subject, you’ll be able to begin to specialize in them consequently.

Produce a well Systematic Schedule

Once you have a massive course of study, creating a schedule is a necessary part. This can eliminate the possibility of missing important topics. Divide your schedule equally for every topic or as per the abilities and talent you possess for every category. This can assist you to prepare nearly everything.

Perennial Revision

Even though you’ve finished your revision for any of the subjects/categories or the total course of study, it’s obligatory to revise your course of study or material for the banking examination. This can keep everything contemporary in your mind and you’ll be ready to recall stuff simply.

Ensure that Your Ideas are Clear

It’s necessary to possess clarity of the ideas before beginning any topic/chapter. certify you clear all the essential ideas to possess a decent grip on the necessary topics needed to understand.

Understand to Organize Your Duration Efficiently

This can be another necessary factor that each bank examination candidate ought to confine mind. You’ll encounter bound queries within the examination that you may be knowing the way to solve.

However, if you recognize that it’ll take longer, then miss them and try all the queries that are less long. This can assist you to attend to the most range of queries then at the tip, if you’re still left with it slow, you’ll be able to attempt finding those long queries quickly and accurately.

Mock Tests are Required

Once you’re finished with your revision portion, it’s important to look at what you’ve learned up to this point. Take a mock check to investigate your revision, work on your weak components and improve them. This can cut back the possibilities of constructing mistakes throughout the examination.

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How to Prepare English for Bank PO Exam?

Preparation for the Bank Exams Subject-wise

English Language

It is observed that there has been a severe difference in the degree and structure of the English category in the past years, so do not take this category for granted. Go through every rule of grammar from the Wren & Martin book and strive to comprehend them. Don’t strive to consolidate the rules.

Simply go through them with understanding examples and automatically those rules will come to your senses. Read English essays on an everyday basis. You can choose The Hindu or the Economic Times as well. Attempt to note down the fresh terms in a different note to revise afterwards.

Regularly try this procedure and revise the written down terms daily. Concentrate on cloze quiz, fillings, sentence correction, spotting error divisions.

With regularity and persistent action, you can effortlessly secure almost 25 in this category.

Reasoning Ability

Subjects of this category are relatively easy if you understand the underlying notions and you have practised them fully. Practice two to three puzzles on an everyday basis. In the examination hall, select the puzzle with a small number.

Concentrate on syllogism, inequality, order and ranking, coding-decoding, direction distance and blood relation divisions as these topics are somewhat easier and simpler to solve in the examination hall than solving time-taking riddles.

This category needs a few basic knowledge in the beginning. After comprehending the basic ideas, you are required to solve as many different sectional tests as feasible to be a genius in this category. This category compels just practice and vision ability.

Quantitative Aptitude

In the first days concentrate on recalling cubes up to 20, squares up to 40, fraction to percentage and percentage to fraction conversion up to 1/25, tables up to 30. As well, strive to understand a few Vedic tricks and rules for quick calculation in the examination so that you are able to save duration and provide more duration on the miscellaneous problems and in the hard questions.

After this, begin covering basic divisions like percentage, average, number series, quadratic equation, ratio proportion. These three topics are assigned in nearly every arithmetic topic. So initially attempt to understand the intense knowledge of these three divisions.

Later on, you can get on for time speed distance, time & work, mixture allegation chapters, partnership. Prepare various categories of data interpretation sets like tabular DI, bar graph DI, etc.

General Awareness

For numerous learners, this category is suffering. But with adequate organizing and recalling, you can skillfully secure 80 per cent in this category.

For recent affairs, wrap the last four to five months. For stagnant GK, observe the Lucent GK book. For banking understanding, follow notes of grade up study, Wikipedia, quizzes, and Reserve Bank of India FAQs website.

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How to Prepare for a Bank PO Exam?

Bank PO Examination requires intense practice and a calm sense, only these two things and you will be on the ultimate list. This is how a candidate can begin from the bottom and score well on its first try.

How to Start Bank PO Preparation?

# Try to join a specialist entry if you are qualified.

# Time Required – Five months maximum.

# Don’t just read all the things.

# Stop creating notes on recent happenings like a fifteen years old kid.

# Give each examination irrespective of what the position is and what’s the number of vacancies in it.

# Please don’t spend time understanding new notions and tips.

# Give as multiple examination series you can and all the things will match into the shelf itself.

Prelims Bank PO Preparation

# As far as possible do not touch the pen.

# Don’t follow Puzzles in the reasoning category in the initial go

# Don’t mark questions in the section of English with suspicion or with fun

# Practice as much as possible.

# Don’t concentrate on prelims instead concentrate on the mains exam

# Don’t attempt to finish the calculation and strive to see the choices when you’re in the middle of the problem. Next attempt to create your own strategy and techniques for queries like approximation, series, quadratic etc

# Don’t waste extra time than 45 secs on a single question.

# Securing is crucial no circumstance which question provides you scores, attempt to realize that each query carries the similar scores.

Mains Bank PO Preparation

The actual war is this portion. Prelims is only a warm-up procedure.

# Quant is Nightmare and Reasoning it’s a booby trap. So, attempt each problem with care.

# Try to conduct extremely well in general affairs and English. They are the actual game-changers.

# Those who believe they are vulnerable in English and it’s suffering, kindly do not cram the terms and rules they are of small use. Read these topics daily, and try to attempt the mock test.

# No strategies are needed, ensure your sole concept of Average, M&A, Percentage, Profit and loss, SI, WTD and CI is clear.

# Don’t stress yourself in the section, do not panic.

# For the reasoning section, do not begin answering right out, try to go through the full category in five mins and then attempt the simpler one’s.

# Mains exams examine your strength, tolerance and not speed. Kindly don’t take this exam for granted. It’s a one-day thing and you have to agree sharply were to settle the strength plays.

# Please ensure to try your vulnerable category with an objective to crack the cut off and attempt your strength to secure like a pro.

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2021 Bank PO Exam Dates

Bank Exam Exam Dates Activities
IBPS PO 2021 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th October 2021 Preliminary Exam
27th November 2021 Mains Exam
SBI PO 2022 April 2022, 3rd week Online registration process begins from
May 2022, 2nd week Last date of the registration process
May 2022, last week Call letter release for pre-exam training
June 2022, 3rd week Date of pre-exam training
June 2022, 3rd week Call letter release for preliminary exam
July 2022, 1st week Date of preliminary exam
July 2022, 3rd week Declaration of result
July 2022, 3rd week Call letter release for the main exam
August 2022, 1st week Date of main exam
August 2022, 3rd week Declaration of result
September 2022, 1st week Call letter release for the interview
September 2022, 3rd week to October 2022, 2nd week Group exercises & interview
November 2022, 1st week Declaration of final result

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Bank PO examination is tough but nothing is impossible if you work hard for it. So get up and start your preparation. It’s never too late, to begin with.

UPSC Pathshala gives aspirants full guidance for the exam, all the facilities are provided like providing students with important study materials, one-on-one doubt clearing sessions, and many more just a click away hurry up and join UPSC Pathshala now.

Which bank PO exam are you preparing for? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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