IAS Abhishek Singh Wiki: Biography of An IAS Officer turned Actor

IAS Abhishek Singh Wiki

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IAS officer Abhishek Singh is an IAS officer turned actor. But how did this happen? There had been many IAS officers in the past who went on to do something of their own, some turned into entrepreneurs, some into monks but an IAS officer turned actor while working on the duty is unheard of. In this article, we will discuss Abhishek Singh Biography. Read the article till the end to know Abhishek Singh wiki facts.

Abhishek Singh Biography

Abhishek wanted to become an IAS officer from childhood. His father used to work in Uttar Pradesh Police Services. While seeing his father work Abhishek decided that he also wanted to serve the nation just like his father. But the motivation didn’t come until later in life when he got his heartbroken.

Abhishek was going through a bad breakup in his life.  According to him, it was one of the darkest times of his life. In an interview, he also claimed that after the break up he was depressed that he sometimes even had suicidal thoughts. But one day he had an epiphany that life is greater than anything in the world. After that day she never looked back and gave the energy he had to prepare for the UPSC IAS exam. Abhishek was able to crack the IAS exam in 2011. His wife Durga Shakti Nagal is also an IAS officer. She was from the 2010 batch.

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How Did Abhishek Sing Got into Acting?

For Abhishek acting professionally was something that happened out of the blue. He never thought he could act. He didn’t even have an Instagram account until last year. His becoming an actor is something that you can say is a work of destiny.

One day Abhishek was in Mumbai for some work-related matter. He knew the casting director Mukesh Chhabra for a long time. They both met each other in Delhi. When Abhishek was in Mumbai, Mukesh invited him home to discuss something.  At Mukesh’s house, some guys from Netflix were also there to work on Delhi Crime Season 2.

At that time Abhishek was posted in Delhi as a Deputy Commissioner. And they Mukesh wanted him to give information on crimes in Delhi which they could use in the story. The guys from Netflix had mistaken Abhishek Sing for an actor. They asked him, “ What were your previous projects as an actor?”

Mukesh then corrected them. The Netflix team at that time was looking for someone to play the role of an IAS officer in the series. And that was it. They askes Abhishek to read some lines in front of the camera. At first, he denied as he had no acting experience but after insisting he agreed to read for the role. The directors loved his read and they found the most authentic person to play the role of an IAS officer.

IAS Abhishek Singh Wiki Facts

After Delhi Crime he has worked on several different projects. He has worked on a short film “Chaar Pandrah” and also a music video “Dil Tod Ke” featuring famous Punjabi singer B Park. The video has 235 Million views and counting.

For his music video, he has received praise from many people including some of the top authorities.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya tweeted, “Thank you Abhishek for showcasing best of our North East states-Meghalaya and Arunanchal Pradesh in your debut music album that has over 46 Million views in 1 week!”

Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports said, “An IAS officer with the amazing flair of music! Well done and thanks for showing beautiful Arunanchal Pradesh and Meghalaya!”

“An amazing song by an IAS officer in his debut music album “Dil Tod Ke”. “ was tweeted by Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

Apart from acting, Abhishek and his wife Durga Shakti Nagpal has started an initiative called SIGMA (Student for involved governance & mutual action) for students. The goal is to leverage the fresh perspective of India’s students for effective and innovative governance.

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Abhishek Sing commented on his viral music video “Dil Tod Ke” saying that he also went through the same kind of emotions during his heartbreak as the boy in the video goes through. His current posting is in Delhi.

His Journey teaches that literally, anything is possible in life. You can do wonders if you put your anger and energy in the right direction

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