To learn about the strategy for the UPSC examination, the best way is to listen or read the biography of an IAS officer who cleared the UPSC examination with flying colours. You will not only get to know their journey but you also get to know their present, which becomes important for you to check your goal alignment with the actual working conditions and requirements.

You get a piece of in-depth knowledge, from IAS paper structure to the job responsibility of an IAS officer. In this article, we will acquaint you with the IAS Anmol Sagar wiki, which cleared the exam in 2018 with 414 ranks. You will learn about his strategies, mark sheet, and the optional subject that he opts for.

IAS Anmol Sagar Journey

Anmol Sagar IAS started his preparation in the final year of college. His first aim was to cover all NCERT books and he completed his aim in graduation. After graduation, he devoted all his time to the UPSC preparation. His major strategy was to cover the current affairs, especially from The Hindu and magazines.

He made a note of all the current affairs in his diary that helped him in the revision for the exams in the last few days. He read all the basic books for each subject. But his approach towards optional subjects was different.

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Preparation for Optional Subject

His optional subject was Geography. His marks in Geography were 274. He has given a few tips to prepare for geography as an optional subject-

  • Read one basic book for the physical Geography
  • Then for Biogeography, you should thoroughly read about the soil and should refer to Rupa publication
  • The most neglected topic is environmental geography because the topic mentioned under it is vague. Candidates make a huge mistake of learning this concept in general science, but if you are opting for geography as an optional subject, then you have to prepare it from the geography point of view.
  • In the recent UPSC examination papers, it can be seen that applied geography is becoming vital for the geography optional paper, so make sure you don’t leave this part.

How was the Life of IAS Anmol during the Preparation?

IAS Anmol made himself aloof from his previous life. He did not meet his friend, he did not go out for parties or a day out. His entire focus was on the UPSC preparation. Sometimes he felt gloomy, lack of motivation, a bit depressed, and even lost. But he was able to control his emotions and he used to imagine his name on the UPSC result list, this image was the source of motivation for him. During his preparation, he realized the importance of time, and then he decided not to waste time on anything. The UPSC preparation journey was difficult but as he was able to control his emotions he enjoyed it too.

Mark Sheet of IAS Anmol Sagar

You can find the mark sheet of the IAS Anmol Sagar below. He ranked 414, which is highly appreciable, but now he is attempting to give direction to other IAS aspirants to give them the direction to see.

Anmol Sagar 809 168 977 414

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UPSC Preparation Mantras from IAS Anmol

Learning for Anmol Sagar’s journey you can follow the tips given below or you can blend it with your strategy towards achieving what you are desiring for –

  1. Be optimistic:- when you aloof yourself from the rest of the world, from your friends and leisure time you will many times feel gloomy, you will lack motivation or you may feel a bit lost. But the key to withstanding this tough time is to be optimistic. Think about how will you feel when you clear the UPSC examination
  2. Smark work than hard work:- IAS Anmol Sagar, work more smartly towards his preparation as can be seen in the video where he is giving tips for geography as the optional subject. He researched all about what books to refer to for the preparation
  3. 3 Mantras:- Self Confidence, Discipline, and Integrity are an integral part of UPSC preparation. You have to follow these 3 values through the IAS journey that is during preparation and when you become an IAS officer.


IAS journey is a tough one with so many emotions being felt by the IAs aspirant, they have to control their feelings and at the same time, they have to keep their focus on one aim. In this article, we will tell you about the inspiring journey about IAS Anmol Sagar, who ranked 414 with geography as his optional subject, you will get to know his marks, and at the end, you will get the tips to prepare for the UPSC examination, the Mantras that IAS Anmol followed.

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