Today let’s dive into the inspiring journey of an IAS topper whose father is a rickshaw puller. Govind Jaiswal IAS AIR 48 in 2006.  He proved to the world that if you are focused on your aim and working for it day and night then anything is possible. Read the article till the end to know Govind Jaiswal’s Biography.

Who is Govind Jaiswal?

Son of a proud Rickshaw Puller who secured AIR 48 in the UPSC IAS exam 2006 which is known as one of the toughest questions papers of the UPSC Civil Services Exams (CSE).

He was the youngest boy among the three sisters. His father Narayan at first use to work at a  ration shop which helped have some savings. Even though this saving was not enough to live a comfortable life. The area where they lived used to have power cut-off for 12-14 hours every day. Narayana made sure that his kids go to school and get an education.

Unfortunately, Narayana was fired from the ration shop. Then he started working as a rickshaw Puller. Narayan also had a leg injury. Most of his wages were going in paying the school fees of his kids. He

Did Govind Jaiswal took Coaching for IAS Preparation?

We know what was the rank of Govind Jaiswal in the UPSC IAS exam, now let us see what was his struggle during his preparation.

This topper left for Delhi to prepare for the exam. His father paid 40,000 INR for IAS coaching and posted the medical treatment of his wounded leg.  Narayan had to sell some part of the land to pay for his living in the Metro city, Delhi. Govind also gave mathematics tuition to earn some money. He studied for 18 hours every day without fail and he cracked UPSC with flying colors in his first attempt.

Some days, he didn’t have money for food. After he qualified for the interview, he was under such stress that he would forget to drink water for days.

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What Motivated Govind Jaiswal to become an  IAS Officer?

As we know Govind was from a poor family. One day he went to play with one of his friend’s houses and his father insulted him for being poor and told him to stay within his limits. This kind of incident often happened with Govind. Many people told him that he would have to also be a rickshaw puller. But then someone told him “Either tell your father to change profession or you do something big.”

It was at this movement Govind decided that he was going to do something big in his life. He knew he was not a corporate job type or he could get other low-paying government jobs. His only option was to focus and work hard on studies. Which we all know he did very well.

Govind Jaiswal Current Posting

Govind is now an IAS officer. He has worked as an assistant commissioner in Nagaland. He was also posted in Goa where he held the position of Executive Director of sports. Govind Jaiswal current posting is in Delhi where he is Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health, Govt of India.

Ten days before the results hiss father was so tensed that could not sleep.  Govind uses to skip meals as it would have taken his time.

The Journey of Govind to become an officer was actually teamwork of both his father Narayan as well as Govind. Special credit has to be given to Narayan for believing and giving his son all the support in the world.

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Govind Jaiswal’s journey proved that one need not be from a good financial background to crack national level exams. He taught us as long as you dare to aim big and determined to work hard toward it then nothing can stop you from achieving it.

He has claimed to make this country better and work towards its development. Govind inspired by the works of legendary Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Gandhiji wants to follow in their footsteps and making this country as they dreamt it.

He had a very strong reason which kept him motivated and consistent in hard work in achieving his dreams. Like Govind, you also need to define before pursuing anything life and stay true to it.

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