If you are aspiring to become an IAS officer then you have to give your best in the preparation and even after preparation you have to carry out your responsibilities. While you are preparing for the UPSC examination, you need to take references from various sources so that you don’t miss out on anything.

So what could be a better source than the candidate who has attempted the UPSC exam one or more than one time? Or an IAS officer? You get first-hand information about how to prepare, what points to keep in mind while preparing for the exam, and what is the journey after you get selected as an IAS officer.

In this article, you will get insight into the journey of Jyotika Dilaik, who prepared for the examination and gave the UPSC exam in 2020. You will get to know all about her preparation, her mark sheet, family background, optional subject, time table. You will get to learn a lot about UPSC preparation through the journey of Jyotika Dilaik. So, let’s begin!

Jyotika Dilaik Biography

Jyotika Dilaik is known as an Indian Youtuber, she has her own youtube channel where she uploads her videos that gets views in lakhs and likes in thousands. She has 294K subscribers.

Many of you will be knowing Jyotika Dilaik’s sister Rubina Dilaik who is a famous Indian actress and is part of Big Boss 14 as well. On every social media, she has followers in Thousands that are a great achievement. She is also a traveller, who likes to travel mountains and loves trekking which is a similar hobby as her sisters.

She has created many vlogs as well through which you can experience the fun she had in those places. She was born in Shimla hence, you can see her attachment with the cold mountain places, as seen in her videos on youtube. And along with an impressive social presence, she is an IAS aspirant who gave the first attempt in 2020.

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Jyotika Dilaik Wiki Facts

Real Name Jyotika Dilaik
Nickname Naina
Profession YouTuber, Content Creator
Famous For Sister of Rubina Dilaik
Debut Youtube Videos
Personal Information
Birth Place Shimla
Zodiac sign Leo
Nationality Indian
School Name Shimla Public School, Himachal Pradesh
College Name ST. Bede’s College, Himachal Pradesh
Family Profile
Father Name Gopal Dilaik
Mother Name Shakuntla Dilaik
Siblings Sister: Rohini & Rubina
Other Information
Appeared In Bigg Boss 14 House As a Guest

Jyotika Dilaik Sister

Rubina Dailke is a versatile actor who has done many excellent shows like Shakti, Choti Bahu, and many more. Through these television shows, we came to know about her acting skills which are brilliant. And she is considered to be one of the finest Indian television actresses, who can mould herself in any role given to her. And recently her fans have fallen in love with her persona in Big Boss 14.

She has engaged her fans by showing what she really is as a personality, and people have loved her personality.  Jyoti Dilaik has also come on the show to support her sister and direct her in the right direction. Rubina Dilaik is known for her Beauty as well. And she has become a role model for many women in India.

Jyotika Dilaik also gained popularity when she was first seen on the big boss show and then researching about her we were directed towards her inclination towards being an IAS officer.

IAS Journey of Jyotika Dilaik

In her video where she is explaining her experience of attempting the paper, she is motivating other people not to lose hope even if they don’t clear it in one go.

She says “It is a phase of life” and you have to do your part in preparing the best according to your capability. She has also explained how a UPSC aspirant is in dire need of support. And she was fully supported by her family at each step of hers, thus she stands here proudly and smiling.

Candidates preparing for the exam need such support where they are not demotivated, but instead, they are motivated to work hard and make them realize that they have somebody beside them even if they fail. And this role is played by the family for many people.

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Tips for UPSC Preparation following IAS Jyotika Dilaik’s Strategy

If you are preparing for IAS then you have to keep all these points in mind-

Involve Stress Buster Activities in Your Routine

The main misconception for IAS aspirants is that they have to be engrossed in studies all the time. That is not true because to relax your mind you have to do things that you love and you also have to spend time on what makes you happy. So don’t forget to include your fitness time in your timetable. Like Jyotika Dilaik went to the gym, had a yoga session and then started studying for the day and then when get bored of studying went out to eat something.


You need to get the right books for preparation, you can get many other resources for help but books have the ocean of knowledge. So firstly you should complete reading all the NCERT books from grade 6 to 10 as they make your base strong.

Making Notes

May you don’t have the habit of making notes. But it is high time as you are preparing for the UPSC examination and the syllabus is really vast, so missing out on important topics will make you lose your marks. So making notes will help you remember the important things, and to revise such a vast syllabus you don’t have to go through it all over again, instead, you can revise your notes.

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IAS Jyotika Dilaik explained that consistency and dedication are the keys to rank well in the UPSC examination. So if you have to be consistent in your preparation, whatever you are preparing you should revise it daily and you have to follow the timetable that you make for yourself which include studying hours, activity and fitness hours as well.

Know the Syllabus

As the syllabus is vast, you have to know all of it but have to prepare according to its importance. And you can also write the syllabus on a big piece of paper that you can paste on your cupboard from where it is visible to you every time. In such a way you will be able to recall the syllabus anytime.


Reading the Biography of IAS aspirants and IAS officers gives a clear picture to IAS aspirants about the direction of preparation. How you should prepare, what source you should go with, and what points you should notice.

In this article you are acquainted with the Jyotika Dilaik biography, she is a YouTuber and she is also the sister of famous Indian television actress Rubina Dilaik.

Hopefully, this inspirational biography of Jyotika Dilaik will give you the required boost to your preparation. To improve your UPSC preparation even better, get yourself enrolled to the best online UPSC preparation platform and achieve your dream.

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