IAS Shivani Goyal Biography: Check-out UPSC Preparation Strategy of IAS Rank 15

Shivani Goyal Biography

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Shivani Goyal IAS All  India Rank 15, 2017. They say if you want to learn something then learn it from the best. What would be a better way to plan your UPSC preparation strategy by learning from those who have already managed to pull off wonder in this exam? It is important to know how they planned, what mistakes they made so that our journey can become a little easier. I agree it would be just a little easier but something little changes bring big changes. So you never know. In this article, we will discuss Shivani Goyal Biography, what strategy she adopted, what optional subject did she choose?

Read the article till the end to know all about Shivani Goyal.

Shivani Goyal Biography

Shivani is from Delhi. She went to Bal Bharti Public School.  Shivani has a good academic record. She secured 9.8 CGPA in class 10th and 96.75 percent in class 12th. After 12th she did her graduation in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. Her age currently is 26 years.

Her reason for choosing a career in UPSC Civil Services was to help in the development of society. It was since her childhood the issues affecting the society and country have affected her too. Shivani thought UPSC can give her a platform to work for finding a solution to these issues. The challenges and diversity of the service were also one of the reasons that attracted her. Shivani Goyal was able to secure AIR 15 in 2017 in her second attempt. Shivani Goyal optional subject was Commerce and accountancy.

Shivani Goyal IAS Preparation for Prelims

According to Shivani, one should start preparing for prelims two months before the prelims. Until then focus fully on Mains preparation.

For prelims focus on current affairs, standard books, and test series. Study current affairs from newspapers as well as from monthly current affairs magazines. Before the actual exam, you should give at least 30 tests. This will give a good knowledge of how you should strategize paper solving and will also increase your accuracy during exams.

Make a proper time table and stick to it. Following the timetable without fail is important so that you cover most of the concepts, as well as a lot of time, is left for revision. As the paper is mostly factual information based multiple revisions will be required to retain the information in the memory.

Another thing the aspiring candidates should keep in mind is not to panic as the date of prelims is coming close. This has happened to Shivani on multiple occasions. She used to lose sleep at night due to stress before the prelims even during her second attempt. Therefore learn to keep your nerves calm.

Shivani Goyal IAS Preparation for Mains

Here are some of the pointers from Shivani Goyal to develop a strategy for Mains preparation.

Answer Writing

For answer writing, one should have good analytical skills. Just covering the source material won’t be enough you will also have to practise answer writing. As each question you encounter in the exam will be you, therefore, you will have to come with different dimensions to cover on the shot. It is only by practising you can develop your analytical skills.  Your presentation skills should also be good.  The examiner should at least be able to read your handwriting without any difficulty.

Consistent Revision

Shivani said that the difference between her first and second attempt is the number of revisions. In her second attempt, she required a minimum of 3 revisions to writing effective answers. A month before mains she spent most of the time revising. To ensure that you have enough time for revision a strategic time table is required.

Consolidated Notes

You should consolidate notes for each paper. She had consolidated the entire commerce paper 2 notes which were ranging from 500 hundred pages into less than 50  pages. You will have very less time to revise everything the day before the paper that is why consolidated notes are needed to revise things in just the matter of hours.

Shivani Goyal Marksheet

Subject Exam
Essay (Paper-I) 155
General  Studies I (Paper-II) 113
General  Studies II (Paper-III) 111
General  Studies III (Paper-IV) 136
General  Studies IV (Paper V) 98
Optional I (COMM. & Accountancy) 154
Optional II (COMM. & Accountancy) 166
Interview 162
Total 1095

Goyal’s Pursuit teaches us that cracking the UPSC exam can be simple if you do your studies with efficient planning. Following the time table, every day will play a crucial role in your preparation. This will also give you plenty of time for revision which is a must for factual information based exam. More the revision you do the more it will help you in answering.

Make consolidated notes such that you can revise for each paper in just a few hours.

Apart from this learn to control your nerves and don’t panic as the exam date is coming closer. Believe in your preparation. All the best!

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IAS Shivani Goyal Biography: Check-out UPSC Preparation Strategy of IAS Rank 15
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