Lakhs of students aspire to clear the UPSC civil service examination, but only some hundred can fulfil their dream of becoming an IAS officer and serve the nation. It is difficult to prepare for the IAS exam and you have to be always motivated, and should never lose your focus. You must keep reading the success stories and biographies of officers who have cleared the UPSC civil service exam. This exercise will not only motivate you to perform better but you will also get a lot of tips on how to perform better in the UPSC Civil Service Exams.


IAS Udit Prakash Rai is one such individual. He successfully cleared the UPSC examination and got selected in the Indian Administrative Services. Continue reading this article to know more about IAS Udit Prakash Rai’s preparation strategy, posting and wiki.


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IAS Udit Prakash Rai Biography

Udit Prakash Rai cleared the UPSC Civil service examination in 2007 with an All India Rank of 25. That was his second attempt. He cleared his class 12th examinations with a rank from Uttar Pradesh State Board. He completed his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. He was the former Deputy Commissioner ( South Andaman) & Commissioner (GST). His current posting is the Director of Education Delhi Government.


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IAS Udit Prakash Rai Strategy for UPSC Exams

Udit Prakash Rai believes that the preparation for UPSC exams begins with you realising where you want to reach. Once you have realised that, half your job is done. You should never underestimate yourself and should realise that anyone can clear the UPSC exams and become a civil servant. You don’t have to think that your past depends on your future. IAS is a stand-alone exam. Your marks in class 10th, 12th or even graduation do not matter in you getting selected.


Udit Prakash Rai believes that preparing for the UPSC exam is similar to a 400-metre relay. You need not put your whole steam in the first 100 meters. You have to divide your preparation strategy throughout the year. Similarly, prelims are your 100-metre mark. It is just a hurdle that you need to cross, a qualifying exam. Going through NCERTs and booklets on current affairs is going to help you prepare in an exceptional way for the prelims.

Some more Facts

He also says that out of the 1750 total marks of the paper you just need to secure somewhere between 50 – 55% marks in the exam. This will secure you an AIR 1. He also believes that this is an exam of your character rather than your knowledge. If you can clear a year-long exam with such a tough competition then you can achieve anything. He also recommends that students should start reading the newspaper from the 11th and 12th to develop a habit and score well in current affairs.

Which Optional Subject Should One Choose?

Udit Prakash Rai marks that you can’t decide which optional subject to choose beforehand while you are completing your graduation, or while you are in Class 12th or 11th. This is a decision you can only make once you have gone through the syllabus of all the subjects asked in the UPSC examination.

You need to select an optional subject to which you can commit for a complete year and a subject for which you can prepare another year if you are not able to clear the examination on the first attempt. Once you go through all the previous year papers you will understand which subject to choose.


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How Important is the Interview?

Udit Prakash Rai mentions that out of the 1750 marks, the interview weighs 250 marks. So UPSC mains has a weightage of 1500 marks on your mark sheet. Even if you do extremely well in the mains and are not able to score well in the interview then also might clear the UPSC civil service exams and might be able to join the Civil Services such as the IAS, IPS or the IRS.

Your interview can merely improve your rank but it cannot disqualify you or even requalify you from consideration. The crux of the exam in neither prelims nor the interview, it is UPSC mains.

Should You Join a Coaching if You Want to Prepare for UPSC?

Udit Prakash Rai believes that there are both pros and cons of joining coaching to prepare for the UPSC exam. He enrolled in coaching for General Studies but not for any other subject. He believes that by enrolling yourself in coaching you might get good sources to prepare and also the complete syllabus. If you choose an optional subject which you haven’t studied before then you should enrol in a coaching institute.

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Udit Prakash believes that there is nothing as fulfilling as this job. The day he got the result was the day he thinks his life began. He believes that you can serve the society in unimaginable ways while doing this job.

Udit Prakashas’ journey might have given you a clear idea of how to prepare for the IAS exam. You can read more about UPSC tips, preparation and strategy from UPSC Pathshala.


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