The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a division of the Civil Services of India. It is one of India’s premier government agencies. After qualifying for the required entrance tests, one becomes an IAS officer and seeks government recruitment. Among many applicants who choose to have a job in the government sector, IAS is one of the prestigious and common career options. Anshul Garg IAS is one such officer.

What makes it a common career option is the fact that an IAS officer’s position provides many advantages and freedoms that no other job can provide, along with monetary rewards. An IAS officer’s job is to handle the government’s numerous administrative matters. An IAS officer’s work such as Anshul Garg IAS entails framing legislation and advising ministers on different topics.

Upholding law and order, monitoring the execution of state and central government laws, gathering taxes and acting as courts in tax matters, overseeing public fund spending in compliance with financial ownership requirements and handling the government’s regular affairs, including framing and policy implementation in coordination with the responsible minister are their duties.


Consultation with the minister responsible for the concerned department.

Eligibility for the Rank of IAS Officer

It is not easy to get into the Indian Administrative Service and become an IAS officer as there is a lot of rivalries involved, but one with the right mindset and plan will become an IAS officer. An applicant must apply for the UPSC civil services test to become an IAS officer (UPSC CSE). There is a minimum age criteria as well.

UPSC CSE consists of three steps: Prelims, Mains, and the Interview

The academic credentials needed for being an IAS officer are given below

  • Subject Combination- In XII, candidates may choose either stream.
  • Exam – Exam in UPSC Civil Services (UPSC CSE)


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Eligibility for UPSC Exam

  • Candidates shall possess a Bachelor’s degree from any recognised university in any stream with any optional subject.
  • Candidates who have appeared and are pending the outcome of the final test can also apply for a preliminary examination. However, in order to qualify for the Civil Services Key Review, one must show evidence of passing a bachelor’s degree. The degree must be added to the application for the principal examination
  • Candidates of government-recognized professional and technical credentials or similar qualifications are also eligible to qualify for the IAS test.
  • The minimum age required for the IAS test to appear is 21 years. Applicants get to choose their own optional subject.

Forms of IAS Officer Career Positions

One of the most coveted jobs in India is the position of an IAS officer. Aspirants who are eager to serve as an IAS officer should take a look at the following and plan their strategy to get a high rank accordingly.

The career profiles of IAS officers are the symbol of governance in India. You must look at the Anshul Garg biography/ wiki who is one such symbol of governance.

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Sub Divisional Officer

He or she is in charge of the sub-various division’s growth operations. The Sub Divisional Officer’s job is to organise the work of several divisions.

Divisional Commissioner

The Divisional Commissioner is the leader of all operations related to the general government, including, at the divisional level, law and order, revenue and development administration.

District Magistrate/ District Collector

The District Magistrate is responsible for smoothly and professionally running the district government. He/ she is the primary agent for organising the official organisations working within the district as appropriate. He/she is liable for raising tax from the district as a collector.

Chief Secretary

Inter-departmental cooperation is maintained by the Chief Secretary. He/she is the chairman of inter-departmental conflict resolution coordination committees and also advises secretaries on inter-departmental problems.

Cabinet Secretary

The cabinet secretary serves as the central government’s chief coordinator. He/she serves as a conduit between the government system and the country’s public services. A Cabinet Secretary’s role involves overseeing and managing the actions of numerous ministries and agencies.


Hopefully, we were successful in providing the much-needed motivation for your UPSC preparation. Stay dedicated and persistent towards your IAS goal, as it is not an easy journey to crack. Learn some more tips for the betterment of your UPSC preparation in the content section of UPSC Pathshala.

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