IBPS has recently announced the notification for the recruitment of IBPS PO 2021. IBPS PO is one of the most anticipated and coveted banking exams of India. After the announcement of the notification, several candidates are ready to fill-up the form. But one thing is confusing them and that is what should they do with the preference option?

Are you one of them? Well don’t worry, in this article, we will explain about different banking sectors that participated in the IBPS PO of selection and which one you should give more preference to.

Also, you will find how to fill up the preference list for IBPS PO 2021 in the online application. Read the article till the very end and for more information visit UPSC Pathshala.


Every year IBPS PO announces official notification for the recruitment and selection of the candidates for the PO posts. Several financial institutions participate in this examination for the vacancy of the PO and management trainees.

The selection of IBPS PO is based on three different phases:

# Prelims

# Mains

# Group Discussion and Personal Interview

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List of Participating Banks

Allahabad B. Canara B.
Andhra B. Central Bank of India
Bank of Baroda Corporation B.
Bank of India Dena B.
Bank of Maharashtra IDBI B.
Indian B. Syndicate B.
Indian Overseas B. UCO B.
Oriental Bank of Commerce Union Bank of India
Punjab National B. United Bank of India
Punjab & Sind B. Vijaya B.

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Factors to Consider before Choosing the IBPS PO Bank Preference List 2021

Before choosing the preference for your IBPS application form considers some basic factors that are as follows:

# Job location

# Work culture

# Salary

# Transfer

# Rank

# Vacancies

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Job Location

The first and probably the most important factor is to consider the job location. Most of the candidates want to work somewhere in their region or birthplace. Moving to different places is somewhat uncomfortable and they find it difficult to adapt easily. If you also want to work in a particular region you should consider if that institution has a headquarter or branch in that region.

Also if you belong to North India you should consider these:

# Punjab National B.

# Bank of Baroda

# Oriental Bank of Commerce

# Allahabad B.

# Punjab and Sind B.

# Canara bank

And if you belong to East India you should consider the following:

# Allahabad B.

# Bank of India

# UCO B.

# Bank of Baroda

# Canara B.

# United Bank of India

# Union B.

If your hometown comes in West India then:

# Dena B.

# Bank of Baroda

# Bank of Maharashtra

# Canara B.

# Indian Overseas B

# Exim B.

# Corporation B.

Next, if you live in South India then you can consider these:

# Indian B.

# Andhra B.

# Vijaya B.

# Indian Overseas B.

# Canara B.

# Exim B.

# Corporation B.

# Syndicate B.

Work Culture

Work culture is another important factor that you need to consider. Remember you have to work for your whole lifetime and hence you cannot go with bad work culture.

# Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is the second largest financial institution of India after SBI. It has different branches across India and also in foreign countries. It has Metro, urban, semi-urban and rural branches. It has an organised workplace and has a friendly work environment.

# Bank of India

Bank of India is another major institution of the country. It has more than 5000 branches and 55 zonal offices. It has a healthy and growth-oriented work environment. It also has some foreign branches.

#Bank of Maharashtra

Bank of Maharashtra has 1900 branches in India and this does not have any other branches but the work environment is really good and helpful. Also, you will also get an ample amount of growth-oriented opportunities.

#Canara Bank

Canara bank is one of the oldest public sector banks in India. It has more than 6639 branches across India and also has International offices in prominent countries like Hong Kong, London, New York, South Africa, Dubai, Moscow, Doha, Tanzania and many more. The bank has a progressive work environment with a substantial amount of opportunities to grow in both personal and professional.

#Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India public sector bank of India. It has more than 4659 branches at 10 zonal offices across India. It also has foreign branches in places like Hong Kong. The working style of this one is little organised but will provide growth opportunities.

#Indian Bank

Indian bank has 662 branches across India and also has an international presence with foreign branches. The environment of this one is friendly and organised.

#Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas Bank 3259 branches and 7 zonal offices across India. It also has overseas offices in foreign countries. The work environment is good and provides better learning opportunities.

#Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is one of the largest public sector banks of India with more than 11000 branches across India. It also has foreign branches and representative offices in foreign countries. The environment of this one is professional and helpful with frequent employee training.

#Punjab and Sind Bank

Punjab and Sind Bank have more than 1518 branches across India and most of the branches are located in North India. The work culture is question and it has limited opportunities to grow. This institution also has several foreign branches.

#UCO Bank

Another important institution is UCO bank with more than 3000 branches across India with some overseas branches in Hong Kong and Singapore. The work environment is challenging and exciting at the same time but is healthy overall.

#United Bank of India

Union Bank of India has more than 4200 branches across India and also has 8 offices in different countries. It has a supportive and innovative work environment.


Salary is another important criteria for you to consider. Most have similar structure promotion procedures and policies however there is a slight variation between them. The basic pay of the IBPS PO is as follows:

IBPS Bank PO Salary Structure in India
Basic Pay Rs. 36,000
Special Allowance Rs. 5,904
Dearness Allowance Rs. 8,593.20
CCA Rs. 1,400
Learning Allowance Rs. 600
DA Others Rs. 1,552.50
Housing Rent Allowance Rs. 3,240
Gross Salary Rs. 57,289.70
Deduction (Tax & NPS) Rs. 4,659.32
Net Salary Rs. 52,630.38

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Also, lookout for the branches you are opting for as your first preference. If there are numerous branches across India, then the problem is that you will have to face transfers throughout your life that can make a huge ruckus.

Bank Headquarters Total branches
Bank of Baroda Vadodara 9470
Bank of India Mumbai 5100
Bank of Maharashtra Mumbai 1897
Canara B. Bangalore 6205
Central Bank of India Mumbai 4685
Indian B. Chennai 2900
Indian Overseas B. Chennai 3700
Punjab National B. Delhi 6937
Punjab and Sind B. Delhi 1559
UCO B. Kolkata 4000+
United Bank of India Kolkata 4298


Here is the list of institutions according to their popularity and ranking:

Bank of Baroda

Punjab National B.

Corporation B.

Bank of India

Dena B.

Allahabad B.

Canara B.

Central Bank of India


Oriental Bank of Commerce

Punjab and Sind B.

United Bank of India

Union Bank of India

Vijaya B.

Andhra B.

Indian B.

Syndicate B.

Indian Overseas B.


You should also consider vacancies before filling out the preference list. For instance, if an institution has more vacancies than the other then choosing that one is a smart move.

IBPS PO 2021 Vacancy
Participating Banks General SC ST OBC EWS Total
Bank of Baroda 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bank of India 240 88 44 158 58 588
Bank of Maharashtra 162 60 30 108 40 400
Canara B. 265 97 48 175 65 650
Central Bank of India 53 193 104 257 13 620
Indian Overseas B. 41 14 07 26 10 98
Punjab National B. NR NR NR NR NR NR
Punjab & Sind B. 169 67 37 112 42 427
UCO B. 179 66 33 118 44 440
Union Bank of India 491 94 47 148 132 912
Total  1600 679 350 1102 404 4135

These were some important criteria to consider before filling the preference in the online application form for IBPS PO 2021. Boost start your Bank PO preparation with the UPSC Pathshala course. UPSC Pathshala offers customized and affordable courses for you to ensure your success and growth.

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