Kanishka Singh is an IFS aspirant. This article will act as Kanishka Singh’s wiki. She cleared her UPSC exam in 2018 and Kanishka Singh had a rank of 416 in the UPSC exam 2018.

She is currently under training in Moscow, Russia. When she cleared the exam, she had decided to join IFS and is currently in the Indian Embassy to Russia.

Kanishka Singh Biography

Kanishka Singh is a student from Delhi. She has a degree in Psychology from the esteemed college of Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.

Her father is a police officer currently posted in West Delhi. She gives credit to her family members. This was her second attempt at one of the toughest exams in India. She could not clear it in one go but did it the second time.

Kanishka Singh, the IFS aspirant, had an answer sheet that was impressive and her marks are a direct representation of that. She got  a total of 977 in the exam including her interview marks. Surely, it is very impressive! Her all India rank of 416 was very hard fought and is a very great achievement.

Optional Subject

Since Kanishka had done a degree in Psychology in her college she had chosen Psychology as her optional subject. Her optional strategy was based upon her strengths, and this improved her score by big margins.

Her optional strategy was the same as for any other subject. She focused on her optional subject more after clearing her prelims exam.

Many students may not get the advantage of studying their optional subject as a degree course, but that should not matter so much.

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Failure is Knowledge and Knowledge is Success

A term that is well known among many is a real life example here. Kanishka Singh did not clear her exam in the first go.

She realised that if she worked hard enough, she could get into her dream job by clearing the exam with better results.

Even though she did not clear the exam in one go, it did not stop her from achieving her dreams. This shows that she learnt from her failures and made an improvement. This improvement was her success.

Just because a few obstacles come in the path of life, many tend to give up. This should be avoided at all costs and keep fighting for your goals, no matter what!

Optional Subject Selection

As clearly stated before, many do not get the advantage of choosing the optional subject that they studied in the degree of college. This does not play as a disadvantage.

Choosing the right optional depends on yourself. If a topper chooses a certain subject, it does not mean you have to choose the same subject,

The optional subject should be chosen on the basis of liking and strengths, and it is recommended to create a pros and cons list before making a certain decision for the subject.

Remember to think and research well before making any decision!


NCERT books and UPSC exams almost go hand in hand. Why? Both are government based bodies and thus questions for the UPSC exam are based on the content of NCERT books.

NCERT books are available widely and at a very cheap cost too. Another best thing is that E-Books of all the subjects are available for free download on the NCERT website!

The reading of these books is a must as it will help students as most topics from the syllabus will be covered from these books. A thorough reading of at least one time is desirable.

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Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Your exam results will only depend on your hard work. No matter what you do, only practice will help you.

Keep practising and spend time turning your weaknesses into your strengths. Give yourself enough time to practice on a daily basis. Previous year papers are very important as they will help you practice and will clear any doubts in your exam pattern.

Write a lot of practice tests, as this will help you get used to the questioning pattern in UPSC exams and you will also learn the skills of answer writing that is required in the exam. Thus, you will learn how to score better too!


Kanishka Singh is an IFS aspirant who is currently under training in Russia. This article serves as a biography for Kanishka Singh, who had an all India rank of 416 in 2018.

Her biography sure is very inspirational!

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