The IPS, i.e., Indian Police Service is a service under the All India Services. The IPS replaced the Indian Imperial Police one year after independence, in the year 1948, after India became an independent nation.

Every UPSC aspirant who wishes to appear for the exam wants to either be an IPS or IAS officer. Every year lakhs of students appear for the exam, after working hard day & night wishing just to get to the other side. But not many get lucky enough to clear it. If you want to crack the UPSC exam, join the best UPSC online coaching. This article has covered the information about the best UPSC coaching in India and the best online coaching for IAS. Let’s check out

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UPSC is one of the most difficult exams in our country & it forces the aspirants to think “whether it’s that difficult to clear the exam or it’s all just about being lucky?”

So, let’s get on a ride with us to know what it actually is.

Today, we’ll be taking you on a journey to the life of IPS Lakshay Pandey, who like all the others worked hard enough that today we’re here discussing him.

IPS Lakshay Pandey – Wiki & Biography

IPS Lakshay Pandey is an IPS officer who completed his schooling at Vanyan Tree School located at Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India. He further pursued his graduation in B.Tech from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University located in New Delhi, India. He has scripted a remarkable success in Civil Services Examination and qualified for the Indian Police services Examination in 2018, with an All-India UPSC rank of 316.

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His father, Mr. Chandra Prakash Pandey is a retired officer from the post of Chief Pharmacist & his mother, Mrs. Bhagwati Pandey runs her own beauty salon in New Delhi. His family currently lives in New Delhi.

Through his father, one gets to know that from his childhood, Lakshay was an intelligent yet hardworking student who was excellent at his studies and had a dream of becoming an IPS officer. And he worked very hard for it till the very end. He failed thrice when he attempted this exam but achieved success on his fourth attempt.

Lakshay Pandey’s Strategy to Prepare for Civil Services Examinations

In the beginning, he took the help of some of his family members but later switched towards watching a lot of interviews of the toppers of the UPSC examination over platforms like Youtube, Instagram, etc.

He also developed a habit of reading newspapers every single day to prepare well for his examination. In his latest Instagram posts, one can see that he still reads newspapers every single day along with inspiring a lot of other UPSC aspirants. Along with this, he has even posted many videos through which he teaches the aspirants to read & learn some information through the newspapers.

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He is a motivation for many young UPSC aspirants who either wish to be an IPS or an IAS officer in the future. He failed twice in his exam but still didn’t give up hope of becoming an IPS officer & worked even harder than before. The results of his hard work & dedication can be seen clearly today.

His Attempts

The Civil Services exam that he gave in the year 2018 was his third attempt at the examination. He failed twice but made sure that his third attempt was enough to keep everyone’s mouths shut. He was always a hardworking student, from his childhood, and was dedicated to his goals because of this he can be seen enjoying the success that he actually deserved.

Current Posting of Lakshay Pandey IPS

According to some data & also through his Instagram profile, one can get to know that he is currently working as an Assistant Commissioner of Police at Delhi Police.

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Lakshay’s journey made us realize the every-known fact that you have to strive really hard to achieve your dreams. His failure helped us understand that not every time you fail is when you lose the game because every single failure teaches you something new about life. It teaches us different ways of not doing things. It teaches us to be stubborn enough to work hard for our dreams.

All you need to do is be determined for your dreams and work really hard in order to achieve them.

You can take a lot of lessons from the journey of Lakshay Pandey who taught us so many new things about preparing for our exams. If you want more information related to UPSC examinations, visit our website and learn more about the struggles and the various preparation strategies for UPSC. You can visit the UPSC Pathshala website to get all the required content for your preparation. It is the best UPSC online coaching for all UPSC learners. If you are searching for the best UPSC coaching in India, you must go through the UPSC Pathshala platform. It is the best online coaching for IAS preparation. 

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