Commissioner of Delhi Police, Shri Rakesh Asthana, felicitated Ishita Rathi, who placed 8th at the All India Level in the UPSC’s Civil Services Examination-2021. The commissioner invited her to congratulate the national capital’s Police Headquarters.

The commissioner congratulated Ishita on her achievement and presented her with a memento for bringing honor to her parents as well as the Delhi Police Department, as both of her parents are officers.

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Ishita Rathi UPSC

Since the UPSC CSE 2021 result was announced, Ishita started her world has been weird. She expressed surprise at finding her name among the top ten.

“This exam is very uncertain. Every attempt is very different from the last attempt. So until the results are out one does not know what strategy worked and what did not work. For me, the journey has been tough, like many other aspirants. I was not expecting such a good rank and I was not even sure if I would make it to the finals but I did and that has been shocking.”

Ishita Rathi Biography

Ishita Rathi, a 26-year-old daughter of a Delhi Police assistant sub-inspector and head constable pair who placed seventh in the civil services test 2021, claims she prepared for the exam using online content.  ASI Meenakshi Rathi is assigned to the South-East District, and her father, Head Constable Iqbal Rathi, is assigned to the Traffic Unit.

The family lives in Delhi’s Village Chhatarpur. Ishita, a graduate of Madras School of Economics and Lady Shri Ram College, passed the UPSC mains exam with economics as her optional subject.

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Ishita Rathi Success Educational Background

She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College and her master’s degree from Chennai’s Madras School of Economics. Ishita Rathi stated that she would love to work as an IAS officer.

She said:

“My parents inspired me a lot. After seeing them in police uniforms, I also thought of joining the civil service. I found civil services most appropriate through which I can do more for the welfare of society. The diversity which IAS provides attracted me a lot.”

Ishita Rathi Success Story

She devised methods after listening to the winners of prior years’ competitions.

“For certain subjects such as geography and polity, NCERTs are very well written so referring to those will clear out the basics for the candidates. Supplementing them with reading newspapers and current affairs is helpful. I also took help from popular UPSC preparation books, including Laxmikant for polity, and Spectrum for history. I mostly referred to all the resources that are referred by most toppers and it did help me. But the key in all this was multiple revisions, making your notes and revising them repeatedly.”

Ishita Rathi UPSC Rank

According to an official release, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana honoured Delhi Police family ward Ishita Rathi on Thursday at police headquarters for reaching 8th place in the UPSC’s civil services examination 2021.

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Preparation Tips

If you are preparing for the UPSC exam, you need to know the preparation strategies from the toppers. She stated that she is a morning person who gets up early to study for her exams. Importantly, she did not study while keeping time in mind; instead, she set goals for herself. On some days, the targets were completed faster than she anticipated, while on others, it took more than 10 hours.

When asked for a piece of last-minute exam advice for UPSC applicants, she responded that one should be confident, surround themselves with positive people, and be confident that they would pass the exam if they have prepared properly. She also stated that rationality must be brought to the examination hall. Because prelim tests are getting increasingly subjective, reasoning will be useful.

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The soon-to-be IAS officer stated that witnessing her parents happy in their jobs as police officers and serving the country inspired her to pursue a career as an IAS officer. She went on to say that her parents helped her realize her dream by providing her with all of the materials and assistance she needed to prepare for the exam on her own. As an IAS officer, Ishita wants to work for the empowerment of women and children.

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