Do you have a dream to secure a position in the government sector? Do you want to get the highest rank in the toughest and most popular examination? Have you ever thought of combating all the challenges in life and reaching out to your target? Well, if you think that these are your intentions and aspirations, you must read this article on IPS Archit Chandak Wiki.

This article will give you all the experiences of his life which are unbelievably important for your preparation and performance in the test. This IPS officer has cracked the exam in 2017. You will know everything about his preparation phase and life in the article ahead.

Well, everyone knows and agrees that this exam has the toughest question paper as well as heavy competition. The competition becomes more rigid because every candidate sitting in the hall puts his/her best effort to reach the best scores to achieve their aspirations.

This is extremely difficult to secure a worthy position in this examination but IPS Archit has combatted all the challenges and made everyone proud with his determination and diligence. So, let’s read the IPS Archit Chandak biography and be the best candidate for CSE.

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IPS Archit Chandak Wiki

IPS Archit Chandak hails from Nagpur. He has been a visionary and determined child since his childhood. He cracked the UPSC examination in 2017 with confidence, courage, and devotion. He managed to secure an All India Rank 184 in the most famous exam. He is an inspiration to all the young aspirants who sink into negativity after experiencing failures.

They don’t consider the failures as hurdles in their way to the destination, rather consider them as the destination. IPS Archit was among the 10 aspirants who have cracked the most incredible examination with their prudence in 2017.

The result was declared on Friday and Archit’s social media accounts were filled with congratulatory messages and calls from his near and dear ones. He achieved his dream with his acknowledgement of the world and knowledge about the entire nation. Everyone must learn from him to be exponentially great when it comes to snatching and getting their ambitions.

IPS Archit Chandak

Well, talking about this officer’s personal life, he did his schooling from Bhavan’s BP Vidya Mandir. This school is situated in Civil Lines. Moreover, he has completed his graduation from IIT-Delhi. This shows his wisdom and inclination towards studies since childhood as IIT Delhi is extremely challenging for the engineering students to get because of the paper and competition in the JEE examination.

He completed his graduation as a Mechanical Engineer in 2016. When he was studying in college, he wanted to become a civil servant. He thought about achieving his goal right after his college days.

Of course, he was getting a worthy placement from the most popular companies but IPS Archit refused his highly rewarding pre-placement offer. He wanted to pursue his dream and therefore, he started preparing for the CSE. IPS Archit Chandak’s posting is currently not known.

Every reader would get shocked as IPS Archit Chandak refused a placement opportunity from a Japanese company. He did not take this opportunity to pursue his dream of Civil Services. Well, it is not easy to get such a prestigious college because only the highest rankers of the JEE exam get such big colleges to study and placements in the most wanted companies. He has something even more prestigious and brave in his head, so this IPS officer moves ahead on the journey of UPSC.

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IPS Archit’s Life

This brave and diligent IPS officer has been a meritorious student throughout his life. He has shown his wisdom and determination since his childhood. Well, he was an IIT student which is not such a small accomplishment. He must have achieved the best in his life even if he wasn’t here but he chose to serve the nation and put his efforts to develop the people’s lives and ultimately the country.

Well, talking about his achievements, Archit was also the city topper in IIT JEE. He became the topper in 2012. Be has made his parents and near and dear ones proud since childhood. He was spectacular in his studies as well. Now, let’s get the information about his parents. He is the only son of Virendra and Chhaya Chandak. His parents are the directors of Nagpur Techno Marketing Pvt. Ltd. at MIDC Hingna.

This must have given you the ideas of Archit’s dreams. Well, the aspirations and great upbringing come from his parents. IPS Archit has always given the credit of his success to his family members. He praises his schoolteachers and IIT-Delhi professors for believing in him.

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IPS Archit Chandak Strategy

The strategy of this IPS officer is to be goal-oriented and composed. He always believed in the organized structure of study and revisions. He has prepared for the paper by moving ahead to different subjects sequentially.

He believed that if you are devoted to your ambition, you will continuously learn about all the concepts and topics without getting frustrated or stressed and continuity in learning is the key factor of winning in this exam. All the candidates must work on learning for each subject and concept with the best available study material and revise it after completion.

The biggest strategy is to have fired from within to achieve your target and others include taking mock tests, doing revisions, staying positive, eating healthy and sleeping nicely, concentrating on all the topics, reading newspapers, and many more.

If you have the biggest one in your hand, you will automatically get connected towards focused and continuous learning. If you will have a proper study plan and if you follow it regularly, you will attain good scores on the test. So, focus on working in a sequence and your target will come to you.

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Therefore, we hope and believe that you have gained all the techniques to ace the toughest examination from this article. Well, this test requires heavy preparation and revision along with positivity. Many people get stressed after failing in their attempts.

If you are passionate enough, you must consider these failures as a stepping stone to success. These experiences make you better than before and you will learn from your mistakes to be better in your future attempt.

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If you have the opportunity, grab it as soon as possible. You can also enroll yourself in the classes taken by the professionals where you will learn about the subject, their topics, along with getting guidance from the experts. So, don’t wait and visit the site now! Also, comment below your preparation strategy, UPSC experience, or you can ask your queries too! All the best!


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