You must have heard of winners but do you know who they are? Well, a winner experiences everything and after combating all the challenges, they move ahead and reach their destination. Well, in the toughest examination which is UPSC CSE, the candidates get stressed and feel downtrodden after a few initial attempts. They sink into negativity and don’t put the same efforts as they were putting in earlier because they take failure as their destination not as a stepping stone to success.

After reading this article, you will understand that attempts don’t matter but your confidence does. IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki would let you know that if something belongs to you, you need to work hard on it until you achieve it.

She has given 5 attempts to clear this examination and achieve her dreams and that’s called a true winner. So, without any delay, let’s go through this inspirational article on IAS Devyani Yadav’s wiki and get motivated to achieve the goal.

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IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki

This examination is a dream of many millennials but only a few make their way to success with their dedication. IAS Devyani has made her way successfully towards her dream. She hails from Mahendergarh, Haryana.

Talking about her education, this IAS officer did her schooling at SH Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh. Her father is Hisar Divisional Commissioner, Vinay Singh. She is a proud daughter of her father. This cheerful lady has completed her graduation in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from BITS Pilani’s Goa Campus.

She graduated in 2014. IAS Devyani got 11th rank in the UPSC CSE. This is because of her perseverance and conviction. She dreamt about this profession by watching her father serving the nation since her birth.

She has seen the efforts, devotion, and service of her father. Her father has been a true inspiration for her journey. He is an inspiration for all young minds.

IAS Devyani Yadav Strategy

The strategy of this prudent and vigilant officer is passion, determination, and confidence. According to IAS Devyani Yadav strategy, the number of hours for studying and preparation is not important but concentration and continuous learning are crucial.

She used to study on weekends. She didn’t focus on the number of hours during her preparation phase but she studied sincerely whenever she could. In her last attempt, due to training, she didn’t get much time for studying, so she used to prepare on the weekends. You need to focus on continuous and concentrated learning to excel in the sections of the test.

According to IAS Devyani Yadav’s strategy, you need to set a target of scores that you want to score by analyzing your weaknesses and strengths along with calculating scores for each portion. She has done the same.

In her last attempt, she set a target to get maximum scores in Devyani Yadav optional subject. She also says that mock tests make you prepared for the exam. She said that the mock tests were greatly beneficial to her preparation for the interview round. She concentrated highly on practicing writing and reading newspapers regularly. You should follow these strategies to be exponentially great in the examination.

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IAS Devyani Yadav Journey

The journey of this young lady has been tough. Devyani succeeded in 2020. Before this, she has failed three continuous attempts in 2015, 2016, and 2017. In her first and second attempts, she didn’t even crack prelims. In 2017, she didn’t find her name in the final list but she reached the interview round. The candidate suffering this much stress must have gone into negativity but she didn’t stop trying and putting in her efforts.

Again, she gave the UPSC exam in 2019. This was the attempt that gave her success with AIR 222. When she received 222nd rank, she was selected for the Central Audit Department. She also got selected for the Rajasthan civil services in 2019.

Devyani started training for the post, but simultaneously she still kept preparing for UPSC for achieving her target. With her strategies, determination, hard work, and passion, she got 11th rank AIR. She is an inspiration to all the people who get depressed after one or two attempts. She has shown that courage and determination can bring positive results.

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IAS Devyani Yadav’s Life

Going through IAS Devyani Yadav Wiki, you must have given you the idea of this young lady’s passion, devotion, and hard work. Talking about her life, she has completed her graduation in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

She did this course but she always wanted to be a civil servant. While growing up, she has seen her father working effectively to serve the nation. She got so inspired by her father that she thought of becoming a civil servant.

She has given 5 attempts to crack the UPSC examination. In her initial three attempts, she failed but in the fourth attempt, she achieved her goal with AIR 222. This was not her dream and, therefore, she tried even harder to get a higher rank and higher opportunity to fulfill her ambition. She used to study on the weekends after training for the whole week. She got her training in Shimla.

She emphasized the mock tests, newspaper reading, and optional subjects during her final attempt. This officer is an inspiration to not only the UPSC aspirants but also to all the young people trying to achieve their targets in life.

Everyone can learn courage and conviction from this IAS officer. She didn’t notice anything and was studying with focus. She also prepared greatly for the interview round. You must learn lessons from her.

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UPSC Preparation

The preparation phase of this test is extremely tough and stressful. The candidates put their best efforts to prepare every section of the paper and get disappointed if they don’t get the desired scores and rank. Devyani Yadav has given the courage and inspiration to the people to be positive and put efforts continuously to reach the destination that is yours.

The interview is a very important round, so all the candidates must also get into mock tests to prepare for this incredible round. The candidates must believe in themselves and should hold the conviction to achieve their target. You must make a study plan to follow to have continuous learning. You must give extra time to the weaknesses and practice the strengths with zeal. All the practice and right guidance will enable you to fetch high scores in the examination.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you to gain strength, positivity, and devotion. If you are also facing challenges in the UPSC exam, take inspiration from her and move her with confidence and dedication. She has combatted her challenges along with the failures and has turned them into success.

You should visit the UPSC Pathshala website to get motivated by more such success stories of the officers. The best learning in this exam is guidance and fruitful inspiration. The best inspiration comes from the people who have faced the same challenges and have won by combating them. So, visit the site and go through more articles to motivate yourself and work in the right direction.

Moreover, the articles on each section of the test are given to let you prepare excellently and perform greatly. The professionals are present on the website to help you with the precise answers to your questions as well as to guide you on your movements. Let’s be perfect by the perfect platform!

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