Ever wondered what the is IRS? IRS stands for the Indian Revenue Service. It is a civil service for which exams are conducted by the UPSC. The IRS has to play a key role in taxation policy.

The IRS officer’s salary depends on their position or post, and the salary of an IRS officer per month also depends on the branch of the IRS.

There are two branches of IRS:

  1. IRS Income Tax
  2. IRS Customs and Central Excise

IRS officers work under the Department of Revenue in the Union Ministry of Finance. IRS is part of the group A services of UPSC.

This article will talk about the salary of IRS officers.

IRS Salary in India

The IRS salary in India is based in the following way:

Post  IRS Salary per month Grade Pay
Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax ₹15600-₹39100 ₹5400
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax ₹15600-₹39100 ₹6600
Joint Commissioner of Income Tax ₹15600-₹39100 ₹7600
Additional Commissioner of Income Tax ₹37400-₹67000 ₹8700
Commissioner of Income Tax ₹37400-₹67000 ₹10000
Principal Commissioner of Income Tax ₹67000-₹79000 Nil
Chief Commissioner of Income Tax ₹75500-₹80000 Nil
Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax ₹80000 Fixed Nil

This is the salary of an IRS officer in India per month.

IRS Exam

The IRS exam is believed to be among the top toughest exams in India. The exam process goes on for almost a year.

The exam has three parts just like the IAS exam.

The first round will be the prelims round. There are two papers for this round and each of 200 marks. Making the prelims round worth of 400 marks.

The second round is the mains round. There are 9 papers and 7 papers of 250 marks each and 2 papers of 300 marks each.

If the candidate clears both the rounds of examination, then the student will be called for a personal interview round. The personal interview will allow the examiner to understand if you are fit to be a civil servant or no.

Role of Indian Revenue Service

One of the most important roles of the IRS is tax policy formulation. Any changes or creation of indirect taxes is made by IRS officers.

They are tax administrators. They have to make sure that people that evade taxes have to face sentencing and also need to investigate cases related to tax evasion.

They need to ensure that everyone is paying taxes and need to make sure that the black money count in the country is brought down. It is important to fight the black money issue in India.


There are eligibility criteria that candidates must fulfill the eligibility requirement to become an IRS officer.

Candidates must be a graduate that holds a degree from a government recognized college at the time of applying. No particular course is required for this.

Candidates must be at least 21 years old whilst writing and not above 30 years old on August 1st of the year of examination.

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Studying for the IRS exam is very tough, but the man can move mountains with their will.

It is important to understand the importance of starting your portion early. Start preparing at least 1 year in advance so that you can get enough time to revise.

Take notes for everything that you study. It is recommended to create notes, as this will improve your efficiency in revising and preparing for exams.

Creating a timetable is very important. The timetable will help you to work on the syllabus around the exam, and you can revise and study accordingly.

Break down your syllabus and target the required topics. Do not waste time and prepare well by breaking down the syllabus.

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Why You Should Take IRS UPSC

Students that have an interest in taxation should get into the IRS, as it offers them an opportunity to be in the field of tax.

The work burden on an IRS officer is much lower than other main posts.

The IRS field has very little political interference, so a lot of people prefer this post.


Are you interested to be an IRS officer? Understand the salary and roles of an IRS officer so that you can understand if the post suits you.

This post talks about the salary and the role of an IRS officer. Candidates can decide if they want to take the prestigious job of being an IRS officer. Studying for this exam is tough, so make sure that you bring your game for the exam. All the best!

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