Are you writing the UPSC exam? If yes, then geography is a very important subject for your general studies and optional paper.

Geography has two parts, Indian geography, and World geography.

Candidates will need books for World geography and Indian geography.

This article recommends World geography books for UPSC, as they should help candidates to study better as well as to score higher.

These books are recommended after they have been tested, meaning that many students have used these books in the past to get desired results.  Few of these books are tailor-made for UPSC needs and will also help you to create short notes very easily.

Geography Book for UPSC

Geography is a subject that has plenty of resources available. This plays as a double-edged sword, meaning that with so much content available the quality of content may not be up to the mark.

Getting a geography book for UPSC exam is very easy, but getting the right geography book for UPSC is not.

The syllabus is very wide for India and World geography, and if content is not up to the mark, candidates may not be able to cover the topics in the right manner.

Whether it be for the UPSC general studies or UPSC optional subject exam, preparing for geography will always be very important. So be careful when you buy your geography book for UPSC.

World Geography Book

The most used and well-known book for world geography is World Geography by Majid Husain. His book is recommended by most people and toppers too. It talks about the individual nations and geographical features of them in detail and will help you cover the topics very easily. This is the number#1 recommended book for World geography.

His book Indian geography is recommended if students need to use other than NCERT sources for Geography.

The late author was a gold medallist in the field of Geography and has also won distinct medals and awards for his work in the field of Geography.

He had a teaching experience of 40 years!

World Atlas

Reading the atlas is very important. This will help you to understand the salient features of world physical geography and will give you locations for important geographical landmarks.

It is recommended to use the Oxford School Atlas as the information is very direct and will help you to understand it easily.

The school version will have a simpler language and won’t complicate the learning process.


Reading NCERT textbooks from grade VI-XII will be the best option for you. Most questions are asked from NCERT books, and it will also cover all your topics.

Reading NCERT and making notes from them should be the first choice and on top of that use external books as a source of study.

World geography books along with NCERT books will give you the best preparation method.

Revise as often as possible and markdown whatever you have completed. Using NCERT is recommended because it is government printed and the UPSC is also from the government.

You can find NCERT books very easily online and in stores.

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List of Books

Apart from the above-mentioned books, the books mentioned are recommended for World and Indian Geography:

  • Human Geography by Majid Husain
  • Political geography by R.D. Dixit
  • A Geography of India by Gopal Singh
  • India Disaster Reports
  • Environmental Geography by Saxena

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Your exam is not going to depend on how many books you buy, it will depend on whether you can take information from the books in the most appropriate way.

Creating notes will help you a long way in both learning and revising topics. They will be easier to go through even days before the exam instead of reading complete chapters.

Read reviews of the book before you buy them. Reading reviews will help you understand how it is helpful and to what kind of students.

Test yourself very often. Take short quizzes or tests to practice. This will help you in understanding how strong you are in a particular subject.


Getting books for World Geography for UPSC may seem a tough task. With the amount of resources available, this creates a great confusion.

This article recommends few books for your IAS exam that can help in preparation of the subject in a more efficient and fruitful manner.

Hope this article is helpful. All the best for your exams!

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