Most Important Topics for UPSC 2021: Focus on these Topics to Gain an Edge at your UPSC Exams!

Most Important Topics for UPSC 2021

Union Public Service Commission also known as the ‘UPSC’, every year conducts a popular nationwide competitive examination known as the Civil Services Examinations. This exam has gained the interest of budding minds of the country for ages because of its uplifting and mind-challenging nature and multifarious benefits.

In the coming year of 2020 as well, an enormous amount of students will appear for their UPSC papers on 29th June 2021. If you are an aspirant, then now is the time you start your smart preparation. It is recommended that you go well through the most important topics for UPSC 2021 first before starting your study!

These examinations have a preliminary phase known as Prelims and then have a Mains examination which is then followed by a personality test too. The patterns of both the phases differ from each other and the weightage of certain topics differs too. 

What are the Important Topics for UPSC Mains and Prelims?

Many of the aspiring candidates struggle with the popular question of how to read NCERT for UPSC? Which topic is important? and so on.  Here are some major highlighting topics that carry huge significance in your UPSC preliminary as well as for the mains exams journey.

  • Indian Independence Movement

You need to primarily focus on the different Congress movements with respect to their dates and locations. You need to make notes of the parliamentary decisions and the significant ones made by the president followed by notable resolutions. Include studying the Government Acts of 1909, 1935, and so on.

Furthermore, make a chart note of various viceroys and their ruling era as well as the social changes they brought. 

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  • Ancient History

This topic is quite vast and hence you need to hit the strong points first. First begin with philosophies highlighted by Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and their social impacts in history.

Study about the architectural reformations and the scientific inventions in ancient history. Give importance to the Gupta and Maurya dynasty details.

  • Medieval History

In medieval history, all you need to know in-depth is the thorough details of all the prime kings and rulers of the era.

Learn about the Delhi rule and kings like Akbar, Sher Shah Suri, etc. along with their social reformations.

If you are wondering – is painting topic important for UPSC? Then the answer is yes. Questions related to the iconic paintings from ancient and medieval history are likely to appear in your examination. When, why, and by whom were the paintings done are the key questions in this direction. 

  • Polity

Make concise notes on :

  • Current affairs
  • Constitutional parties and its pattern over the years
  • Various committees and their agendas
  • Judiciary decisions
  • Old as well as new acts and amendments
  • Parliamentary decisions
  • Social schemes
  • Fundamental duties, rights, regulations, and so on.
  • In detail about the DPSP i.e. Directive Principles of State Policy.

Some students get confused if certain significant topics in politics are likely to come and the major doubt that arises ‘Is Chidambaram topic important for UPSC?’ Or whether the reforms made by the party at that time is important.

The answer is yes. However, candidates are not expected to learn perspectives or in-depth of the matter. Basic knowledge of the events and their dates should suffice.

  • Science and Technology

To understand the fundamentals of the said subject you must completely refer to the NCERT books and cover every topic under it.

Are civil uprising important topics for UPSC? Yes! You must cover the civil uprising details paying special attention to the peasant movements as well as tribal uprisings in their respective eras.

It is recommended that you do not focus too much into the depth of every topic at the start itself as there are many topics and you are expected to cover them all. Give extra importance to the current affairs section.

  • Environment and Ecology

Study about the vital conventions. Make sure to cover the different types of reserves such as the biosphere, tiger reserves, and so on. Cover the aspects of the Red List IUCN. Finally, read the global affairs and bodies in the subject thoroughly.

  • Geography:

There are quite many topics you need to understand in the Geography section.

  • Know the factual details associated with the solar system.
  • Global understanding including atmospheric layers, weather patterns, latitude, and longitude analysis.
  • Concept of seasons and the role of revolutions as well as rotations.
  • Koeppen system.
  • Ocean currents, El Nino, La Nina, Pressure Belts, etc.
  • Indian soil, water bodies, etc.
  • Physical Geography and geographical history of the Indian region.
  • Agriculture of India.
  • Map study. 
  • Economy

Primarily focus on the current bills and committees and their details. Cover the fundamental aspects of Indian growth, unemployment graphs, inflation patterns, and so on.

Do not limit your economic study to Indian status. Cover the global and macroeconomic patterns too.

Key point: Study the current budget pattern and the surveys of the nation’s economy.

Study all the important topics for UPSC Prelims and Mains listed above in detail and you are all set!  

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Quick Sneak-Peak of Important IAS TOPICS

IAS examinations need a smart approach to studying. Based on this year’s pattern, it is estimated by professors that the coming year too will have a similar weightage pattern.

Before you start listing down your topics to study, we recommend you list down topics according to the priority mentioned below!

Current Affairs

  • Current affairs pertaining to the past 100 days of your examination.
  • Indian Education Policy reformations
  • Vaccine Development in the nation
  • Nation’s Digital Upgradation
  • 5G technology and its impacts
  • Postal Ballot.
  • Zero Net Carbon Emission
  • ICMR intricacies
  • One Belt One Road Concept
  • Indo-Nepal and China dispute
  • All about the COVID-19 and the pandemic
  • SCO as well as the NAM summit
  • Dhaula – Vira findings
  • Factual details of the CAA and NARC


  • IMF and National Economy
  • Garib Kalyan Rozgar Scheme
  • Google investment in India
  • Indian and Global Recession
  • Concepts of Negative growth
  • Agricultural Patterns
  • SEBI and RBI
  • IRDA
  • Indian Banking sector
  • A thorough analysis of the cryptocurrency.


  • Recent floods in Assam and Bihar
  • Cyclone study. Cover Amphan as well as Nisarga cyclones.
  • Indo-China geographical border aspects
  • Geomagnetism
  • The Study of the Himalayas
  • Indian Drainage Management
  • Weather, seasons, rock study of the nation
  • Census pattern analysis.

Indian Polity

  • CBI body and investigation analysis.
  • Jammu Kashmir reorganization act and its repercussions.
  • Important Ministers and their designations.
  • Preamble study and facts.
  • Citizenship facts and details of India.
  • Prime Minister decisions, reformations, and Residuary Legatee position.
  • National security and the acts in association with it.
  • Supreme Court of India and Structure Doctrine facts.
  • Article 356 and 256.
  • Essential Commodities Act
  • Lokpal Bill
  • NITI Ayog

History Topics for IAS

  • Government of India and its Acts of 1935, 1919, 1920, etc.
  • Gandhi movements and associated history.
  • 3rd Round Table Conference.
  • Poona Pact details.
  • Galwan Valley study.
  • British rule and all significant events such as Jallianwala Bagh, Quit India, etc.
  • Modern India social movements.
  • Congress rule and formation in history.
  • Independence of India and sequential order of the events that led to it.
  • Notable leaders and their contributions. 
Final Words

Having understood this, candidates are expected to plan, prepare, and study in a manner that is well informed, smart, and concise. What are you waiting for? Start preparing for your bright goals!

To keep you more updated with useful tips and tricks for UPSC, we bring regular blogs and newsletters for UPSC aspirants. Stay tuned with us to make your UPSC journey successful!

We wish you all the best!

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