2020 has proven to be a year filled with surprises. Most of them are not so pleasant. It is no surprise that as the tumultuous year of 2020 comes to an end, people all over the world let out a sigh of relief. However, for UPSC aspirants the most is yet to come. The IAS mains are yet to happen. This is a terrifying ordeal that most UPSC aspirants are not looking forward to. An IAS exam comes with anxiety, stress and tension. That is all that seems to have plagued the minds of students. To such an extent that 2021 may not seem half as exciting as anymore!

However, IAS students must know that worrying is counterproductive. They can turn this anxiety into something that is productive in 2021.

The Need for a New Year’s Resolutions

The minimal preparation for UPSC exam in itself spans over a year and six-months minimum. Staying motivated for this long may be a difficult feat to attain. UPSC aspirants have to study for extended hours and indulge in intensive preparation. They must prepare for IAS for about 6-12 hours a day. That is certainly challenging.

The difficulty to stay focused especially increases as students near the end of the academic year. Thus a new year’s resolution is exactly the motivation that is needed to perk them up.

A resolution that they truly want to attain will inspire students to work harder and wake up every morning with a set goal in mind. Thus it will give UPSC aspirants a firm sense of direction.

Why Set an Optimistic New Year’s Resolutions

UPSC aspirants must set resolutions in accordance with what they want to achieve in 2021.  This must be in the direction of academic success. The goals must be directed towards the upcoming IAS exam. No success comes without a firm resolution and a will to truly succeed.

The IAS goal that aspirants set must be optimistic and realistic. An optimistic IAS goal guarantees positive results. It is in line with reinforcing positive energy and thus channelling for the better in 2021.

Some Goals that UPSC Aspirants must Set

Following the UPSC prelims that took place in 2020, it is obvious that students have a brief idea of how they have fared in their exams.

Keeping in mind their IAS exam prelim results they must plan their new goals accordingly. Some ways to do that is to examine their IAS prelim exams. The answer to their success lies in their IAS prelim exams. They must deeply examine their IAS prelim papers. See how they answered, note down and then analyse their weak points as well as their strong points from their prelim exams.

It is suggested that they write down their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Following which they must work to convert their weaknesses into strengths in 2021.

This will help UPSC aspirants lay solid goals and come out victorious in their IAS exam.

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2021 Resolutions that Students giving the IAS Exam must Inculcate

Every year many aspirants register for IAS examination but somewhere, they go down the wrong path. Believing that they can study at the last moment for IAS is the worst path of all. The mindset of the student is an important aspect that is overlooked. Very few crack this exam, those that do have the right mindset. They must enter 2021 to give the IAS exam with the right mindset. Some resolutions that you must have in 2021 are-

Starting with reading the daily newspaper. You must also aim to catch up on previously missed newspapers. Secondly, you must read NCERT books.  This can be followed by browsing through detailed IAS reference books.

After reading the books, make a habit to make summary notes of the content that you have read. This will avail an easy summary revision later. Also, try to revise these notes daily.

Solving Practise Papers and Meditating Regularly

Other than the reading and summarising, you must test your skills, This can be done by writing previous years IAS question papers.

Solving paper helps you understand and get an idea of how the final exam will be. The prelim paper may have already given you a brief idea of how the mains will be.

Practising IAS  mock papers will help you get a clear and deeper understanding of the mains exam. Solving the previous years UPSC question paper is a great habit to inculcate as well.

Not just reading and studying for the IAS exam. You must take care of your mental health as well. Practise engaging in stress-relieving activities Such as yoga and meditation.  Yoga helps to clear your mind and focus better on the task at hand.

This Yoga meditation practises will also help you on the day of the IAS mains exam. It will clear away all exam tension and stress and help you focus on the questions. Following a healthy sleep schedule and an organised daily routine will be a great help as well.

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Tips UPSC Aspirants to Stay Motivated

To stay motivated remember to take one day at a time. Don’t forget to motivate yourself. Admire how far you have come,  write down your strengths and document how far you have come from your weaknesses.


It is important to take breaks, anticipate difficulties and disappointments, be wary of boredom. It may be tedious and stressful but don’t forget to relax a bit. Surround yourself with the right people, stay safe. When feeling down, seek inspiration from great personalities and when all else fails,  picture yourself as a good officer and that will be motivating enough! For more inspiration and a deeper guideline into the UPSC IAS exams click here.

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New Years Resolution 2021: What UPSC Aspirants should be Aiming for This New Year
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