There has been a lot of humming and buzzing lately concerning the CUET examination. Students have been concerned since the Ministry of Education announced that there will be a single standardized test for undergraduate programmes at India’s key institutions. Is it going to be difficult? Everyone has been searching for the solution to that question. But don’t be too concerned. UPSC Pathshala has created a condensed version of the test to alleviate your stress.

CUET 2022 Exam

CUET (UG) Exam is very important for the year 2022-2023. CUET, which is a common university entrance test, is for admission to bachelor’s programmes at central universities for the academic year 2022-2023. According to the NEP 2020, there has been a centralized test for all pristine universities in India. Students from all around India can appear for this exam. It will be a common exam for all students. Students from any age group and any district in India can appear for this exam. This test will provide a common ground for all the central universities in India, as well as it will play a social equalizer for all students across India. Especially for those from North-eastern states and rural districts in India. l and other remote locations, and will aid in the establishment of better relationships with universities. It will assess conceptual understanding and the capacity to apply knowledge, to eliminate the need for coaching for these tests.

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CUET Exam Pattern

There are three Sections in the design of the test:

Section IA – 13 Languages (As a medium and “Language”)

Section IB – 20 Languages

Section II – 27 Domain-Specific Subjects

Section III – General Test

CUET 2022 General Test Section III

This section is very important. Most government exams have a section for general aptitude in their papers. Make sure you prepare well for this section. A lot of universities ask for this section.

The following will be among the general exams:

Upcoming Events occurring

General Mental Capacity

Numerical Ability

Number-Based Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts)



Reasoning Analytically and Logically

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Tips for CUET 2022 General Test Preparation

1. Tips for Upcoming Events Occurring

It is very difficult to be well versed with everything regarding general knowledge and current affairs. But still, you must read the newspaper every day and watch the news whenever you can. Solve as many questions as possible as well.

2. Tips for General Mental Capacity

Mental Math is something that everyone does. We have learned about it in schools. But not everyone practices it every day. The first thing about mental math is practice. You need to know tables and addition and subtraction quickly.

3. Tips for Numerical Ability

Numerical Ability tests your basic math skills. You need to put your basic math skills to practice to pass this section. Most government exams have this on board, to test your basic math skills.

4 Tips for Number-Based Reasoning

This session includes your basic reasoning skills. You need to be good at critical thinking to pass this exam. It would not be that difficult to make sure you read the question properly and thoroughly.

5. Tips for reasoning Analytically and Logically

Logical and analytical thinking differs from ordinary mental ability tests in some ways. It contains questions that will force you to think and analyse rationally. In the CUET question paper, there will be 10-12 questions on logical thinking. As a result, you cannot disregard such inquiries.


Thus make sure you study well according to the guidelines given to you. Prepare well and sleep well before your examination. There are numerous exam-related apps accessible on the Google Play market. However, cramming your phone with all of the accessible apps is a bad idea. Another consideration when selecting an app is that it must have all handpicked material, which will save you time. Click here to download the UPSC Pathshala app now!

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