SBI (State Bank of India) will organize the Interview for those aspirants who will clear the Main examination for the position of SBI PO. The interview plays a crucial role in the State Bank of India Probationary Officer Recruitment. The interview allows the demonstration of the real merits & personalities of the aspirant in front of the Panel.

An Interview stage is a final obstacle to clear for your desired job. So, read this whole article on the SBI PO Interview questions to understand what type of questions are asked in the interview.

Important Dates
Events Dates
SBI PO Prelims Exam November/December 2021
SBI PO Mains Exam December 2021
SBI PO Interview 2nd or 3rd week of February 2022

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Bank PO Interview

The Bank PO interview holds 100 marks out of which aspirants have to score a minimum of 40 marks (35 marks for SC/ST and PWD aspirants) to crack the Bank Probationary Officer interview.

Interview Questions for Bank PO

Given below are some general interview questions for Bank PO that are asked frequently.

So prepare it beforehand.

Question 1

Tell us something about yourself.

Answer- First introduce your name and then tell the panel about your professional journey or career, family background, extracurricular activities such as dancing or sports if any and academic accomplishments.

Question 2

A few questions from your educational background.

Answer- Ensure you are nicely familiar with your university syllabus as it exhibits how much you were attentive. Such behaviours imply how you were as a learner.

Question 3

A few questions from your job or career.

Answer- You can mention the specific project you did when you were working. Try to keep it simple and answer in easy language without using technical words too much.

Question 4

Why is the reason behind choosing the banking sector?

Answer- You can mention how prestigious and prominent this sector is or if you have any special reason, feel free to tell the panel about it.

Question 5

What are your weaknesses and strengths?

Answer- If you have any specific weakness or strength, feel free to mention it. Avoid portraying any negative qualities like I am lazy or I procrastinate. Try to show your good sides like leadership qualities, good communication and other impressive abilities.

Bank PO Interview Questions

Given below are some bank PO interview questions. You should practise them for effective preparation. All the given questions are related to technical terms of the banking sector.

Question 1

What is NPA (Non-Performing Assets)?

Answer- As stated by Reserve Bank of India RBI, “When an asset, including a leased asset, fails to generate any income for the bank, then it becomes a Non-Performing Asset. A ‘Non- Performing Asset’ (NPA) was initially started as a credit facility through which the installment/ interest of principal amount is ‘past due’ for a particular tenure of time. This tenure was decreased in a phased manner and since 1995 it is now 90 days.

Simply stating, if the instalment of any loan remains unpaid even when the due date has passed it turns into a non-performing asset, or NPA provided that it doesn’t get paid for a period of more than 90 days.

Question 2

How is RBI tackling NPA?

Answer- Several important steps have been taken by the RBI to intercept Non-Performing Assets. Joint Lenders’ Forum (JLF), 5/25 restructuring, Prompt Corrective Action (PCA), and Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR) are some of them.

Question 3

What is SBI’s Punch Line?


# The Nation banks on us

# Pure Banking Nothing Else

# The banker to every Indian

Question 4

Distinguish between NEFT and RTGS?

Answer- These transfer modes are generally used for Inter-Bank Transfer. Inter Bank Transfer consists of two modes- RTGS and NEFT. The Central Bank of India and Reserve Bank of India maintain both modes of transfer.

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement): As understood by the name, it is a system in which the funds processing and transfers take place at the time they are received (real-time). Apart from this, the fund’s transfer instructions settlement also occurs on an instruction by instruction basis known as a gross settlement. RTGS is considered the quickest possible money transfer facility for Interbank transfers available through all the secure banking channels in India.

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT): This payment system is a nationwide payment system that facilitates one-to-one funds transfer. According to this Scheme, Corporate firms, an individual can transfer funds electronically from any bank branch to any other bank account with any other bank branch in the country participating in the NEFT Scheme.

Fund transfer transactions under this system are settled in batches as opposed to the continuous, individual settlement in RTGS.

Question 5

What do you understand about Disinvestment and What is its Objective?

Answer- The action of a Government liquidation or selling an asset or subsidiary is known as a Disinvestment. The main purpose of disinvestment is to improve public finances and reduce the financial burdAnswer- The process of Lending to Individuals is known as Retail banking. Loans meant for investment in housing, for purchases of automobiles and consumer durables, and those for education or any unspecified purposes are covered under Retail Banking.

Since the NPA has exceeded, the burden on banks has also increased. Result of which, the commercial banks have again started to focus on the retail lending business.

SBI PO Interview Questions

Given below are some questions related to current affairs and general knowledge.

Question 1

Event or person in the news

Answer- Be up to date with current affairs. It can be usual questions such as the President of the USA or the Tokyo Olympics etc. It totally depends on the panel what questions they want to ask.

Question 2

Environmental news

Answer- Be up to date with the summits such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement that are important for policymaking all around the globe.

Question 3

A common question such as Why Cryptocurrency is becoming so famous?

Answer- For this topic, read the newspaper every day as they cover all the latest topics such as changes in technology and cryptocurrency.

Question 4

A few Policies related questions.

Answer- Policy-related news such as Cryptocurrency bills, Farm bills or Account Aggregator questions can be raised and if they are trendy you should focus more on it.

Question 5

Important events in the world.

Answer- It encompasses things like disputes between any two nations, or a famous policy or elections in any nation. Be up to date, read newspapers daily for the same.

RRB PO Interview Questions

Given below are some RRB PO interview questions that are raised by the panel in the RRB PO Interview.

Question 1

Which committee recommended setting up Regional Rural Banks?

Answer- Narasimhan Working group

Question 2

When was RRB started?

Answer- 1975

Question 3

Which is the first RRB in India and where is it set up?

Answer- Prathama Bank sponsored by Syndicate Bank in Moradabad

Question 4

What is the Objective of RRB?


To provide banking services to rural and semi-ur Pension and MGNREGA wages distribution

Pension and MGNREGA wages distribution

To support entrepreneurship in rural areas

Question 5

What is meant by Repo rate?

Answer- The rate of interest at which commercial banks borrow money from RBI against government securities is called the repo rate.

Question 6

What is the Reverse Repo rate?

Answer- Reverse repo rate is the rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India in case of India) borrows money from commercial banks within the country.

Question 7

What is the ratio of Sponsorship of RRB?

Answer- Central Government – 50%, State Government – 15% and Sponsor Banks – 35%.

Question 8

Who regulates RRBs?

Answer- Regional Rural Banks are regulated by RBI and supervised by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Question 9

What are all the Functions of RRB?


Providing banking facilities to rural and semi-urban areas.

Carrying out government operations like disbursement of wages of MGNREGA workers, distribution of pensions etc.

Providing Para-Banking facilities like locker facilities, debit and credit cards, mobile banking, internet banking,UPI etc.

Small financial banks.

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RRB Interview 2021 Preparation

# Practice your self-introduction and prepare the best beforehand because this question will be asked at the beginning of the interview.

# Clear your basic concepts related to the economy, finance and banking sector.

# Always be confident while you speak.

# Go through previous years interview questions.

# Be up to date with all the current events going in and around the world.

# Always try to give answers in an optimistic way.

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In this article, we discussed the questions that are asked in the interview of the Bank examination. Hopefully, these questions help you with your effective preparation. Try to prepare all these questions before the interview so that you don’t get confused and get stuck during the interview. The panel will also check your overall look, presentation and confidence, so it is advised you groom yourself. For more interview tips you can join UPSC Pathshala.

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