The Chairman of the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)  is appointed by the President of India. Do you know who has been appointed as the acting chairman of the UPSC? Pradeep Kumar Joshi is appointed as the new UPSC Chairman. He was appointed to the service on August 25, 2020, and will remain in office until April 4, 2022.

This article provides knowledge regarding the various presidents of the UPSC from 1949 to the present. Candidates can learn about the powers and duties of the Chairman and the structure of the UPSC.

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About Pradeep Kumar Joshi

Pradeep Kumar Joshi, who has been a longtime member of the Union Public Service Commission and is a retired chairperson of the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission and the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, has been assigned chairperson of the Central Agency for the Diverse Recruitment of Civil Services, among many others.

Prof Joshi will replace Arvind Saxena who will finish his tenure as President of UPSC on Friday, PTI reported officials as saying. He joined the UPSC as a member in May 2015 and will serve as Chair of the Commission until 12 May 2021, a representative told the news agency. He was also Director of the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) of the Ministry of Education, Govt of India.

Career of Pradeep Kumar Joshi

Prof Joshi received his Post Graduate degree in Business in 1977 and his PhD degree in Business in 1981 in Kanpur University, Kanpur. He has already been working in the area of education for much more than 28 years.

From May 2000 to June 2006, he worked as Professor in the Faculty of Management Studies. Even before that, he worked as a professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) and Bareilly Campus. During his time as an instructor, Prof. Joshi filled many management posts. He has become a researcher and educator with more than 28 years of teaching experience.

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UPSC Composition

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s leading central recruitment body. Employment and examinations for All India Services (Group A & Group B) are conducted through UPSC

UPSC was formed as the Recruitment Body on 1 October 1926 as the Public Service Commission, which was reconstructed by the Government of India Act 1935 as the National Commission. After Independence, it was called the Civil Service Commission of the Union. It works closely with the Government of India on various issues relevant to appointments, transition, promotion, etc. The Charter of the Association shall be granted in compliance with Part XIV of the Constitution of India, entitled Services Under the Union and the States. The Commission normally consists of 9–10 members, plus the Chairperson.

As of today, the UPSC has a chairman and 10 members. The President of India shall nominate the Chairman and other Members of the UPSC. Each member shall hold office for a term of 6 years or until the age of 65 years. Members may resign between the term of office by sending their resignation to the President. They could also be dismissed by the President following the protocol set down in the Constitution.

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List of Chairmen

All UPSC Chairmen (1949 – 1998)

Below is a table of all the chairmen of the UPSC from 1949 to 1998

H. K. Kripalani April 1, 1947 – January 13, 1949
R. N. Banerjee January 14, 1949 – May 9, 1955
N. Govindarajan May 10, 1955 – December 9, 1955
V. S. Hejmadi December 10, 1955 – December 9, 1961
B. N. Jha December 11, 1961 – February 22, 1967
K. R. Damle April 18, 1967 – March 2, 1971
Ranadhir Chandra Sarma Sarkar May 11, 1971 – February 1, 1973
Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai February 5, 1973 – February 4, 1979
M. L. Shahare February 16, 1979 – February 16, 1985
H. K. L. Capoor February 18, 1985 – March 5, 1990
J. P. Gupta March 5, 1990 – June 2, 1992
R. M. Bathew September 23, 1992 – August 23, 1996
S. J. S. Chhatwal August 23, 1996 – September 30, 1996
J. M. Qureshi September 30, 1996 – December 11, 1998

All UPSC Chairmen (2002 – 2021)

Below is a table of all the chairmen of the UPSC from 2002 to date

Surendra Nath December 11, 1998 – June 25, 2002
Purna Chandra Hota June 25, 2002 – September 2003
Mata Prasad September 2003 – January 2005
S. R. Hashim January 4, 2005 – April 1, 2006
Gurbachan Jagat April 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007
Subir Dutta June 30, 2007 – August 16, 2008
D. P. Agrawal August 16, 2008 – August 2014
Rajni Razdan August 16, 2014 – November 21, 2014
Deepak Gupta November 22, 2014 – September 20, 2016
Alka Sirohi September 21, 2016 – January 3, 2017
David R. Syiemlieh January 4, 2017 – January 21, 2018
Vinay Mittal January 22, 2018 – June 19, 2018
Arvind Saxena June 20, 2018 – August 24th, 2020
Pradeep Kumar Joshi (incumbent) August 25th, 2020 – April 4th 2022

As you have learnt that the UPSC chairman is appointed by the President of India, you must have known by now that it is a very important post. To reach this milestone, a lot of dedication, persistence and experience is needed. This stage comes after you become an IAS officer. So if you want to reach this stage, you must clear the civil service examination as the first step of this long journey.

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