The final result of the Civil Services 2021 Exam, as well as the toppers list, has been revealed by UPSC. The Union Public Service Commission has recommended 685 applicants for ultimate appointment.

Gamini Singla, Ankita Agarwal, and Shruti Sharma are this year’s top three finishers, all of whom are female and from different parts of India. Let’s have a look at Ankita Agarwal, the 2nd Topper (UPSC CSE 2021 AIR 2), and her success story.

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UPSC Topper 2021 CSE AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal

Ankita Agarwal passed the IAS Exam on her third attempt and was ranked second (AIR). After leaving a corporate career, she took her first attempt in 2019 (securing the 239th All India Rank) and her second attempt in 2020.

Ankita is from Kolkata, West Bengal, and graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2017. She then went on to work for Dalberg (a consultancy firm) for a year, covering countries such as Bangladesh. She then left her well-paid corporate job in 2018 to prepare for the UPSC CSE Exam.

Ankita Agarwal Journey

Ankita’s optional subject was Political Science, and her first and second choices in the UPSC were IAS and IPS. She enjoys reading in her spare time and used to play basketball. In Kolkata, West Bengal, her father is a businessman. Ankita is a strong single and independent woman who enjoys giving back to the country.

In an interview she said “The issues of poverty, unemployment, climate change, etcetera, prevalent in other countries, are across the table everywhere. I’d like to work on them,” said Ankita Agarwal.

Ankita Agarwal Strategy

Talking about her dream of preparing and strategy for the civil services exam, Ankita Agarwal said, “I studied hard as I could while still giving time to her health, her family members and her friends. I tried to fit in as many hours as I could to study for at least 8-12 hours a day.”

“I made my notes on my computer so that they are easier to organize since digitally it helps. I studied from sources and translated them into my language which makes it easier to revise,” she said.

Ankita maintained a balanced schedule while studying for the Civil Services Exams, taking time to relax and decompress, as well as meet up with friends. Agarwal also admitted to deactivating all of her social media accounts so that she would not be distracted while preparing.

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Ankita Agarwal Mark Sheet

Written Total 871
PT Marks 179
Final Total 1050

Ankita’s Opinion

Women taking the top ranks on the merit list, she said, is a source of great pride and honour. She explained that just because there are more women in the top three ranks does not mean they have a special talent; rather, it shows that more women are obtaining opportunities.

“Women have a lot more desire to prove themselves because the society holds them up to certain standards, which motivates them,” Ms Agarwal said, adding the country will see more women frequently at the top of the list.


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UPSC Topper 2021 CSE AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal: Headstart Your UPSC Journey with Best Strategy
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