Banking is one of the unique career options for many learners in the nation. Every year, lakhs of nominees compile for banking assessment while striving to a certain degree. Meanwhile, many pupils take half of a year after obtaining their education to compose for various Banks Exams like RRB, RRB PO, IBPS, SBI, etc.

Due to the impressive aspects like the perks, Incentives and Job outline distributed by the Banking jobs, it has become a top career option for the youths in the country. To achieve a Bank Job, prospects need to be well trained and have full knowledge of the banking examination syllabus as well as the pattern.

Approximately, 27 public district banks in the nation conduct entrance assessments to nominate candidates for various job positions. Usually, these Banking Exams are conducted on a nationwide level throughout the year.

As the banking sector is expanding, the number of job openings in the region is increasing, giving prospects an incredible opportunity to achieve a job by obtaining various banking exams. It is one of the best career options for prospects who inhibit keen interest in the banking industry.

In this article, we shall learn about the work of the banking PO. When a pupil is enrolling for any of the banking examinations, he is expected to discover the basic knowledge of the assessment or the job he is acquiring for. Many prospects without being aware of the general understanding of the banking PO, enrol for the test just getting attracted by the perks and impressive salary.

A candidate is also required to fulfil the eligibility criteria allotted for each of the banking tests. An aspirant not achieving even one of the capability norms, shall not be allowed to appear for the examination. Therefore having a basic impression about the exam is significant for all aspirants.

What is the Bank PO?

Before knowing the Probationary Officers work in the Bank, it is crucial to know what does a PO exactly mean? The full form of PO is Probationary Officer, which is an assistant manager of Scale I in the banking region and also called Scale I Officer. This executive-level job role has been conserved by cracking the online assessment through various public-sector banks across the country.

A Probationary officer has to go through the exercise course, once the selection procedure is finalized. The probation extent of the probationary officer is 2 years that may differ from one bank to another. The bank’s districts glance for unique graduates who have a huge passion to comprehend and work hard.

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More About the Bank PO

For candidates who are at the level of selecting a job option for themselves and are intending on choosing for Probationary Officer, they must understand what Bank PO is actually. The PO is a role below the Officer cadre of the Banking District. Probationary Officer is a post where nominees are directly enrolled as Officers in prominent Banks of the country.

Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC), Punjab National Bank (PNB), Syndicate Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, Corporation Bank, Allahabad Bank, Bank of Maharashtra (BOM) and the Bank of Baroda (BOB) are a few banks regions that perform hiring of the PO position in the department. They conduct numerous examinations for the PO, SO or the clerk position in their particular banking sectors.

The students can enrol for any of the examinations online through the application and accomplish the selection process. The ICICI PO, SBI PO, IBPS PO and IBPS RRB PO are the most common branches of banks that perform several assessments for the aspirants desiring to get a post under these sectors. Every year, lakhs of pupils register for these examinations, out of which a limited number of candidates are enlisted who are capable of the particular post.

Job of a Bank PO

The job of a  probationary officer is supposed to be a lucrative job. Every year lakhs of candidates tournament for PO assessments. The business offers a high career expansion and the potential of a bright fortune in banking. Many candidates want to learn about the responsibilities of a banking PO, what type of job they do once they are enrolled in any of the roles of the banks.

You should remember that a banking probationary officer position is the entry-level post at which an administrator begins to work after posting. Generally, a PO undergoes a 2-year probation interval or training and then gets the position of Assistant Manager on entering a branch.

The normal chance of this job is general banking and council; however, POs are required to acquire outstanding communication abilities and the skill to resolve issues in a steady and cool manner.

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What is the Work of PO in the Bank?

What is the Probationary Officers work in the bank? There are various responsibilities of a PO. The work of the employee depends upon the qualities he is educated in during the probation period. The time given for the candidate to get trained and nurtured well for the job is considered to be very crucial and essential for the whole career in the banking department.

Aspirants must take the training seriously and work hard to get a better position in the industry. Reasonable guidance and good utilisation of the time can benefit an employee in various aspects like more perks, high salary, decent job profile and many other things. Below is the list of duties a PO is expected to perform after getting appointed in the banking sector.

List of Responsibilities of a Bank PO

# Before the fulfilment of the probation interval or the training which is for 2 years, the candidate can be inquired to accomplish any sort of bank-related activity, it can be the clerk or assistant kind of job. This is done to get them informed with several working protocols of the department.

# The duty of a Probationary officer also comprises managerial chores, such as making outcomes for the advantage of the department, surveillance of clerical tasks, regulating cash balance etc. Several minor tasks come under the responsibility of the PO. Thus, the PO is considered the most reputed and respected post of all the roles.

# PO has to assess all the tasks done by the clerk. All the agreements of the office include the role of producer and checker. For instance, in cash trades, if the clerk is the producer, then the PO is the checker; in the case of loans, generally, the officer is the producer and the bank executive is the checker. The duty of penalties resides with the checker.

# During the probation time, they are educated for having logical awareness in finance, accounting, commerce, billing as well as interest. It is the most significant aspect while preparing for the job.

The candidates are expected to have a deep knowledge of finance and accounting. This is done by assigning them with businesses of various sectors, like any of the routine acts such as scrolling, mailing, account practice and other aspects.

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Some More Duties

# After the prosperous fulfilment of the probation interval, he is posted in any banking department as an Assistant Bank Manager to deal functions on daily customer agreements, ratifying a cheque, draft issuance, cash supervision etc. Usually in the beginning the employee is not given much work to perform. The tasks provided will be judged by the council and accordingly, he shall be getting more obligations.

# He is expected to take care of the loan relevant documents and conducts on-site visits of the loan taking parties whenever needed. It is the responsibility of the office Probationary officer to provide the various ATM cards, DD’s ( Demand Drafts) cheque books, etc to the customers whenever required. He should have a good impression to deal with the customers.

# It is foreseen that a PO should be familiar with all the latest modifications of the sector. He should be aware of what is happening around the region on a regular basis. All the issues and alternatives of the bank. They are expected to read all the brochures and should know about all the verdicts taken by the bank administration.

A Few More Duties

# The employee is required to work with only one motive that is improving the bank’s condition. He is expected to work hard towards boosting the banking business that is managing loans, cash flow, and finances and mortgages.

Another obligation of the Probationary officer is to function as public relations officer, deal with the customer complaints and solve several customer-related problems such as disparities in accounts, the rectification of excessive charges and look into criticisms regarding assistance provided by the bank. Performing well will benefit him for getting a higher post in the industry.

# After a few years of working, once the employee gets habituated to the department’s atmosphere and earns enough knowledge on bank’s working methods, based on their abilities and mastery, they can get the opportunity to be appointed with more credible work that is budgeting, loan processing, planning, marketing, investment management and approval etc.

Everything depends on the work of the employee. A reasonable employee can get an increment in his salary and perks too.

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SBI Probationary officer is considered one of the most reputed banking businesses. The office has a powerful work civilization that motivates affectionate workers to grow professionally, by delivering them tremendous expansion alternatives.

SBI administers advertising exams yearly and has a defined policy for the growth and development of its workers. SBI POs have quick promotions and can rise much earlier in comparison to POs of other pots. The annual inspection that happens at SBI is decent and fair.

Committed and hardworking workers can reach greater structure in a very short period, due to a large number of opportunities in all degrees of their growth channels. The workers also get opportunities to work abroad.

So let us know what is the work of SBI PO in the bank. The list of responsibilities a probationary officer holds in the sector.

What is the Work of SBI PO in the Bank?

Probation Period

During the probation, the nominees will be given several banks related assignments to get them informed with the working of the sector. The competitors will be given practice in numerous departments like  Billing, Finance, Marketing, Accounting and Investment to enable them to gain a logical understanding.

Some other obligations of the Probationary Officers comprise, maintaining and dealing with customer queries, looking into criticisms regarding bank assistance, providing ATM Cards, Cheque books, Demand Drafts, improving excessive charges and disparities in reports.

The POs are also liable for specific Managerial assignments such as overseeing the work of Bank clerks, confirmation of documents, control cash balance, being familiar with the latest improvements in the bank, etc.

Once the POs are adequately skilled and experienced, they’re given more obligations like Loan Processing, Marketing, Budgeting, Loan Approvals, and Planning and Managing Interests. The pupil SBI POs are originally stationed as JMGS Scale 1. They may be appointed at any one of the following posts:

# Regional Business office

# SME Branch

# Local Head Office

# Corporate Office or

# Zonal Offices or

# General banking branch or

# Special Branches or in

# Speialized branches like Pension Clearing, Cheque Clearing, etc.

Post Probation Period

Post their probation duration, the nominees go through a screening quiz, post which they’re nominated as ‘Assistant Bank Manager’ and are stationed to one of the departments. As Assistant Managers, the nominees are liable for dealing with daily customer trades, such as Draft Issuance, Passing Cheques and Cash Management.

Probationary Officers at SBI have more duties, challenges and larger positions, as well as development chances correlated to Probationary Officers of different banks.


ICICI is one of the massive Private banks in the nation. It delivers several valuable assistance to the people. ICICI Probationary Officer Salary 2021 structure is also very remarkable. The workers in ICICI bank enjoy several pensions and chances which help them in their legal job growth.

Every year ICICI sector enrols several meriting individuals at Probationary officer exercise strategy. Aspirants who have obtained graduation with 55% aggregate marks in any profession can apply for ICICI Bank Probationary Officer employment.

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What is the Work of PO in ICICI Bank?

Many wonder what is the work of a PO in ICICI bank department. It is to make rulings in which the advantages of the bank are compromised. To do maintenance of clerk grade workers that is bank PO has to do confirmation of all the chores done by a bank clerk worker. The Bank Probationary Officer also has to do administration of Cash Balance.

ICICI Probationary Officer Training Programme is a strategy of ICICI district to establish a centre of attention for young people from across the nation to seek a business in banking. It is planned to formulate consultants with banking understanding and selling abilities to achieve the desire of experienced bankers.

It is a one-year activity programme, which is well accomplished at ICICI Manipal Academy, Bengaluru. The parties are set through a very comprehensive activity with outstanding significance on the petition of proficiency and common improvement of character.

The classroom trials have a duration of 6 months and are performed at ICICI Manipal Academy. The internship and On-the-Job-Training of 6 months will be conducted at any ICICI Bank office or branch within the country.

The Probationary Officers are paid pension to fulfil the out of pocket expenditures. The Probationary Officers will get an inevitable job with ICICI Bank on prosperous fulfilment of the Probationary Officer Training Course.

Canara Bank PO

Canara PO recruitment is administered to elect candidates for the position of Probationary Officers in Junior Grade Scale I after successful fulfilment of the specially formulated PGDBF (Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance program).

Canara Bank PGDBF is a one-year training course that nominees can undergo either at Bengaluru campus, Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd or NITTE Education International Pvt Ltd. Greater Noida campus.

Prospects for entry to the program are nominated through the online purpose examination regarded by private interviews and group discussions. The responsibility of performing the online examination has been authorized to the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) whereas the other nomination techniques are allotted by Canara sector.

What is the Work of PO in Canara Bank?

Like the other banks PO’s, the probationary officer in the Canara bank has lots of responsibilities and duties to be performed. The Canara bank also comes under the most common and reputed bank in the nation.

Many students apply for the post of PO in the Canara banking sector desiring to get a position in the industry. Likewise the other departments, Canara bank also provides high salary, perks and reasonable job status which attracts many pupils across the country. Below is let us learn what is the work of PO in Canara Bank, list of roles and responsibilities of a PO in the Canara Banking sector in India.

# The candidate is expected to be a multitasker as the PO work comprises all managerial tasks, such as surveillance of clerical jobs, making verdicts for the usefulness of the bank, controlling cash balance and many more. They work in numerous components of the banking undertakings.

# One of the most significant jobs of the office PO is customer assistance. The primary work of any officer in banking is dealing with customer issues and providing a reasonable explanation to their queries. It can be associated with any banking assistance like account statement, issuing cheque books, document requirement, ATM cards, Demand draft (DD) and opening new accounts etc

# Overseeing as well as dealing with clerical jobs. All the pastoral chores are done under the surveillance of the PO. After the clerk, PO is the next person who deals cash trades. During an enormous stride, they organize all kinds of depositing and departure cash. PO authorises all the exchanges made by the clerk.

# The business creation is also one of the most significant jobs of the PO. It comprises actions like new account opening, selling Insurance, improving banking products, loans etc. relying upon bank strategies. Expanding numerous products and assistance of the banking and its spouses such as mutual funds, fixed deposits, insurance policies etc improves the company.

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Some More Information

# PO is expected to organize all clearance systems of expenditures including the inward clearing and outward clearing.

# It is the job of the officer to deal with the ATM Related Queries. Sometimes, you may be appointed to ATM-based queries like block ATM card online, ATM pin no. the request, LOST ATM Application, New ATM request, and other related problems.

# Unlike the above duties. Once PO is diversified with the office atmosphere and earn enough knowledge on banking work protocols, they can be approved more accountable work like investment management, loan processing and approval budgeting, planning, marketing, etc

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Assuming that the above topic was useful for you to know everything about the work and responsibilities of a bankings PO in various banking sectors like the SBI bank, Canara Bank and the ICICI Bank in India. What is the work of PO in the bank, all the aspects of the job profile, obligations and other required duties are listed above. Pupils can enrol for any of the banking PO posts online by qualifying the bank examination keeping in view the criteria imposed for each of the appraisals. Before enlisting for any examination, nominees must concede the details precisely.

Banking is one of the most prominent and in-demand assessments in the country. Many candidates wish to get employment in the banking enterprise. The perks, securities and outstanding salaries proposed by the office make it one of the most desirable and extraordinary jobs for all the nominees.

If you wish to read more such articles related to banking then visit the website UPSC Pathshala, it is a reasonable platform for all the students to get well trained for any of the competitive examinations. The guidance delivered is outstanding and prominent for all aspirants from any region of the country. Join the race of success by signing up for the single course and fulfilling your ambitions profitably and effortlessly.

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