Bank PO is one of the most coveted and anticipated exams of India. Several candidates appeared for this Banking Exam. Are you ready for your selection? But wait there is a big obstacle waiting for you in between your dreams.

An interview is an important and last hurdle between you and your dream. Candidates may lack confidence in an interview because of a lack of practice. But don’t worry, in this article we have covered all aspects of Bank PO interview preparation and also bank PO study materials.

Bank PO Interview

Those who successfully clear the Bank PO mains exam can appear for the interview. The interview is the first occasion where interviewers and candidates interact. The main purpose of the interview is the evaluation of a candidate’s potential to become a PO. The interviewer aims to assess the aptitude, skills, and mental alertness of the candidates.

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Bank PO Interview Material

You can find different study materials for PO Interview from the following websites:

#1. UPSC Pathshala

#2. Bank Exam Today

#3. Banker Adda

#4. Q Maths

#5. Oliver’s board

#6. Adda247

#7. Mrunal

#8. Let’s study together

Bank PO Interview Questions

Interview questions consist of different types of questions including personal, educational background, banking awareness, and current affairs.

Personal Questions

#1. Introduction


Good morning/afternoon sir/mam,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am ABC and I belong from your place. I have completed my degree from University in specialisation. I also have work experience in the organization. I am a person with great communication skills and I also have strong management skills.

#2. Why have You Applied for the Post?


Before applying for this job I have read the job description carefully and I genuinely felt that I am perfect for this job. I have strong communication and management skills that can help me to work as a PO. I can manage customers’ complaints and improve the bank services. I am updated about recent developments of the bank.

#3. What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?


As for my strengths, I am a focused person that completes the given task with full dedication. I am adaptable and flexible and therefore can easily relocate and adapt to the environment. I also have good team spirit and therefore will support my team and grow together.

Other important skills you can add:

# Disolined

# Efficient

# Confident

# Hard Working

# Quick Learner

# Patience

# Logical thinking

# Empathetic

# Open mind

# Resourceful

#4. What about Your Weakness?


My Weaknesses are taking multiple tasks at a time and struggling to complete them. Also, I have a little problem managing my time. But I am working on my Weaknesses and I believe I will surely overcome them.

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Education Qualifications and Career Prospects

#1. Tell Us about Your Educational Qualifications


I have done my schooling at XYZ school in ABC place. As for my graduation, I have done a Bachelor’s degree in discipline from the following university.

#2. Why did You want to Join the Banking Sector?


Banking Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Moreover, this job has an adept growth opportunity for me to grow. Moreover, bank PO has an opportunity to grow as a general manager.

Banking Awareness

#1. What are the Primary Functions of Commercial Banks?

Commercial banks are banking institutions that accept deposits and grant loans to customers. The primary functions of the commercial banks are as follows:

# The foremost activity of the bank is that it accepts deposits.

# The other important function of the bank is that it grants loans and advances to its customers.

# Banks also provide advanced facilities to their customers. Advances are granted for the short term.

#2. When was RBI Established?

The Reserve Bank of India was established on 1 April 1935 under the Reserve Bank of India Act,1934.

#3. What are the Main Functions of the RBI?

The main functions of the RBI are as follows:

# Issue of currency notes.

# Banker of the Government

# Custodian of the cash reserves of commercial banks

# Custodian of foreign reserves

# Lender of last  resort

# Controller of credit

#4. What is Cost-push Inflation?

When the price of a product or goods rises due to an increase in the cost of production of the same. For example, if the production cost of a car increases, car prices also increase.

#5. What is GDP?

The GDP is the total amount of value of domestic goods and services produced in a financial year.

#6. What is a Contingency Fund?

A contingency fund is the amount of money a government keeps aside in a budget to cover unseen expenditures or crises.

#7. What are Self-Help Groups?

Self-help groups are small and voluntary associations of poor people. They form an association to help themselves with mutual understanding. They promote small savings among their members.

#8. What is SLR?

Statutory Liquidity Ratio is the amount that a bank has to maintain in the form of cash, gold, or securities.

#9. What is the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana?

The Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana provides a smart card to the families covered under this scheme to enable cashless transactions for health care. This scheme was launched in 2007 and the total amount of income issued to each family is around INR 30,000.

#10. What is the Current Rate of Bank Rate, Repo Rate, CRR, SLR and MSF?

The current bank rate of India is 4.25%, the repo rate is 4.00%, CRR is 4.00%, SLR is 18.00%, Repo rate is 4.00%, and Reverse repo rate is 3.35%.

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Bank PO Interview Preparation Tips

#1. Dress Nicely

Both men and women should dress formally and avoid any kind of fashionable accessories. They should be nicely dressed and groomed well.

For men, they should wear a well-fitted, ironed full-sleeved shirt with pants. And polished formal shoes. Their hair should be trimmed and they should be groomed.

For women, they should wear formal Indian wear such as a salwar suit or a cotton saree. They should avoid heavy makeup or bright accessories. You should also avoid high heels and carry a small and decent bag.

#2. Be Punctual

Remember the first impression is the last and therefore you should arrive before the interview. It’s always better to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

#3. Be Confident

When your interview starts you should be confident and carry a diligent smile on your face. Answer the questions of the interviewer confidently and if you don’t know the answer you can simply say sorry sir I don’t know. This is better than stuttering like mmm….actually…..this.


You can clear the last hurdle with proper preparation and practice. You can practice these questions for better results. Moreover, to boost your Bank PO preparation you can take a course by UPSC Pathshala. Also, this website has Bank PO study materials and preparation tips for the candidates.

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