Bank PO exam is the most prestigious and stable job for young aspirants. The exam is conducted to test the skills of the enthusiastic candidates so that they can handle the responsibilities required by the bank.

If you are willing to get a job in this field, continue reading this article. Here is the detailed answer to the question: how to prepare for the Bank PO exam? This question comes into every aspirant’s mind because everyone needs to grasp the perfect ways to prepare and get high scores.

You need to stick to this article to get every bit of the details about the major aspects.

How to Prepare for the Bank PO Exam?

The exam is conducted for the recruitment of young minds and souls on the designation of probationary officers. If you want to ace this exam, you must prepare well with sincerity and dedication. The amalgamation of mind and positive approach makes you the best suited for attaining high positions.

You must go through the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly to have a clear idea about the test. You should prepare a section-wise strategy to attempt questions with high accuracy and within the given time frame. Moreover, the aspirants should pass the previous years’ question papers, practice papers, and mock tests. This brings more confidence and clarity.

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Provisional Officer in Bank

The provisional officers in the Bank were selected through the examination. If you are a graduate or postgraduate, you are eligible for the exam. If you have a dream or willingness for this examination, start preparing for it. The candidates must be prepared for the exam with a great spirit.

According to experts, you should avoid doing guesswork and focus on accuracy in the exam to achieve success. While preparing, you should focus on managing your time properly along with being composed and tranquil. The candidates should not spend much time on one question rather move on to the other if they don’t know the answer. You will get the best preparation tips in the article ahead.

Bank PO Exam

This exam is considered and recognized as the best as it gives the opportunities to the candidates to achieve their dreams and enhance their lifestyle. A better and healthy life is the need of everyone.

Everyone wants a stable and secure job with time for family or friends. This is an ideal job for many millennials. It enables the employees to manage their duties within a particular period.

All the prominent banks take this exam to test the skills of the aspirants. If you are preparing for it, keep reading this article as all the techniques of acing it are written here in detail.

Bank PO Examination Pattern

Are you an aspirant for the Bank PO exam? If yes, let’s know the pattern of the test. Here is the preliminary and Mains round given. Don’t take your eyes off. Look below.

Prelims Examination

Subject Number of Questions Marks Duration
English Language 30 100 20 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 35 100 20 minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 100 20 minutes
Total 100 1 hour

Mains Examination

Objective Test

Subject Number of Questions Marks Duration
Reasoning and Computer Aptitude 45 60 60 minutes
Data Analysis and Interpretation 35 60 45 minutes
General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 40 35 minutes
English Language 35 40 40 minutes

Subjective Test

Subject Number of Questions Marks Duration
English Language ( Letter Writing and Essay) 2 50 30 minutes
Total of Mains 157 250 3.5 Hours

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How to Prepare English for the Bank PO Exam?

English is a vast subject. The section of English Language repeats in both the levels. Among all the subjects, the English Language section is not a tough nut to crack but you need to prepare for it perfectly. You should be thorough with grammar and vocabulary for preparing this section.

In the prelims exam, the English Language section comprises a total of 30 questions. Whereas 35 objective-type questions and 2 descriptive-type questions are asked in the mains exam. You must know all the tips to excel in this portion. Read below the strategies to follow. You will get benefits from the given techniques to strategize your preparation.

 #1. Inculcate Habit of Reading

The most required trait for excelling in this section is reading. You must read newspapers and magazines to develop your qualities. This should be done to get fluent in the English language. You must especially read the editorial section to build your perspectives on the current happenings. This will make you more confident while writing the exam.

#2. Enhance Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the most crucial thing when it comes to English. You must be fluent and highly intelligent in terms of vocabulary. Most candidates fail to do well in the English Language section due to their lack of grip on Grammar and vocabulary. Make this part your best scoring portion. This can be improved and developed by reading newspapers or storybooks. Do not take it lightly.

#3. Make Notes

Notes help you to recognize the words and concepts. You need to know different words and synonyms to get better at this section. You must make a habit of jotting down new words whenever they come across in newspapers or magazines. You must search for their meaning in the dictionary later. It will upgrade your knowledge of new words and improve your intellect.

#4. Frequent Practice

Practice makes the man perfect. You will become perfect and tightly suitable for the job by practising the most. You must solve previous years’ question papers and practise sample papers. This will help you tremendously to get an idea about the questions that come in the exam and make you more confident about the answers. Mock tests can also help you exponentially in increasing the capability.

#5. English Section

This section requires a lot of preparation as there are a variety of questions asked in the exams. You must attempt the English Language section in the exam at the beginning. This will make you score better.

English Section Topic-Wise Preparation Strategies

#1. Grammar

Grammar must be prepared by you every day. Whenever you get the time, start learning new things about grammar. It will interest you and upgrade your knowledge. The questions where you need to have a good command of Grammar are sentence re-arrangement, idioms, and phrases, error spotting, sentence correction, etc.

You must be prepared beforehand to resolve these questions. This is a scoring part for you. To build your grammar, you must refer to helpful books such as Wren & Martin.

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#2. Reading Comprehension

This section is crucial as it can give you direct marks which means if the answer is right you get the marks and if it is wrong, you will lose it. A good reading speed will help you exponentially to score well in the exam. You must stick to what is given in the passage and do not assume anything. Concentrate while reading the passage and do not take it lightly.

The best way to deal with the questions in this section is to practice as it makes you perfect and grows your time management skills. The Reading Comprehension passages can range from a variety of topics.

The topics may include Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Politics, or even Science. So be advanced at it and achieve maximum scores. Go through previous papers and practice writing answers.

#3. Vocabulary

You need to work on your vocabulary to get high scores in the English section. The questions from vocabulary are asked in the form of Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks, Error Spotting, Phrase Replacement. You must practice in all of these spheres.

Direct questions on synonyms and antonyms are also asked. To grow your knowledge in this sector. Reading from a variety of sources is a must to make yourself precise and best.

How to Start Bank PO Preparation?

The candidates must start preparing for the exam by initially developing their interest, passion, and dedication towards it. You must measure your skills and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Everyone knows their positive and negative points. You must know the portion of the exam which you can score maximum and which is a tough portion for you. All of these things will make you clear and focused on the goal.

Many people get stressed after tasting failure in initial attempts. You must have confidence in doing hard work and achieving your target. Keep the track of your learning and do proper revisions. Do not begin with tough areas.

How to Prepare for a Bank PO Exam?

Well, if you are an aspirant for the Bank exam, you must be looking for complete preparation tips for it. Your wait is over, here are the best tips and techniques for the examination to ace it wonderfully. Have a look at all the strategies and start preparing immediately.

#1. Build Section-wise Preparation Strategy

Section-wise preparation strategy helps you to learn the concepts from lower to higher magnitudes. You get the knowledge of all the topics. It enables you to complete every portion on time and you do not miss any particular topic.

The preparation time must be divided on each section according to its need and marking. You can divide the sections based on your identification of tough or easy. All the sections come in the examination with particular timing and each requires different solving techniques.

You must have a clear strategy to solve all the questions perfectly within time. For example, if you are solving the reasoning questions, you must know before solving which section you must solve the first. Be clear while giving the exam.

 #2. Practice is the Key

Practice is essential to attain your desires. The more you practice, the more perfect it gets. You should prepare the topics by practicing them. You can practice with more and more sectional tests, and take one mock test every day. You should take out time for practicing the sample papers as it gives you a clear idea of the pattern, time limits, marking, and question pattern.

You learn your strengths and weaknesses while performing a test. Practice on the computer for optimum results. Make it a habit. After completing a particular topic, practice it by test series or mock tests and calculate your level of preparation. It will make you the best candidate for the exam.

#3. Effective Planning and Time Management

Planning is required for being composed and goal-oriented. If you do not have a plan, the preparation becomes a complete mess as you start any topic according to your choice and mood. It can make you miss any important topic.

You must have a proper plan to execute so that the complete syllabus gets finished on time with perfection. Time management is yet another major trait to develop during the preparation period. All the sections of the exam come with different time limits.

You are required to answer the questions within the given time. Make yourself perfect in solving the questions. Take out time for revisions and perform best in the exam.

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#4. Improve General Knowledge

General knowledge is extremely important to focus on. You must read newspapers and magazines to develop your knowledge of current happenings. You must keep the focus on topics like Current Affairs and events, banking awareness, political news, economic news, and sports days for at least the last 3 months.

This would greatly help you in the examination. The news of the world in respect to the economy is a must section for you to know. Reading newspapers will improve your command over this section and help you in scoring high marks in this section of the Bank PO exam. You will be comfortable with the section when you know the proper information about it.

#5. Make a Study Plan

A study plan is significant for the examination. You must prepare a proper timetable to study adequately and take out time for practicing the previous year’s question papers and sample papers along with the mock tests.

All of these things are very important as it gives you the idea of the exam and makes you perfect in solving the question paper and ultimately gain maximum scores. Without a timetable, the candidates get confused and become unorganized.

The timetable helps you to be confined with the syllabus and you can complete all the sections on time. It will make you satisfied, organized, and calm. Do not start the preparation without a study plan and work according to the timetable.

#6. Pen Down the Significant Points

You must not down important points while studying as it can help you later in revisions. It helps you to recognize those points. Numerous formulas, steps to solve problems, rules, and other important points and facts should be at your fingertips so that you don’t have to think twice before attempting a question. It will save your time in the exam and make you the most appropriate candidate.

You need to be precise and well prepared for every sphere. Jotting down the significant points has always proved beneficial.

So, understand the topic and its facts first and then memorize them by heart by penning it down in a notebook. You can revise it later. Practice the noted points from time to time, especially the various formulas.

#7. Solve Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers

Solving sample papers helps a lot as you get used to the exam pattern before. If you sit in the exam and start solving the questions, you will find it different but if you have been solving the previous year’s question papers or sample papers, you will find it easy to manage the exam.

You must go through the example questions to know how to approach them while doing the examination. Solving the papers will improve your problem-solving abilities.

Therefore, solve a sufficient number of practice questions for every topic during the time allocated for practicing. Moreover, you can mark the tough ones that you are unable to answer or get incorrect so that you can visit them later and revise/practice.

#8. Clear Concepts

During the preparation period, be consistent and calm. You need to focus on each section and topic. Conceptualization is the major aspect to remember the important points of a particular topic. If your concepts are not clear, you can’t perform best in the exam.

Don’t hustle while preparing, study the topics with diligence and give time to the topics that you don’t like. Clear your concepts and then only start doing practice and revisions. It would benefit you for scoring higher.

#9. Maximum Revisions

Revisions are the most significant thing to do. When you do revisions, you tend to recognize all the points and topics. Without revisions, candidates lose grip on the topics they have prepared earlier. Revisions make you confident as you come to know about your preparation level.

You should keep your focus on regular practicing and revision as the preparation time for the Bank PO exam and stretch it up to 3 months. You must prepare a study plan in a way that you get time for revisions at the end.

It has been observed that candidates who are not revising or practicing during this phase suffer a lot of difficulties as the bank exam dates draw closer. Keep practicing and do revisions as much as possible.

#10. Mock Tests

Mock tests will help you tremendously as you get the perfect environment for the examination which will boost your morale and make you understand the approach of the questions in the paper. Taking mock tests regularly will help you in multiple ways.

Firstly, you will get used to the pattern and level of the exam.

Secondly, you will identify the major topics as well as the topics where you are weak at and can prepare them better.

Thirdly, it will help you in building stamina and concentration and, above all, develop a smart strategy to take the paper so that your accuracy is maximum and negative marking minimum.

Therefore, once you finish the whole syllabus, reach out to take mock tests as possible and improve your weaknesses and overall test-taking strategy.

 #11. Be Patient

Patience is very important for the candidates of the competitive exams. You need to be a continuous learner and hold calm. If you will sink into negativity or start getting stressed, it will make your way more chaotic and challenging. Being composed and organized will help you get your desires.

Concentration increases when you are composed otherwise you tend to lose your grip on great learning levels. You need to be patient and consistent towards the goal. Don’t get confused and swiftly prepare for all the sections. This will make you different from others and you will rise like a phoenix. Therefore, be tranquil and stand out from the crowd.

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#12. Learn Shortcuts

Shortcuts are necessary to know for the competitive exams to perform extraordinarily. It makes you a bit different from others and you tend to solve the questions easily within the given period. You should learn shortcuts for solving different questions.

Since there are sectional timings, learning shortcuts will help you to attempt maximum questions in less possible time. Shortcuts make you an upgraded and better candidate. You can apply them in times of need and easily get out of tough situations.

Don’t make much use of guesswork in the exam. Shortcuts also make you rely on a concrete way of solving the questions along with recognizing them.

Bank PO Preparation

Preparation time is the most precious and worthy period. You need to follow the right path during this scenario to get profitable results. Everyone works for positive outcomes. If you are working effectively and do not get the desired results, you get depressed and upset. So choose the direction of efforts wisely to be proud and satisfied at the time of consequences.

You need to be aware of all the spheres to start your preparation precisely. Focus on your weaknesses and be consistent because conviction and consistency can turn your dreams into reality. Work on your time management skills and explore the strategies that are efficient for you. You need to be goal-oriented and continuously moving ahead towards your goals.

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Therefore, there are multiple ways to prepare for the exam and get perfect at it. You must focus on your strategies to benefit from the examination. Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses. Work in the right direction with mindfulness and determination.

Passion and dedication are the true spirits of success. You must hold both of these traits to achieve your dreams. Be consistent and composed. If you need to ask something or have any sort of confusion, visit UPSC Pathshala. The experts will motivate you towards the right path and give you all the answers to your questions.

Don’t wait much, start the preparation with the above-given tips and techniques and do wonders in the exam.

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