All the aspirants after pursuing a certain degree lookout for distinct exams to achieve their ambitions. There are several entrance tests or a few examinations for a particular job or work. Some of the tests are specifically made for certain work or courses.

Lakhs of aspirants enrol in distinct tests to pursue their further education. Few entrance tests are valid internationally all across the world. Choosing the right examination will help the pupil to better understand their goal and ambitions.

It’s a very crucial stage for the aspirants to decide what field they are into and what kind of requirements are applied to the courses. Proper guidance and support are all that is needed to benefit a student to pursue the right course.

Apart from the civil services test (CSE), the UPSC examination for an IAS post, there are several distinct assessments for different fields of education. Sometimes due to less knowledge, candidates encounter difficulties in choosing the right program. Therefore it’s essential to know about various exams.

In this article, we shall know about the upcoming bank exams 2021-2022, the full list of the upcoming exams for the aspirants to apply for a bank job in 2021-2022, the SBI PO 2021 and IBPS exam date 2021. So do read this article till the end to acknowledge everything about the upcoming bank exams.

Banking Exams

Banking is one of the exclusive career choices for many pupils in India. Lakhs of candidates assemble for banking exams while seeking a degree. On the other hand, many take a half of a  year after completing their education to formulate for several Bank Exams like IBPS, SBI, RRB, RRB PO etc.

Due to the Perks, Incentives and Job profile delivered by the Bank Jobs, it has become a leading career alternative for the youngsters in India. To attain a Bank Job, pupils need to be well qualified and have full awareness of the bank assessment syllabus.

There are around 27 public district banks in India that administer bank entrance examinations to appoint competitors for several Job Profiles. Usually, these Bank Exams are administered on a national phase throughout the year. As the banking sector is developing, the number of job opportunities in the field is boosting, giving nominees a great chance to attain a job by passing bank exams.

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Upcoming Bank Exams 2021-2022

Banking Exams 2021 are just a little ahead and candidates have very limited time to prepare for the same. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection administers tests for the recruitment of faculty to the public district banks.

Whereas, other banks organise their distinct examinations for crew recruitment practises. In India, bank exams are frequently evaluated as high regard for aspiring nominees who desire to step into the banking area. Multiple bank tests are administered by numerous banks and testing agencies across the nation every year.

Banking is an increasingly prominent preference of employment for modern graduates and skilled experts in India. Banks provide impressive salaries, an estimate of job security and many bonuses for their workers.

Due to such purposes, the conflict for bank jobs is improving at an exponential rate. The conflict implies that candidates should have a top-notch bank exam practice to be eligible to smash the exam and get appointed as bank workers.

Upcoming Bank Exams 2021 Full List

There are numerous banking examinations administered by several public sectors. Lakhs of pupils look forward to obtaining this test keeping in view all the benefits of the jobs offered by the banks. Many nominees get amused by the salary provided by the banking industry. There are many distinct exams formulated every year. Here is the list of the top upcoming bank exams in India 2021.

Agency Formulating the Banking Exam Notification Upcoming Banking Examination
State Bank of India (SBI Exams) State Bank of India PO Test(SBI PO)
State Bank of India Specialist Officer Test (SBI SO)
State Bank of India Clerk Test(SBI Clerk)
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS Exams) Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Bank PO Test (IBPS PO)
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Bank PO Test (IBPS PO)
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Clerk Test (IBPS Clerk)
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Regional Rural Bank Officer & Office Assistant Assessment (IBPS RRB)
Reserve Bank of India (RBI Exams) Reserve Bank of India Grade A Test(RBI Grade I)
Reserve Bank of India Grade B Test (RBI Grade II)
India Post Payments Bank IPPB
National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Test (NABARD)

Furthermore, there are:


# Industrial Development Bank of India Exam

# Private Bank PO Exam

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Bank Exams 2021 Notifications

The below table includes the latest bank exam notification 2021 with the release or result date and the number of vacancies for the respective job.

Name of the Assessment Released Date Number of Opportunities Available Online Application open dates
IBPS RRB June 27, 2021 12000+ Vacancies June 8 to June 28, 2021
SBI Clerk April 26, 2021 5000+ Vacancies Extended till May 20, 2021
RBI Grade B Phase II January 28, 2021 Test already done Results on May 4, 2021
IBPS February 3, 2021 Released PO, SO, Clerk & RRB exams

Important Exam Dates in 2021 to Take Note of

Below are the important dates of the banking examinations 2021 conducted in India. The dates of the prelims and mains exams are also mentioned below with the registration dates of the respective assessments.

Banking Exam Exam Dates (may be tentative) Registration Dates  (may be tentative)
IBPS PO 2021 Preliminary Test Date

9th, 10th, 16th, 17th of October, 2021

Mains Test Date

27th November 2021

Not specific yet
IBPS RRB 2021 Preliminary Test Date

Officers Scale I  and Office Assistant – 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th and 21st of August, 2021

Mains Test Date

Officers Scale I – 25th of September, 2021

Office Assistant – 3rd of October, 2021

Officers Scale II and III – Single level test on 25th of September, 2021

7th June 2021 – 28th June 2021
SBI SO 2021 Preliminary Test Date

1st, 2nd and 7th of February, 2021

Mains Test Date

To be Updated yet

13th April 2021 – 3rd May 2021

For the Engineer Fire post

15th June 2021 to 28th June 202

SBI Clerk Mains Test Date


27th April 2021 – 20th May 2021
SBI PO Preliminary Test Date

To be Updated yet

Mains Test Date

To be Updated yet

Not specific yet
IDBI Bank Executives 2021 Preliminary Test Date

To be Updated yet

Mains Test Date

To be Updated yet

Not specific yet
IDBI Bank Assistant Manager 2021 Preliminary Test Date

To be Updated yet

Mains Test Date

To be Updated yet

Not specific yet
IBPS SO 2021 Preliminary Test Date

18th December 2021- 26th December 2021

Mains Test Date

To be Updated yet

Last week of November 2021
IBPS Clerk 2021 Preliminary Test Date

28th, 29th August 2021, 4th, 5th of September, 2021

Mains Test Date

31st of October, 2021

11th April 2021 -3rd May 2021
RBI Grade B 2021 Phase I Examination

6th March 2021

Phase II Examination

1st of April, 2021 (General)

31st of March, 2021 (DERP & DSIM)

January 28, 2021, to February 15, 2021
RBI Assistant 2022 Preliminary Test Date

December, 2021

Mains Test Date

January, 2022

November, 2021

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More About the Banking Exams

A job in the Indian banking district is an ambition of many aspirants, and authorization in any of the banks is equally respectable. Given below is the list of the leading posts for which the upcoming bank exams shall be administered:

# SBI/ IBPS Specialist Officer

# RBI Grade B Officer

# SBI Probationary Officer

# RBI Assistant

# BPS/ IBPS RRB Probationary Officer

# IBPS/ SBI Clerks

The age limit to appear for several banking exams differs from one another. The minimum age limit is commonly 20 or 21, and the maximum age limit lasts between 28 to 30 years. There are upper age limit relaxations for competitors relating to particular categories.

Moreover, freshers are also capable of emerging for the upcoming banking assessments. However, they need to acknowledge the eligibility measures for the numerous bank posts to review the age limit, academic qualification and other elements.

State Bank of India PO (SBI PO)

State Bank of India (SBI) every year administers the SBI PO assessment to appoint eligible nominees for the position of Probationary Officer. A large number of aspirants enrol for this test, out of which only a limited number are appointed according to the number of opportunities.

SBI PO is evaluated as one of the vastly sought-after banking exams in the nation. Prosperous competitors are posted as Probationary Officers in several departments of the bank. SBI PO exam includes three phases-Prelims, Mains and Group Exercises & interviews. Nearly 10 lakh nominees appear for the SBI PO assessment every year.

SBI is a prestigious association that delivers impressive wages and job security to its workers as an outcome of which a large sum of aspirants surge to apply for the several tests supervised by the bank.

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SBI PO 2021 Notification

The notification of the SBI PO is predicted to be published in September or October to enlist capable nominees for the position of Probationary Officers (PO) in various departments of SBI. Along with the announcement, SBI PO dates, online application procedure and other factors also be made accessible.

Nominees appointed through SBI PO are assigned anywhere in India. All capable competitors are expected to enrol online for the recruitment procedure. SBI obeys a three-tier nomination method for recruitment to the position of PO.

Competitors need to pass each exam phase to get shortlisted for the next phase. The final appointment is done based on the mains exam and the Interview or Group Discussion.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers (IBPS PO)

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers (IBPS PO) test is administered every year for recruitment to the position of Probationary Officers or the Management Trainee (PO/MT) in 11 public division banks in India.

Aspirants are appointed based on the three phases, the preliminary exam, mains exam, and the interview. This examination has been performed since 2011 and this will be the 11th version of the test. The banking department is one of the largely sought-after career choices in the province.

The position of the Probationary Officers or the Management Trainee (PO/MT) in the public district banks in India are in great demand because of the increased wages and career development. In the year 2020-21, a tally of 6.78 lakh nominees had enrolled for the IBPS PO test; out of these, 4.75 lakh aspirants had emerged.

The IBPS PO notification is predicted to be disclosed in August to fill up the empty positions of Probationary Officers in 11 Public district banks. The news will be published on the official website in the format of PDF. The information will have all facts associated with the exam such as the number of openings, eligibility criteria, essential dates, the application procedure, exam structure, exam day guidelines, etc.

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Believing that the above content was valuable for you to know everything about the upcoming bankings exams of 2021 India. All the latest notifications of the tests and their significant dates are listed above.

Banking is one of the most popular and in-demand assessments in the nation. Many aspirants desire to get a job in the banking industry. The perks, securities and impressive salaries offered by the department make it one of the most attractive and outstanding jobs for all the candidates.

Ample public sectors are offering distinct tests for various posts in the banking department. The eligibility criteria for all the positions differ from each other. In India, there are around 27 districts, administrating different examinations with certain criteria for each.

Students can register for the banking exam online keeping in view the norms required for each of the assessments. Before enrolling for any test, candidates must acknowledge the details carefully.

If you are desiring to give any of the banking examinations. Then do visit the website UPSC Pathshala, for all content related to bank exams in 2021-2022 for all the latest updates, guidance, courses and much more facilities for the aspirants. It furnishes you with adequate training and the best quality articles to help you prepare better for any of the banking assessments.

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