We know the UPSC syllabus is vast, and how easy it is to get stressed over the idea of completing it. The right thing to do here would be to draw-up a detailed plan of study and stay motivated to stick with it everyday.

Since the market is flooded with a bounty of Indian Economy books for UPSC preparation, we know aspirants like you want to know about the best books out there that must be referred to.

Recommended Indian Economy Books

Here is a list of must-read Indian Economy books based on popular choice and advice of UPSC experts :-

A Textbook of Economic Theory – Douglas C. Hague and Alfred W. Stonier

Let’s start with the basics first. If you are a novice to economics, so not skip this book. It comes highly recommended to gather a detailed understanding of various economic theories, criticism and methodologies. The latest edition comes packed with comprehensive essays on key economic schools of thought that advanced students will find essentially helpful.

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Public Finance – H L Bhatia

A book religiously followed by students, teachers, researchers and academicians alike since the past 36 years to understand public finance in India. It contains  detailed analysis of India’s financial scenario, inclusive of major advantages, challenges and discussions on a multitude of financial policy making and handling.

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Indian Economy – Datt Ruddar

The revised chapters offer important discussions on the increasing financial reforms in India. It is a great book to understand the erupting fiscal issues in the economy.

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Indian Economy – Misra and Puri

A popular book with the UPSC aspirants. The language is simple and is especially helpful for new students. It covers the A to Z of Indian economy and comes highly recommended.

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Economics- Paul Samuelson

A book studied by every UPSC aspirant. You will get every aspect of economics covered in this.

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Other outstanding Indian economy books include the following :-

  1. Monetary Theory and Public Policy – Kenneth Kurihara
  2. National Income Accounting – Neethu
  3. Banking – S.B. Gupta
  4. Money and Banking: Select Research Papers by Economists of Rbi
  5. Outline of Monetary Economics (Read Relevant Chapters) – A.C.I. Day
  6. Modern Banking – R.S. Sayers

Besides these books, our experts suggest regularly reading the daily newspapers as well as business and financial magazines.

It’s best to select your options from the list below:

  1. The Hindu
  2. The Economic Times
  3. Economic and Political Weekly

Indian Economy Books For UPSC Prelims

The first milestone to achieve your dream of cracking the UPSC examination is clearing the prelims. So, how do you prepare for the Indian Economy prelims?

Do not worry. We have that covered for you.

Here is a list of 5 important Indian economy books that will help you cover the latest economic syllabus pattern A to Z : –

The Indian Economy- Sanjiv Verma

This revised edition pertains to the updated pattern of the UPSC syllabus. Sequentially divided sections and chapters cover the relevant concepts of economics perfectly.

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Indian Economy Key Concepts- Sankarganesh K

This 200-page book is point-to-point and will not make you stress over the issue of memory retention. Concepts are covered with numeric examples, and offer a clearer understanding to the students.

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Indian Economy- Ramesh Singh

This book is a must for every aspirant out there. It brilliantly covers the topics under both the mains and prelims. If you are looking for a one-stop book for your studies, pick this one.

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Indian Economy- Uma Kapila

Although this book is predominantly used in undergraduate courses, it is a great book to start with your study plan.

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Indian economy – Datt and Sundaram

Published by S.Chand, the revised edition is a precise summation of the economic framework, objectives, policies, errors and fiscal scope in india.

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