Many students wonder which is better, IAS or IPS? The answer to that depends on your goals. Whether you want to become a police officer or if you want to handle administrative services for the government. It cannot be said that one post is better than the other

Which post is higher IAS or IPS? The answer to that is an IAS officer’s post is higher than that of an IPS officer.

Who is More Powerful an IAS Officer or an IPS Officer?

Who is more powerful, an IAS officer or an IPS officer?  The fact with this is that an IAS officer is more powerful than an IPS officer. The full form of IAS is  Indian Administrative Service and IPS is Indian Police Service.

The nature of their work is completely different, one has to ensure proper working of the certain department they are in and the other has to make sure that laws are followed and peace prevails within the public.


 There are many more differences between them other than just about power. The differences are discussed further below

Salary– The salary of an Indian Administrative Service Officer is much higher than that of an Indian Police Service Officer. They get more salary and also have more perks to the job.

Power- As already discussed Indian Administrative Service Officer has much more power compared to the Indian Police Service Officer. They work very closely with the government.

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IAS officers have to help in the administrative sector of public and form policies and make sure they are implemented well. On the other hand, an IPS officer has to make sure that there is peace prevailing in the public and solve crimes in the area they are posted.

Training- Indian Administrative Service Officers are trained at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Uttrakhand whereas Indian Police Service Officers are trained at Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy, Telangana.

Ministry control- IAS officers come under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension and IPS officers come under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Eligibility and Education

Both the posts require you to write the UPSC exam, the top 90 students generally get selected as IAS officers whereas the top 250 students can get selected as IPS officers.

Academics play the key role in the administrative role whereas you need to be physically fit and have a certain height, weight and endurance to get into the police role. There will be a physical medical examination for both the jobs that need to be passed.

Graduation is a compulsory requirement for both roles and a National Cadet Corps background is very helpful for the police aspirant.

You can learn more about the eligibility requirements from the official UPSC website.

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Which to Choose?

Now that you have understood the differences between the two posts you may wonder which to choose?

The answer depends on you and you alone. Do you want to work as a policeman, solving crimes and ensuring peace prevails in the area you are allotted? Or do you want to get into an administrative line and see the working of a department and make policies for them?

Even if you get a high rank in the UPSC exam you can yet choose to become either. It depends on your ambition. So it is recommended to sit down and make a pros and cons list for such decisions. And follow what your gut says. Both posts have a lot of respect and require a lot of talent. So, do not rush into it.


While preparing for the UPSC exam, it is very common for students to get confused about which post to choose and many times make decisions based on what others say.

The article talks about the differences in the post, the salary difference, the aspect of job, eligibility and requirements and much more. It is intended to help you understand the difference.

It cannot be said which is better because both the posts are very important and have a lot of respect in society, so do not feel undermined when choosing any of the posts. Whatever the post, make sure you are preparing well for your UPSC exam and keep working hard. All the best!

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