IAS and Indian police service are the most significant services among civil services. Both of the posts carry the aura and glory of administrative services. Topmost categories of candidates search for these services for power and respect. 

But Indian police service/ IPS differs from IAS in nature in various ways. These two posts are not the same at all. Service types of these posts differ always. So, here in this discussion, it will be clear which service is suitable for whom.

Role of an IAS

An Indian administrative service officer is supposed to have power in the administrative field. An Indian administrative service officer is all in all when it comes to managing and organizing government agendas, meetings and implementations, and all those kinds of stuff. Indian administrative service officers have a significant role in making synchronization with the government. agendas. The administration is the main part of an Indian administrative service officer.

Role of an IPS

Indian police service is liable to maintain order and peace with the police force and law. Indian police service officers hold much power to influence any government organization. IAS officers are powerful officers to administer law and order in society. The presence of an IPS makes a huge difference in any situation. An IPS can change rules, enforce any constitutional rule for protecting the country and making the situation safe for all. 

IAS vs IPS Salary Structure

An Indian administrative service officer gets a higher salary than that of an Indian police service officer. An IPS gets much lower allowances and facilities in comparison to an Indian administrative service officer.

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Eligibility and Education

It is important to meet all eligibility to become an Indian administrative service officer and an Indian police service. Eligibility for an Indian administrative service officer is academics. It is important to be a graduate. But an Indian police service candidate must have other physical criteria as per concerning requirements such as height, weight, and other physical fitness related issues. A medical test is an important part of both examinations.

To, check all UPSC physical eligibility for IPS on the UPSC website before thinking about joining Indian police service. IAS exam and IPS exam do not differ in educational criteria. Candidates must graduate for both parts. But for IPS exam it is looked for if the candidate can provide any NCC background or if the candidate had studied in Sainik School.


Indian police service always comes after an IAS. The candidates who rank on top in civil services examination choose IAS. If one prefers to choose IPS even after that it will be depending on the candidate. Indian police service is lower in rank than IAS.

Why IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

If a candidate seeks power to administer and manage government-oriented things it is like bending on IAS like features. These aspirants should always opt for IAS as a profession. IAS is glorified in every area of the government sector for their power, position, and career.

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Why IPS (Indian Police Service)

Indian police service is a post that consists of influence, power, crime management, and order management. Candidates who prefer these areas can opt for IPS. But they must be physically eligible and fit to join the service. Inappropriate information might cancel their application if the commission of the UPSC considers so.


It cannot be said that IAS is better than Indian police service or vice-versa. IT comes to the aspirant and his or her quality to choose the designation. But before choosing the designation it should be in mind that not everyone can become an IPS. Service of IPS might not be suitable for those who do not like to deal with crime, law, and order related issues, also this exam requires certain physical standards. 

There are no certain working hours for an IPS. An IPS serves as an emergency officer to keep citizens safe. IAS is more ordered and harmonized in nature when it comes to service patterns. IAS has to be effective in managing and administering issues single-handedly. An IPS handle the Police Department and an IAS is an integrated part of the bureaucratic part. So, the candidate should be determined about the choices considering eligibility criteria. 

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IAS/ IPS Exam: Which One Should an Aspirant Choose? IAS vs IPS Who is More Powerful?
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IAS/ IPS Exam: Which One Should an Aspirant Choose? IAS vs IPS Who is More Powerful?
IAS vs IPS who is more powerful? A candidate should opt for which civil services examination? What is the UPSC physical eligibility for IPS?
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