In today’s banking exams, the Arithmetic section is frequently asked. The average is an important topic in all of arithmetic. In most exams, questions are asked. The concept of averages can be applied to a variety of problems in other sections as well.

Many sets can be solved faster using the concept of Averages, just like in Data Interpretation. In this article, you will learn all about the fundamentals of averages and how to use the concept of averages to solve both complex and simple problems more quickly.

Average Questions for Bank PO

The average or arithmetic mean of n elements is calculated as follows:

Average = total number of elements divided by sum of all elements

As a result, dividing the total sum of all numbers by the total number of elements is the method for solving Averages problems in bank exams.

Example: A group of 2000 workers in a software company, has a combined age of 46,000. What is a single employee’s mean age?

Solution: The total number of years equals 46,000.

The total number of workers in the company is 2000.

Average age = 46000/2000=23, according to the formula.

As a result, the mean age of a worker is 23.

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The deviation is the difference between any value and a reference value. When it comes to means in bank exams, the deviation is calculated using the old mean. The formula for calculating the deviation in any question is:

Deviation =(new mean – old mean)* total number of terms

For example, after replacing a certain number of workers, the new mean age of 2000 workers is 24. If the old mean was 23, calculate the age deviation.

Solution: Old mean= 23

new mean= 24

total workers=2000

deviation= (24-23)*2000= 2000

Hence, the new workers have a fairly higher age.

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Types of Problems in Averages

#Problems related to Age.

#Problems related to replacement.

#Problems related to Bowling or Batting

#Problems related to Speed and Time

#Problems related to numbers and some miscellaneous problems.

Problems Related to Age

Before we get into the details of the question, let’s go over some age-related terminology.

There are two possibilities in this case if a person’s age is X years. The first is the age before n years, and the second is the age after n years.

Age in the past/present (X-N) Years = N Years

N years later/later = (X+N) Years

Example: If a family has seven members, each of whom is 24 years old, and a child was born six years ago, what was the mean age of the child at the time of birth?

Mean= Sum/Number, as you may know.

If the average age of the five family members, excluding the child, is X years, then:

  • (6X + 6)/7 =24
  • 6X+6=168
  • As a result, X equals 27 years.

So, 6 years ago, the age was -27-6 =21 years.

Problems Related to Replacement

This type of question appears frequently in all exams. So, let’s talk about the issues.

Example: If a group of 15 members has a mean age of 25 years and one member leaves, the average increases by one year, what is the member’s age?

Solution: In this case, the overall group’s mean age rises, implying that the age of the person who left the group must be lower than the mean.

So, if the mean is raised by one year, the 14 members’ ages must be increased by one year, and the age of the person who left the group is 25-14 = 11 years.

Problems Related to Bowling or Batting

Batting Average= Runs/ Innings

Bowling Average= Runs/Wicket

Example: If a batsman’s batting average after 15 innings is 45 runs and his mean after 16 innings is 2 runs higher, how many runs did he score in the last innings?


15 x 45 = 675 are the runs after 15 innings

16 x 47 = 752 are the runs after 16 innings

752-675 =77 Runs in the 16th innings

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Problems Related to Speed and Time

The basic formulae for average speed is

Average speed = Total distance/ Total time

If a person covers a distance as S1 speed and the same distance at S2 speed then the average speed is

Average speed= 2S1S2/S1*S2

Example: Half of the distance is covered at 40 kilometres per hour, the other half at 20 kilometres per hour, and the rest at 10 kilometres per hour. What is the mean speed of the journey?


Let the complete distance be = y Km

So, time take to complete the y/2 Km =y/80

Time taken to complete the y/4 Km =y/80

Time taken to complete the rest y/4 = y/40

Mean speed = 20 Kmph.

Problems Related to Numbers

If the average salary of the entire staff is Rs. 2000, the mean salary of officers is Rs. 3000, and the mean salary of workers is Rs. 1500, and there are four officers in the company, determine the number of workers.

Solution: Let the number of employees be y

So, mean be >2000 = 1500-(y-4) +3000=4/y

2000y = 1500y-6000÷12000


Properties of Averages

#The average of any group is always between the group’s maximum and minimum value.

#If an Arithmetic progression has an odd number of terms, the share average will always be the progression’s central value. (Let’s say there are seven of them. If there are more than four terms in an A.P., the average will be the fourth term.)

#If there are more than four terms in an A.P., the average will be the fourth term.

#If the total number of people in the group increased or decreased by a certain amount, the average will also rise or fall by that amount.

#If all the numbers are divided or multiplied by a constant number, 4the average will be divided or multiplied by that number as well.

Formulas for Averages

#Let there be n consecutive terms, for example: a, a+1. a+2……..a+n

#Then the average is = First term + Last term/2

#Average of first n natural number is = 1+n/2

#Average of squares of n natural numbers is= (1+n)*(2n+1)/6

#Average of cubes of n natural numbers is = n* (n+1)2 /4

Bank PO Preparation: Most Recommended Books for Averages

The syllabus for averages in bank exams is extensive, and preparation can take a long time. However, there is a list of books that can provide you with high-quality content and questions to help you pass bank exams. The books listed below have the best content for average people.

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations– R S Aggarwal

The best quiz for averages in bank exams is included in this book. For easy revision, all of the formulas are listed on a single page.

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic– Rajesh Verma

This book contains all of the average problems found in bank exams. After each question, a solution with an explanation is provided.

Mock Tests

You can improve your test-taking skills by taking a full-length practise exam. Based on the performance analysis, one can identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus more on the weak areas. Students will be able to improve their Bank PO test scores as a result. Prior to the examination, candidates will feel very confident and will be able to complete it quickly.

Time Management

Candidates should begin with the questions that are easiest for them; otherwise, they will have to spend more time on the questions that are more difficult. As a result, you will be unable to complete the questions within the allotted time. As a result, applicants must improve their speed in addition to their accuracy in order to complete the exam on time. As a result, it is preferable to practise in a timed manner.

Making Notes

Making and reading brief notes on the units can aid in recall. It will be helpful for reviewing the chapters prior to the exam. Make a list of the most important topics after you’ve finished reading the sections. This is an effective method for storing information for a long time.


You won’t be ready for the Bank PO exam until you make it a habit to practise on a regular basis. Try to complete as many Bank PO practise papers as possible. Solve previous year’s question papers to get a sense of the question pattern and the importance of the problems in each section.

It is preferable to begin with the easier questions and progress to the more difficult ones. Aspirants should practise and review the sections of the exam that they find the most difficult.

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H3 Bank PO Questions

Here are some questions for your practice.

Set A

#There are 36 boys and 44 girls in a class. The mean score of boys is 40 points and girls is 35 points. Then what will be the mean score of the class?

a) 37.25 points b) 28.95 points c) 35.5 points d) 40.04 points

#The mean weight of kids in a home is 16 kg and adults is 35 kg. Find the mean weight of all the people at home.

a) 25.5 kg b) 25 kg c) none of these d) cannot be determined

Set B

#The mean weight of 15 girls in a group is 24 kg. When a new girl is included the average weight increases by 2. What is the weight of the new girl ?

a) 56 kg b) 28 kg c) 34 kg d) none of these

#The average age of five members is 27. If one of them is excluded the average decreases by 2. The age of excluded person is:

a) 40 b) 35 c) 28 d) 38

Set C

#In a class with a certain number of students, if one new student weighing 50 kg is added, then the average weight of the class is increased by 1 kg. If one more student weighing 50 kg is added, then the mean weight of the class increases by 1.5 kg over the original average. What is the original mean weight (in kg) of the class?

(A) 46

(B) 42

(C) 27

(D) 47

(E)None of these

#The average salary of male employees in a firm was Rs. 6000 and that of females was Rs. 5600. The mean salary of all the employees was Rs. 5800. What is the % of female employees?

(A) 60%

(B) 50%

(C) 70%

(D) 20%

(E) None of these

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Set D

#The average salary of 65 workers is Rs. 5680 out of which the average salary of 31 workers is Rs. 2356 and that of 23 workers is Rs. 4589. What is the average salary of the remaining workers? (value in approximate)

(A) Rs. 19832

(B) Rs. 19732

(C) Rs. 17329

(D) Rs. 18329

(E) None of these

#In an exam of 100 marks, the average marks of a class of 40 students are 76. If the top 3 scorers of the class leave, the average score falls “down by 1. If the other two toppers except “the highest topper scored not more than 85. “then what is the minimum score the topper can score?

(A) 86

(B) 98

(C) 95

(D) 92

(E) None of these

Online Bank PO Course

You can visit the UPSC Pathshala website if you have any doubts or questions. It has a separate section for the bank examination, where experts will help you improve so that you can reach your goal. You will be delighted and privileged to learn from professionals via video lectures and the most up-to-date articles.

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Well! If you are reading this article and have gleaned useful information and questions for your Bank PO preparation, we are delighted. Any banking test requires candidates to pay close attention to the quantitative aptitude section.

You must remain committed to your preparation and practice. This year will see a lot of banking exams. Candidates should start preparing for themselves now in order to get the jobs they want. We hope you have understood the questions in order to achieve higher and better results on the exam.

Do solve the above questions and let us know the answers in the comments section below.

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