Seating arrangement questions are crucial for Bank exams, SSC exams, and other competitive exams because they are difficult to answer. As a result, students should practise these sitting arrangement reasoning questions in order to improve their performance in competitive exams.

Here are some important Seating arrangement questions to help you prepare for your upcoming exams. These reasoning questions about sitting arrangements are very useful for students studying for SSC, Bank exams, and other competitive exams.

Seating Arrangement Questions for Bank PO

Direction for 1-5 Questions

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, & W, eight friends, are seated in a circle facing the centre. V is second to the left of R and third to the right of Q. T is to the left of Q, and S is to the right of Q. Between Q and T is U. P isn’t on the same side as R.

(1) Who is exactly at the left of S?

(A) Q

(B) P

(C) U

(D) V

Answer: B

(2) Who is second to the right of T?

(A) R

(B) P

(C) W


Answer: C

(3) In which of the following pairs does the first person sit exactly at the right of the second person?

(A) UT

(B) WR

(C) WT

(D) VT

Answer: D

(4) What is the exact position of W?

(A) Just left of V

(B) Just right of V

(C) In between U and V

(D) Immediate right to R

Answer: B

(5) Who is second to the right of S?

(A) U

(B) R

(C) T

(D) P

Answer: A

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Question Set 2

Directions: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are seated and playing cards in a circular region. F is the second from the right of G. B shares a boundary with F but not with C. E sits fourth to the right of G and is a neighbour of C. Between E and A is D.

(1) Who is fourth on the left of G ?

(A) D

(B) E

(C) C

(D) B

Answer: C

(2) Who is at the left of G ?

(A) A

(B) C

(C) B

(D) F

Answer: A

(3) Who is the neighbour of F ?

(A) E and C

(B) F and B

(C) A and B

(D) C and B

Answer: D

In-Detail Solution for Questions Set 2

When the arrangement is given in a circle, there is a risk of making a mistake in terms of left and right. As a result, we must consider ourselves at the outset. Then consider your left and right sides. As a result, there will be no errors.

It will be easier to solve the problem if we start from the left and work our way down.

Note: The word which or who is used for the II person in this type of question, while words like but, while, whereas, and others are used for the I person.

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Questions Set 3

(A) P, Q, R, S, T, U, and V are seated in a circle facing the centre.

(B) P is in the middle of V and S.

(C) R is between Q and U, second to the right of S.

(D) Q is not T’s next-door neighbour.


(1) Which of the following statements is true?

(A) V is between P and S.

(B) V is second to the right of S

(C) P is third right to R

(D) S is at immediate right of P

Answer: D

(2) What is the position of T?

(A) between R and V

(B) just left of V

(C) second to the left of R.

(D)second to the right of P

Answer: B

(3) Who is between R and U?

(A) none

(B) S

(C) V

(D) Q

Answer: A

(4) Which of the following statements is wrong?

(A) R is at the immediate right of U.

(B) Q is at the immediate left of R.

(C) Q is third to the left of T

(D) T is third left to the U

Answer: A

(5) In which of the following pairs, the second partner is at the primary right of the first partner?

(A) QS

(B) PV

(C) RU

(D) VT

Answer: C

Bank PO Preparation

Candidates should keep in mind that passing the exam without a proper strategy or plan will be difficult. As a result, develop a solid strategy and stick to it. Concentrate on the most important aspects of each subject. Divide your time between each subject and make sure to practise and devote enough time to each one.

You should be aware that there is no quick way to pass this exam; the only way to pass is to practise, practise, practise. Nothing is impossible for those who are relentless in the pursuit of their goal. Some preparation tips can be found in the paragraphs below.

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Important Points

#To save time, candidates should begin by answering the simple questions in each section.

#Because there is negative marking, you should not attempt questions blindly.

#Instead of attempting the entire question paper without knowing the facts, the focus should be on accuracy.

#Do not waste time on any question; instead, move on to save time.

#Learn how to manage your time because it will come in handy during the exam.

#Hard work is always rewarded. It will be easier to pass the test if you practise the Mathematics and Reasoning sections.

#Instead of remembering things for a short time, try to understand them.

Analyse Previous Years’ Papers

For a better understanding, candidates should look over the previous year’s exam papers. Solve them over and over until you’ve gotten into the habit of solving a similar type of question. This practise will give you a good idea of the exam pattern, syllabus, and question difficulty level.

Make an Effective Study Plan

You must create a study schedule that allocates sufficient time to each subject. Make an effort to cover the entire syllabus and put in a lot of practice time. Stick to your plan and strategy at all times. Because there will be a large number of applicants for this exam, stay focused at all times.

Select Important Topics

Candidates should choose important topics that are relevant to them. Each subject’s topics should be divided and practised on a regular basis. This type of practise will undoubtedly benefit you during the exam. Don’t waste your time on questions and topics that aren’t relevant to you. Make a few quick notes for last-minute revision.

Collect Important Study Materials and Books

You should all gather some important books or study materials. If you have good study materials and books, passing the exam will be simple. You can buy books at a bookstore or through an online retailer such as Amazon. Use your coaching centre, teachers, and friends to assist you.

Frame Your Own Questions

A good way to study any topic is to create your own bank of questions by framing as many as possible questions on the topic, both MCQ and subjective in nature. In addition, framing one’s own questions allows a student to examine all of the concepts from various perspectives. This helps you in developing a diverse and broad point of view.

Stay Calm and Healthy

All of your efforts will be for nought if you do not look after your health. Always look after your health and stay fit, both physically and mentally. Improve your fitness by practising yoga and meditation. Maintaining your calm will assist you in overcoming your exam phobia.

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Bank PO Online Course

Some topics are difficult to prepare for on your own. As a result, it is recommended that you seek professional advice. The following are some of the major benefits that you will receive if you join UPSC Pathshala.

When you have help, the journey becomes less difficult. UPSC Pathshala Online Coaching can help you pursue this goal by assisting you in connecting with professional mentors whose knowledge can help you pass the Civil Service Examination.

Test Series and Lectures

UPSC Pathshala conducts mock tests on a regular basis to evaluate your performance. As a result, trained experts will assist you in those areas. So that you don’t make the same mistakes on the exam, and so that you know what you’re talking about.

You won’t have to worry about missing important lectures because you’ll have access to the recorded versions. You have unlimited opportunities to play and watch.


As a result, we hope that this article has been helpful in preparing your bank PO. This article includes a number of questions about the seating arrangement section. To solve it correctly and find the correct answer, you must be perfect at it.

As a result, practise as many questions as possible to become familiar with the method of answering such questions. If you’re having trouble with your preparation, you should enrol in the UPSC Pathshala Bank PO course. Experts will teach you in the most effective manner and perfect you so that you can achieve high scores. Understanding will help you achieve your goals, so choose your platform wisely.

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