Students are frequently perplexed by time and work problems in competitive exams because they do not understand how to solve time and work questions or equations properly. These questions about time and work are frequently asked in ssc and bank exams.

So you can easily learn how to solve the time and work problem with solutions and different examples in this article. After learning time and work solutions, you can practise time and work questions with answers. Continue to practise and build your confidence.

Time and Work Questions for Bank PO

These problems are an important topic in Quantitative Aptitude’s Arithmetic section. Today, we’re going to go over some of the most frequently asked questions about time and work, as well as some different approaches you can use to answer them. This discussion will be broken up into several parts.

In this section, we’ll go over the most common questions about this topic and how to answer them using both the traditional and shortcut approaches.

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Question and Answer 1

Worker A takes eight hours to complete a job. Worker B takes ten hours to complete the same task as Worker A. How long should it take both A and B to complete the same job, functioning together but independently?

Answer: Worker A takes= 8 hours

Worker B takes= 10 hours

1 hour job for A= ⅛ hours

1 hour job for B= 1/10 hours

A+B 1 hour job= ⅛+1/10= 9/40

A and B will finish their job in 40/9

Question and Answer 2

A and B can finish a project in 96 hours if they function together. If A can complete the same task in 12 days on his own, how long will it take B to complete the task on his own?

Answer: A 1 day’s task= 1/12

A+B task together= ¼

B one day’s task = ¼- 1/12= ⅙

B will complete the task in 6 days

Question and Answer 3

A can complete a task in seven days of nine hours each, while B can complete it in six days of seven hours each. How long will it take them to complete it if they task together 42/5 hours a day?

Answer: A will complete the task in = 7*9 hours= 63 hours

B will complete the task in = 6*7 hours= 42 hours

A’s one hour task= 1/63

B’s one hour task= 1/42

A+B one hour task= 1/63+1/42= 5/126

Both will finish the task in 126/5 hours

If they work 42/5 hours they will complete the task in 126/5*42/5= 72 hours

Question and Answer 4

Vidhya can finish a project in 720 hours, while Nithya takes 960 hours. If they function together for 8 days, find the remaining work that needs to be done.

  1. a) 2/5
  2. b) 1/12
  3. c) 8/15
  4. d) 4/19

Answer : c) 8/15

Solution :

Vidhya’s 1 day job = 1/30

Nithya’s 1 day job = 1/40

Then, (Vidhya + Nithya)’s 24 hours job = 1/30 + 1/40 = 7/120

And (Vidhya + Nithya)’s 8 day’s job = 8 x(7/120) = 7/15

Therefore, Remaining job = (1 – 7/15) = 8/15

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Question and Answer 5

P and Q, on their own, can dig a well in 32 days and 24 days. With the help of R, they completed the same task in 8 days. Then R can dig a well by himself:

  1. a) 18 2/5
  2. b) 19 1/5
  3. c) 12 3/5
  4. d) 17 4/5

Answer : b)19 1/5

Solution :

(P + Q + R)’s 1 day task = 1/8,

P’s 1 day task= 1/32,

Q’s 1 day task = 1/24.

Therefore R’s 1 day job = 1/8 – (1/32 + 1/24) = (1/8 – 7/96)= 5/96

So, R can do the job in 96/5 days = 19 1/5 days.

Hence the answer is 19 1/5 days.

Question and Answer 6

A man A can complete a task in eight days, a man B can complete it in ten days, and a man C can complete it in twelve days. They started functioning together, but after two days, A dropped out, leaving B and C to finish the job. Find out when the job will be finished (Approximately).

  1. a) 4
  2. b) 2
  3. c) 3
  4. d) 5

Answer : a) 4

Solution :

(A + B + C)’s = (1/8 + 1/10 + 1/12) = (15 + 12 + 10)/120 = 37/120

Work done by B, A and C = (37/120) x 2 = 37/60

Remaining job = 1- 37/60 = 23/60

(B + C)’s job = (1/10 + 1/12) = 11/60

Now, 11/60 jobs are performed by B and C in 24 hours.

So, 23/60 job will be performed by B and C in (60/11 x 23/60) = 23/11 days = 2 days(approximately)

So, the job will be completed approximately 2 days after A had left  around 4 days.

Hence the answer is 4 days.

Bank PO Preparation

Before we get into the questions and key formulas, it’s critical that a candidate understands the concept and the types of questions that might be asked on the exam.

Time and work is concerned with how long it takes an individual or a group of individuals to complete a task and how efficient their work is.

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Types of Time and Work Questions

The basic types of questions that may be asked in the exam with respect to the topic are listed below:

#To determine a person’s efficiency

#To determine how long it takes an individual to complete a task

#To determine how long it takes a group of people to complete a task

#Individual work completed in a set amount of time

#Job completed by a group of people over a period of time.

Typically, the questions asked will include one of these items to locate, and candidates can use the related formulas to quickly complete the answers.

Important Formulas

Knowing the formulas allows you to jump right to a solution after reading the question. As a result, knowing the formula for any numerical ability topic simplifies the solution and calculations.

For your convenience, we’ve included a few important time and work formulas below:

#Work Done = Time Taken × Rate of Work

#Rate of Work = 1 / Time Taken

#Time Taken = 1 / Rate of Work

#If a piece of job takes x days to complete, the job completed in one day equals 1/x

#Total Work Done = Number of Days Efficiency.

#Efficiency and time are inversely proportional. If x:y is the ratio of the number of men required to complete a piece of job, then y:x is the ratio of the time taken to complete the job.

#If x people can do W1 work in D1 days while working T1 hours per day, and y people can do W2 work in D2 days while working T2 hours per day, the relationship between them will be:

M1*D1*T1/W1= M2*D2*T2/W2

Basic Preparation Tips

# You should practise your calculation skills if you want to improve your quantitative aptitude. Each question should be practised every day.

# You should devote at least 2-3 hours per day to each reasoning topic.

# What is the best way to study English for a bank PO exam? English is, after all, the most important part of the exam. Reading newspapers, books, and writing essays are all good ways to practise new words and improve your English skills.

# Keep up with current events by watching news channels and reading newspapers on a daily basis.

# You should take a mock test on a regular basis to assess your level of preparation and to identify your weak areas.

# To achieve above-qualifying marks, give equal weight to each section of the syllabus.

Revision and Mock Tests

It’s critical to reflect on what you’ve learned up to this point once you’ve completed your revision portion. Investigate your revision with a mock test, then work on and improve your weak components. This can reduce the chances of making construction errors during the examination.

It is mandatory to revise your course of study or material for the banking examination, even if you have completed your revision for any of the subjects/categories or the entire course of study. This will keep everything current in your mind and allow you to recall information quickly.

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Bank PO Online Course

The Bank PO exam is difficult, but nothing is impossible if you put in the effort. So get up and begin your planning. To begin with, it’s never too late.

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As a result, there are a variety of approaches to studying for and passing the exam. To get the most out of the exam, you must concentrate on your strategies. Everyone is aware of their advantages and disadvantages. With mindfulness and determination, function in the right direction.

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Don’t waste any time, begin your preparation with the above-mentioned tips and techniques, and you will succeed in the exam.

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