The examinations including Bank PO, UPSC, and SSC CGL are extremely beneficial and incredible for all the youngsters of the nation to get the opportunity of serving the nation as well as finding a suitable, worthy, and stable career for themselves.

The candidates who dream of getting a magnificent, recognized, stable, and secure, wealthy, and high designation puts their best efforts to reach out to their destination by securing high scores in these stupendous tests.

The people aspiring to be an IAS, IRS, IFS, and IPS give the UPSC exam. The UPSC exam preparation is quite hectic and challenging. You can crack the paper only if you are goal-oriented and determined. The banking PO exams are cracked by the candidates who practice religiously on all different sections and questions of the test. The SSC exams too require a focused, oriented, and devoted mindset.

Well, if you are aspiring to be any of these exams topper, you should go ahead to read this article as it talks about the difference between Bank PO, SSC CGL, and UPSC Exams. So, let’s begin the voyage of Information about these wonderful papers to make the career sparkling and vibrant.

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Examination Preparation

All the examinations: Banking PO Exams, UPSC exams, and SSC CGL exams require a high range of practice and heavy vigilance over multiple sections of the respective papers of all the tests.

The candidates focus on different parts and their marking criteria as well as the number of questions and patterns to prepare for the paper accordingly. You can fetch good scores on the test if you are aware of all the sections positively.

Bank PO exam preparation is done by a lack of aspirants who want a 9-5 secure and stable job with a high salary and a great standard of living but a few come out as a winner who puts their brain, time, and efforts into the right track. UPSC exam preparation is a bigger challenge in front of the aspirants because the level of question paper is the toughest in this paper and the competition is the most rigid.

Millions of people dream to become officers that are offered by this exam. Several stairs and sections are included in this test which makes it quite difficult to crack. So, you need to work on the preparation of each of these papers to achieve your target.

Difference Between Bank PO, SSC GL, and UPSC Exams

Firstly, we should talk about the competition of these tests. We all are aware of the tough competition of these papers and the rigidity in the pattern. The Bank PO stands for Probationary Officer in Bank exams, SSC CGL is the combined graduate level examination held by the staff selection committee, and UPSC is the Union Public Service Commission exam conducted for the civil services.

These examinations are conducted every year in which a lack of candidates apply and put in their efforts to achieve their ambitions. Students from different streams, interests, and backgrounds are attracted to these competitive exams due to their incredible outcomes. This attraction is due to the employment opportunities given to the aspirants in the banking, governmental, or civil services departments.

Among all of the given papers, UPSC is the toughest and most comprehensive. The candidates need to understand the difference properly to decide their interest in the field and start preparing for their goal.

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Most Prominent Differences Between UPSC, Bank PO, and SSC GL Exams!


This is the most considerable and significant difference point. If you don’t have a particular interest or dream and want to develop it after knowing about the level of difficulty of the examinations, you must go ahead. The difficulty level of all of these three exams varies greatly. The UPSC exam is considered the most challenging because of the steps, pattern, syllabus, competition, and question paper.

The CSE exam is the most difficult and this is the reason that it requires a great amount of preparation and effort to be cracked. Well, the GS paper II of the CSE which is called the CSAT test is the same as the general knowledge and aptitude test of the bank PO exam’s prelims round but both of these papers differ in the level of difficulty due to their range of questions.

The UPSC CSAT is more in-depth and broad than the Bank PO Prelims. This is why it requires more intense, thorough, and detailed knowledge. You should first understand the challenges before beginning preparation. This would give you a better vision of good scores.


Well, of course, the content plays the most significant role in these examinations. From IBPO exams to UPSC exams preparation, the content varies incredibly. The subjects and pattern of answers differ variably. If you are not aware of the required content, you can’t excel in the test.

The scores are not achievable without a proper understanding of the content and requirements in the preparation and examination. You need to prepare according to the content of different exams. So, let’s have a look at the differences between the content of the papers.

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Finance and Global Affairs

The UPSC exam focuses greatly on the globe and finance affairs of the country as well as the world along with the SSC CGL exam. The bank exams don’t require general awareness from the candidates. This aspect grows your intellect and information about different sections and functionalities of society.


According to the latest syllabus updates, the prelims exam syllabus of the Bank PO exam and the CSE are quite similar. You can identify similarities between the UPSC prelims paper and the bank PO exam Mains paper. This is why the candidates can prepare for both the examinations alike. These are now considered a bit alike.

Moreover, in comparing the SSC CGL and Bank PO exams, the candidates will identify that the commonness between the two ends at the GK sections is beneficial. In the other few sections, SSC CGL has more in-depth questions. The Bank PO has a wide range of questions in average, percentage, algebra, time and work, etc.

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The SSC GL requires the heaviest preparation in English as it tests vocabulary, short definitions, spellings, grammar, idioms, and effective phrases in one of its sections. On the other hand, the UPSC exam doesn’t emphasize checking English skills. It is prominently the test of your knowledge more than your language.

However, you must not use wrong sentences as they can mislead the reader. The Bank PO exam focuses on testing comprehension and usage via word association as well as reading, para jumbling, and vocabulary proficiency.


The bank exams focus on analytical as well as logical and verbal reasoning while the SSC CGL exam doesn’t consider reasoning much. The SSC exam emphasizes visual reasoning questions. On the other hand, UPSC CSE doesn’t emphasize the reasoning section as it is about the awareness, information, and knowledge of the candidates.


The pattern of the tests differs exponentially. The candidates must be aware of the pattern of the exam before beginning their preparation and thinking about the scores. The UPSC exam is conducted in three phases: Prelims, Mains, and Interview round.

The prelims test is all about GS Paper 1 and GS Paper 2 (CSAT). The Mains paper is theoretical and you have to give the optional paper in this section. The interview round is to confront the examiners and present yourself confidently and with good knowledge.

The bank PO exam also has a prelims round that includes general knowledge questions and then the main exam which has different sections and numerous questions. The SSC CGL exam has a different pattern and structure that is followed by the candidates. So, if you are not aware of the pattern, you cannot prepare nicely and hence find it difficult to get maximum scores.

So, first, understand the pattern. This would help you greatly in solving the questions within the given time limit and impressing the examiners. If you think you should make your mark in the test-takers’ mind, you should work on the paper positively by initially knowing about its time limit, pattern, questions, and sections.

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Therefore, after going through this article, you must be feeling proud of these papers and designations offered by each one of them along with getting motivated to work effectively to reach out to the best scores in these papers.

Each paper talked about in this article has its identity, worth, and recognition. If you are an aspirant of any of these exams, you should ensure determination, perseverance, focus, passion, wisdom, hard work, and positivity. You can pass by all the challenges smoothly if you have these traits in your soul. You can achieve all your ambitions by inculcating the above-written qualities.

For moving on the right track, what you need to have is good expert guidance. Professionals help you to get focused on your aspirations along with avoiding negative thoughts coming into your mind as well as acknowledging each step towards your desired direction. So, you need to visit the right platform to get the guidance of the best mentor.

The one-stop destination for your dreams is UPSC Pathshala. The articles available on the website have unlimited knowledge and information about each of these examinations including the preparation for each section and biographies of the experienced candidates. So, visit the site and get connected to the experts to move on the right track and finally reach your destination. All the best!

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